Kena and Rot are spiriting into Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout starting September 21st!

1 : Anonymous2021/09/16 12:35 ID: ppcga6
Kena and Rot are spiriting into Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout starting September 21st!
2 : Anonymous2021/09/16 13:12 ID: hd2p5n1

Oh btw when are reviews dropping for kena?

ID: hd4eve6

I think the embargo ends Monday so you won't see reviews until the 20th and then the game launches the next day.

ID: hd2tfk7

Commenting because I too want to know this

Edit: just realized I can add flairs to my account


3 : Anonymous2021/09/16 12:55 ID: hd2n4fc

Legit question and not trolling. Are people actually still playing fall guys? I know it blew up but are the newer levels worth it? Are the servers stable now?

ID: hd2ngak

Yeah I still get a game quite easy especially with cross play enabled. New levels aren't bad but I only started playing in May so it's all one big content drop for me and they've just done remixes of the latest levels.

ID: hd2nvvy

Are the servers stable though? I remember being kicked out so many times to the point it got annoying.

ID: hd2vy1i

I started playing again after launch just a month ago. All the new stuff is cool, love the Pop The Bubble. I’d say I find games way faster now than at launch

ID: hd2uhd7

I love platformers. Fall Guys is like the Ultimate platformer for me because it's against others. Love it.. I'm almost 40..

ID: hd47drk

Also one of the top 5 best selling games on Steam right now. Was #2 at one point recently I believe.

ID: hd2owmv

I used to play with pals a couple months ago and never had server issues

ID: hd2uwr2

My pc friends are still playing it but my PlayStation friends aren’t

ID: hd2zcy4

hell yeah I am, it's the perfect co-op game to play with my girlfriend and she was never into online gaming

ID: hd36m5l

My son plays it almost daily. he gets into games quite quickly and the newer levels are quite challenging at times.

ID: hd372wp

I just recently got back into fall guys it’s a load of fun and the new maps help to add variety to the game. Probably one of my favorite comfort games

ID: hd3doo8

Off and on, mostly with my nephew, we trade-off when one of us fails usually it's a good 30 minutes of that until one of us gets bored.

ID: hd3m00j

Yes there are loads of us. Takes like 30s to get a 60-player game.

ID: hd4i7ut

Tried fall guys a few days ago with the jungle book/King Louie collaboration and was able to join a 60/60 game almost instantly on PS5. AFAIK cross-play with PC is currently live

4 : Anonymous2021/09/16 15:57 ID: hd3covr

This is too cute for words.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/16 12:57 ID: hd2ncrh

Are they ever going to release a PS5 version?

ID: hd31mt3

Haptic feedback would be so sick

ID: hd3o7rf

Probably not, on the PS5 it's a locked 60 FPS like the PS4 Pro, which is good enough tbh.

ID: hd2owi9

Why would they need to? Seems like a waste of time to me, where I usually welcome upgrades.

ID: hd3m3se

I feel like haptic feedback would be incredible in Fall Guys. I also want to see accolades.

ID: hd4jcok

because the game is a blurry mess on ps5

6 : Anonymous2021/09/16 13:09 ID: hd2ouex

Who and who???

7 : Anonymous2021/09/16 12:45 ID: hd2lxem

Why? It’s not even out

ID: hd2mcd8

It's called promotion and advertisement.

ID: hd2m3gn

It releases on the 21st.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/16 13:48 ID: hd2tu07

I gave up on Fall Guys when the level design became trash.

ID: hd3mazq

I'm confused. The level design from the new seasons absolutely shits on the level design from the older seasons.


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