[Serious] Need an expert opinion. Intel to AMD.

1 : Anonymous2021/09/13 19:00 ID: pnly4r

I have looked at alot of benchmarks and videos online with respect to the 5700g but I feel a little overwhelmed and I'm still confused about alot of stuff.

I have been out of the PC building game since 2014 so I'm still a little fresh in things.

I was initially going to get the 5800x with the GTX 1660 super. But I have been unable to find a GPU at decent price so that's why I'm considering an APU.

My reason for upgrading is that my i7 is beginning to stutter a bit when performing some of the below tasks and getting a little hot too.

My current cpu is i7 4790k that I built back in 2014 and I'm thinking about upgrading to the 5700g.

My mates have encouraged me to switch from Intel to AMD and I'm sold based on the performance I've seen in most benchmarks.

What will I be using this machine for?

I'll be doing a lot of ;

Revit AutoCAD Mathematica MPC-HC , MPV etc Matlab , Maple , Visual Studio Code Alot of web browsing. Gitbash and Github from terminal

I have a few burning questions.

Will the 5700g be able to handle the aforementioned tasks with ease? Will I be able to watch videos in 1080p , 2k smoothly? What about 4k? Would I see any significant improvement going from i7 to ryzen in terms of render time and smoothness with respect to the tasks I need to do? I'm a bit worried about the lack of L3 Cache in the 5700g but it seems to be the best iGPU on the market right now. Will this hamper my tasks? Should I still get the 5800x but a different GPU? ( Any GPU right now is a pain to get)

Here is a proposed list of parts I wish to get for the build

I'll be using Dell S2721dgf as my primary monitor.

In between work I don't have the time to join all these stock alert discord groups to compete with bots for GPU.

2 : Anonymous2021/09/13 19:03 ID: hcq45vv
Likely, as long as the tasks aren't too GPU dependent. What GPU do you have now? If you're referring to YouTube and streaming services, yes. You're almost tripling your CPU performance. Yes. It's a major upgrade from what you have now. If you want better CPU performance, sure. That or a 5900X are both good choices. I have no idea what is available for you, but anything better than a GT 1030 GDDR5 would be more powerful than a 5700G for GPU oriented tasks.
ID: hcq4twv

I don't have a GPU at the moment and have been using the onboard graphics on the CPU.

I can't even get a 1030 , the GPU prices are simply insane. It's more than 4 times the
MSRP for not much performance.

ID: hcq5u23

You could get used 970 or 1080 if you find one

3 : Anonymous2021/09/13 22:36 ID: hcqyu64

Consider a laptop, much better availability to get a good gpu than a desktop card. No clue what your budget is but a quality laptop should last you a while.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/13 20:41 ID: hcqittx

Zen3d is just around the corner, this should push down the prices of the current offerings. I have both the 5700g/4750g and find little to no appreciable difference when compiling code/running software/DB applications… to be perfectly honest if I didn’t get the 5700g for such a good price I’d be selling it AMD sticking with the 4750g (which again. I got for a good price but as it’s OEM only they can be expensive and have no standard AMD warranty.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:08 ID: hcqms28

You can get cards like the NVS 510 that support multiple 4k monitors via Display port. Should be about $40-50 used on eBay depending on if you need mini DP to regular DP adapters (some include a few). Not sure if that is good enough for your use case but it probably is.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/13 19:06 ID: hcq4o9a

At this point I would wait for Alderlake to launch. Benchmark "leaks" are looking extremely good. Alderlake launches in about 2-3 months.

ID: hcqd366

Extremely good?


Zen3 performance on a whole new platform..

just no

If you want to use that logic, he should wait for zen3d then

ID: hcqdnlk

Zen3d will probably be good for only CPU limited situations like 1080p and below. I don't think it will increase FPS much if at all for 1440p and above.

I'm just saying that if he can wait for the launch of Alderlake he should. A cinebench R23 single-core score of almost 2000 is nothing to scoff at if true.

edit: grammar, missing words.

ID: hcqk8ni

Idk , feel like all early adopt suck ass . First Ryzen , first intel core I .

And dont mention the first gen ddr3 ddr4 . You cant reuse it when you upgrade your PC cuz miserable speed, and cost a ton .

ID: hcql4u3

Sure, but I would hope that DIY'ers have the resolve to troubleshoot issues. It's part of the fun with building PC's and you learn things along the way. Plus the first-gen Alderlake CPU's will support DDR4 if I'm not mistaken.

I'm not saying to buy it right at launch, you can and should wait for reviews. But if you need something in the next couple of months then sure, go Ryzen.

ID: hcqkq6l

Of course newer generation is better than the old one, with that logic you can wait forever. And it is very unclear when DDR5 prices/frequencies will be decent, i guess right somewhen around when Zen 4 will be released. Also picking intel you support corruption and other shit.

ID: hcqllmn

2 months is not a long time to wait. But if you can't wait that long then sure, get a Ryzen.

There will be DDR4 motherboards at launch if I'm not mistaken.

AMD is not innocent either. All corporations are not your friend. Consumers should not be loyal to a specific company and should embrace competition. But I do feel that Intel should suffer for another decade in 2nd place to even the playing field a bit more.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/13 19:29 ID: hcq80sc

You open to buying refurb workstation cards? That's the best price to performance gain on four apps you mentioned

ID: hcq83yy

Maybe. Any recommendations?

ID: hcr8427

quadro p2200 or the radeon equivalent if you're really tight on the budget

8 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:16 ID: hcqnwrv

First of all, I'm not an expert, just someone who likes to follow hardware news and reviews, particularly on the AMD side. With this out of the way...

You can get a used GeForce 1060 3GB for under $250. With some luck you'd also be able to find an RX 570 4GB for that price.

In terms of GPU that'd be much faster than an iGPU, even a competent one like the 5700G has. Such used GPUs won't be good value in normal times, but in the current GPU market they may be worth buying.

I can't give you really good advice about the software you use. I know that Matlab tends to favour Intel, and I'd say that VS Code should run on pretty much anything. For the others, if you can find benchmarks for some CPUs you may be able to extrapolate performance.

Anyway, if you do go the APU way, the 5700G is competent enough. If you don't, other CPUs will perform better. For example, a 5600X will likely perform better for some tasks, or Intel's 10th and 11th gen.

One thing you could try is repaste your CPU. It's old enough, the thermal paste might have dried, and this is perhaps causing it to heat up and throttle. Or, if the cooler is basic, get a better one (even a $20-30 could make a big difference if you're using a basic cooler).

Also, you didn't mention what GPU you have now, if any.

Of course a new system is always nice, but if you can fix the stuttering in a simpler way and drag the upgrade a little further until newer CPUs are released, that could be useful.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:38 ID: hcqqzgm

It would likely feel like a big improvement.. just try to get 32+gb of ram, 3200- 4000mhz depending on budget.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/13 22:59 ID: hcr1pbg

Repaste the i7 and get a dedicated GPU instead.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/13 23:08 ID: hcr2vkk

Be aware 5700g is still on Vega graphics


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