1 : Anonymous2021/09/18 03:08 ID: pqemif
2 : Anonymous2021/09/18 19:18 ID: hdd7v02

Reaper looks absolutely insane. Looks like a mix of physical attacks, buff / debuff abilities, spells, and what I assume is some sort of lifesteal

3 : Anonymous2021/09/18 03:28 ID: hdah5f6

I just finished up the main scenario for A Realm Reborn earlier today, currently doing post game stuff.

This game is so damn good.

ID: hdceky3

Enjoy the ride man! I just completed Heveansward last night and it was absolutely amazing and can't wait to jump into StormBlood in the next couple of days

ID: hdb1oqz

Trust me when I say A Realm Reborn is only the beginning. It gets SO much better. If you like it now, you're going to have an amazing time with the expansions.

ID: hdbfi85

Started Shadowbringer week ago and main quest in Amh Areang dropped my jaw totally. I really wasnt expecting that kind of stuff happening…

ID: hdcdgds

I've heard amazing things from friends of mine, specifically from FFXIV content creators. I've especially heard great things about the ending of Shadowbringers.

ID: hde26k7

It’s so damn good I agree but I heard the gap between ARR and Heavnsward is 80-100 missions, it’s such a grind to get to the next expansion!

ID: hde4n6h

I think I must be getting near the end of ARR because I recently had to grind for the first time to continue the main story quests and it was the first time I thought "Oh fuck, right... MMOs!" Not sure how I feel about that tbh. For now I'm taking a break to play some other stuff.

ID: hdffjnw

I'm on the tail end of Heavensward myself! I'm really kicking myself for not getting into this game earlier due to the MMO tag.

ID: hdihv25

From a fat dude with a beard who's been playing since launch: Welcome!

4 : Anonymous2021/09/18 15:00 ID: hdc6ui5

Haven't played in awhile. What exactly is on display here?

ID: hdc7qqq

New skills for each class

ID: hdcav51

Oh neat!! Thank you!

5 : Anonymous2021/09/18 10:35 ID: hdbevl9

Very hyped for this.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/18 18:08 ID: hdcxkf4

Someone sell me on this game. I’ve been dying for a new mmorpg after I quit wow 2 years ago and I just got a ps5!

ID: hddg789

Best way I can describe FFXIV to someone who has played MMO's before is this. World of Warcraft is a MMORPG. FFXIV is a RPGMMO. Most MMO's suffer from being unable to deliver a story to the player quite like any other typical RPG can. FFXIV, however, manages to do it about as perfectly as one can get. It presents you the story much like any single player RPG while having the gameplay of an MMO. Also if you're coming off of WoW, the amount of content provided to you in FFXIV is overwhelming. There is so much you can do.

ID: hdflufg

Do i just buy the PS4 version of FFXIV or which version do i go for? There are so many. I play on PS5 if that makes a difference.

ID: hdg31ae

FXIV, however, manages to do it about as perfectly as one can get. It presents you the story much like any single player RPG while having the gameplay of an MMO.

ehhhhhhhhhhh, lets not get ahead of ourselves. theres like 2-3h of voice acting in each 50h long expansion, cutscenes are put together through copy pasted camera angles and using player emotes, the scale of the story suffers because its an mmo....

i really dont get why people feel the need to exaggerate so much about this game. theres no way anyone believes that the story is presented anywhere near as well as a single player game could present it, and if they do they need to play one or two single player games cause clearly they havent.

ID: hdd2bic

Huge single player FF game inside a MMO.

ID: hdd2zz0

Literally everything is better than wow. I played wow for years and I can't believe how much more fun I'm having in FFXIV.

ID: hdg3um2

Everything except healing in dungeons. Good M+ high level keys healing beat dungeons by a wide margin.

ID: hdd8l4k

Definitely would recommend. I will say the PvP is a mixed bag but the PvE and boss battles are really good. Job roles feel rewarding as you level them up and gain new abilities and the overall community is very welcoming and just chill. Its my first real MMO that I played and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. There’s so much content its insane

ID: hdehe1t

I didn't see anyone else mention it so I will, has a free trial that lets you play up till Stormblood for free, give it a shot.

ID: hdd2ka8

The fact that so many wow players/streamers got fed up with Blizzard, especially this summer, that people went to FF14 and most fell in love with the game and story. I heard the low level grind might not be as enjoyable as some parts still have a grind but luckily the leveling quests have a purpose to the overall story. And no, I haven’t played as I don’t have time to commit to an mmo anymore, but follow a lot of streamers and gaming news. I can’t give it a stamp of approval since I haven’t played it, but the general great reception this summer coming from ex wow players says a lot about the game. Heck Asmongold was anti FF14 and is one of the biggest wow streamers and he played/streamed it and loved it. I think he’s on Stormblood expansion right now.

ID: hdgs5y4

Ff14 is sorta like wow except it's easier, there seems to be a lot more dungeons.

There is a system where you are rewarded for queuing into lower level stuff and being level synced meaning you are as if that low level too.

Combat is generally the same as wow. But every class has its own twist. I play white and black mage.

Black mage is DPS. I have a element bar thing and depending on the skills I get ice or fire pips that let me do more damage. But I can swap to the opposite. Ice basically means unlimited mana while fire is more damage.

White mage has a flower meter where every 30 seconds I can basically use a free heal.

And of course both classes have completely different skills.

Another thing that sets the game apart is everyone is a dps. Healers just also heal. Tanks tank but also do damage. White mage has a really good aoe damage spell for instance.

Over all the game is much easier imo. Healers have battle rez like wow but the cool down is like 30 seconds and healers also get an ability that lets that instant cast. So wiping because the tank dies is less frequent because you can sometimes get the tank back up before everyone dies. The game also telegraphs what to do better than wow.

The absolute best part of the game though is every character can be all the classes at once. I have 1 character. That character is level 80 black mage level 71 white mage and every crafting or gathering class 60+ you can switch from DPS to healer while out of combat in about 2 seconds. You can swap from miner to black smith just as fast.

It's definitely a good game.

The biggest issues with ff14 are the starter ui the ui is awful but you can edit it

It's also sorta like wow in that everything happens in the past. You can dodge attacks then still be hit by them. It's kinda extreme in ff14 though. Like yesterday k clearly dodged an attack and almost an entire second later I was hit by it

7 : Anonymous2021/09/18 07:34 ID: hdb278t

Cool, what was the first track?


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