DEATHLOOP Does What Many AAA Games Do Not — Embrace Its Medium

1 : Anonymous2021/09/17 22:36 ID: pqaf1v
DEATHLOOP Does What Many AAA Games Do Not — Embrace Its Medium
2 : Anonymous2021/09/17 22:37 ID: hd9ic2r

Great game. Most interesting game I have played in a while.

ID: hd9ioho

It won’t make me give up and toss it in the bin like Returnal did, will it?

ID: hda30g9

Deathloop isn't really difficult. The systems are built more like puzzle where you can experiment, screw around, kill people in interesting ways and solve the game.

Returnal is intense bullet hell combat, when you're in 2 hours into a run in biome 6 about to fight a boss the adrenaline literally had me jumping out of my chair.

Both good games IMO. Completely different though.

ID: hd9o2sx

It's not a roguelike, it's Dishonored meets Majora's Mask.

ID: hda7ceh

It's very forgiving and you won't be losing entire hours of progress when you die.

ID: hd9rvd6

No, Deathloop doesn't feel like that imo.

ID: hd9j2jd

It’s not a dificult game so probably not.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/17 23:01 ID: hd9lhem

All I’ve heard is great things about this game. Is it worth the buy?

ID: hd9td45

If you like Prey and Dishonored you'll love it and find a lot of similarities. The voice acting and humor are really great

ID: hdb53kg

Deathloop is better than both for me. I really didn't like Prey, it gave you worse tools and more frustrating enemies and level design.

ID: hdbhp0q

I liked Prey but did not like Dishonoured. What do?

ID: hd9ok3g

The first hour or so is rough because they're setting up the different aspects of the game, but once they let go of your hand it becomes a lot more fun and engaging. I just wish the gunplay was more fluid and less clunky.

ID: hd9s51k

It feels like it was built with mouse rather than controller in mind, and that almost put me off it after about four or five hours play, but the story and the other cool shit in it kept me coming back and I was able to forgive the controls.

ID: hd9mutt

Absolutely. When I’m not playing it, I’m thinking about it! Can’t remember the last time a game has grabbed me like this.

ID: hd9txhz

Same. Work moved so slow today because all I wanted to do was come home and play Deathloop.

ID: hdaozmp

Same with me. A game hasn't captured me like this in a long time. Definitely going down as an all time favorite for me.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/18 00:19 ID: hd9v4s8

Here's my experience, thoughts and advice on deathloop.

Okay so, On ps5 it runs fine. There are some crashes for some but it feels like another cyberpunk lottery albeit not as common and drastic. Personal experience is only freeze.

So, so It's Arkane Studios, so if you know and like their style - You'll love Deathloop. They've simply done it again, their way. They're like the Queens of the Stone age of game devs. They have their own distinctive style yet each "album" builds on that for a different flavour.

•Classic Arkane different ways to play. So many routes to take

•Gunplay is surprisingly smooth and engaging. On ps5, the controller responses feel so good.

•Probably the most stylish Arkane game to date. They always knock it out of the park with the architecture and interior design and Deathloop just hits a new high imo. So if you care about that sort of thing, you'll dig it. Each map is very beautifully constructed and the morning - afternoon - evening elements really gives off different vibes, and different occurrence which is quite cool. The overall theme of the game is a cold, windy dockland type environment. But within it are these very aesthetically pleasing little towns with sooool many different routes and little places to explore.

•Graphics? Doesn't feel next gen. The 4k isn't true. But they have their own style that works. 60fps isn't consistent either but personally on performance mode, it's been smooth sailing.

•it can be a little overwhelming at the start and the story and mission construction feels a little Christopher Nolany, however reading the pop up tutorials is a big help. Normally I hate that shit but it's worth it here. Once you get past the first long tutorial mission, it should make enough sense.

•This game has rogue lite elements but it's not a rogue game. You will lose your stuff if you die three times but there will be a way to prevent that via story mission. (Sorry if that's a spoiler but it's worth knowing before hand, so you don't get discouraged.

•The music is perfect. Very 60's lounge when you're exploring and then you get pumping bebop jazz when you're in a gun fight.

• AI is embarrassingly poor which is unfortunate for Arkane because usually their ai is smart. So stealth can be pretty damn easy. I mean they're as stupid as hitman enemies but there's no real risk like there is in hitman. Still, stealth is fun if you don't care and just wanna play like a perfect assassin.

•However, gun fights are so much fun. Complimented with the classic dishonored style powers you get, you can do some crazy stupid shit during a gunfight. Machete kills are gory and satisfying and like I said, shooting guns feels smooth and satisfying. Especially on ps5.

•Voice Acting performance is very strong here. The back and forth banter between the two main characters is hilarious.

• The online section isn't too good. So playing as Julianna, while incredibly rewarding, can fail due to online organisation.

All in all, like I began with, if you're familiar with Arkane's unique style, there's no reason to not play and love this game other than AI being stupid being a major deal breaker. Currently, it's Drowning in critical acclaimed reviews. Lots of of 10/10's and 9's.

Deathloop is a stylish shooter game with Arkane's classic style of intelligent foundation and the game feels like a break from the consequence based tactics of previous Dishonored games. They really want you to just let yout hair down and have some fun in this particular game Imo but without sacrificing their style of puzzle solving and clever multiple option mission executions. Arkane have never really made a bad game, their track record is very good and this time around they have simply done it again. Jusy straight up fun.

ID: hd9yujz

Ai is dumb, but that dovetails into into the fact that the bad guys are party animals who are drinking/hungove

. Pretty easy dealing with 1-2 at a time but draw the attention of 6+ you gotta start planning. These aren't professional guards but they are armed to the teeth.

ID: hda00p4

thank you for this! awesome response

ID: hda24sv

it can be a little overwhelming at the start

I'm pretty sure I'm just past the start and it still doesn't totally make sense to me. Like now I can infuse shit but some things just stay any way. It feels like they invented a really specific system/rules but there are little exceptions and it makes it extra confusing.

ID: hdb897o

•The music is perfect. Very 60's lounge when you're exploring and then you get pumping bebop jazz when you're in a gun fight.

Aaand im sold. Should have gotten that pre order while it was discounted lmao

ID: hdajlkx

is the level design akin to hitman 3 where you have to be in the correct place at the correct time but the game doesnt explicitly tell you when and where (i turned off that help function where it does) and you have to experiment? And are there multiple "correct" ways?

5 : Anonymous2021/09/18 02:35 ID: hdab7en

this game really fucking clicked with me after 5 hours or so. i was very tepid on it, now I think it’s one of the best games i’ve played in several years at least. super memorable, very interesting design, and for a game with zero cutscenes, I really like both Cole and Julianna.

super impressive game, even with some of the valid criticisms about the AI (for the record, I have flipped on the AI and I think this game would be too frustrating to play if the AI were smarter)

sidenote: what is immersive sim? i’ve never heard of it until this week, and i’ve seen it mentioned a ton about this game. to me theres nothing sim about the game. it is immersive though.

ID: hdafvkt

Immersive sim is a style of gameplay that was spearheaded by games such as DeusEx and Thief. Basically the gist is that you have a world that allows for all sorts of different ways to problem solve.

Prey had a great implementation of this where you could use the Gloo gun to make walkways and get to areas otherwise unexplorable. Same with its nerf foam dart crossbow that can interact with computers. Door locked but you can see the computer that’s controlling it through a hole in the window? Shoot that shit. Boom. Unlocked!

It’s a fantastic style of game and Arkane has been knocking it out of the park with each release.

ID: hdd6hhw

Very well said! It’s also a relatively dying genre, which makes me sad because it’s my favorite. There are only a few studios out there making games like this and Arkane is probably the best until we see what Ken Levine has been cooking up all these years. I have to imagine it’s a very, very difficult type of game to make. All of these interwoven systems also need level design to support options for the player. Absolutely brilliant when done right, though.

ID: hdaee72

The Cole/Julianna banter is top tier.

ID: hdb8zbp

Just to add to the other guy, immersive sim is also one of those highly debated genres that is really poorly defined. Some will say Arkane's games don't qualify, others will yada yada. IMO I'd say they apply. Alongside a world with multiple ways to solve your problems/complete objectives they usually feature more compact, smaller worlds over large ones, heavy rpg elements and have a focus on immersion, thus "immersive sim".

If you want to check out other games that I'd say qualify definetly try Deus Ex Human Revolution, Arkanes other games (Dishonoured series, Prey, Dark Messiah etc), and Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines. For games that I'd say don't exactly fit the bill but cam feel kind of similar similar try the Bioshocks, Half-Life 2 (this game is all storytelling through gameplay) and Yakuza 0.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/17 23:06 ID: hd9m1qg

It has some graphical issues but the core gameplay and story is a blast, I’m enjoying the purchase for sure.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/18 03:45 ID: hdaizjk

Man I actually enjoy the grind of upgrading the slabs lol it's super fun

8 : Anonymous2021/09/18 00:11 ID: hd9u7ay

Did this feel like a PS5 game or a really good PS4 game?

ID: hd9vqio

PS4 game that got a ps5 upgrade.

ID: hda8wrb

FOV makes it feel like a PS4 game that got an ps5 upgrade

ID: hdajcz2

I think thats what my perception was too! The fov! Thanks for pointing that out

ID: hdb42du

Don't go into a PS5 game thinking that its only a next-gen game when it looks and feels like a native next-gen game.

Whatever you are playing right now is a next-gen experience by itself. A game like Deathloop would definitely not run on a PS4 at 60 FPS with quick loading, higher resolutions and DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive trigger support. This is a true next-gen experience.

Similar logic applies to cross-gen games and backwards compatible last-gen games. Playing PS5 versions of games such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ghost of Tsushima, Metro Exodus, Doom Eternal is a next-gen experience as well. Playing backwards compatible PS4 games with PS5 upgrades such as The Last of Us Part II, God of War, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Horizon Zero Dawn is also a next-gen experience.

ID: hd9yjfx

a really good PS4 game

I would say this. And even that is subjective based on how much you liked the Arkane Studios and the Dishonored formula, because it is certainly more of that.

ID: hda0q6c

Honestly? I’d say a really good ps4 game.

There are definitely aspects of the game that couldn’t have been pulled off on last gen, but those mainly come down to scale and traversal.

Of course you have your pretty amazing loading times, but I don’t know if that’s a selling point of a game or the console itself.

All that being said, I got it for a “discount” ($53) and haven’t regretted it at all. If you have the means I’d recommend checking it out, but if you don’t just wait for a sale

ID: hda388t

Not every PS5 game is gonna be ratchet and clank. It looks good, can run at 60fps, and uses the dualsense well. That’s a PS5 game

9 : Anonymous2021/09/18 10:27 ID: hdbeb88

I just wish Arkane would finally figure out how to make good enemy A.I.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/18 00:24 ID: hd9vrrc

I LOVE this game. Maybe 12 hours in. At first I didn't get it, but now I do. There is so much to discover.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/18 02:07 ID: hda7zk0

This is a strange game, i’ll say that. So far it’s also a really good game, I’ll just say it’s not really like anything else out at the moment.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/17 23:59 ID: hd9so48


ID: hda1caj

I just finally beat Returnal after cursing the hell out of it for months. It's an AWESOME game, fun as hell, but I had NO idea what I was getting into. I just saw exciting third person gun play.

Not everyone has the time or energy to go much beyond trailers, especially around launch and looking for something to play. I believe a LOT of people had no idea what they were getting in to. Especially 40 something family men like me.

ID: hd9ti61

It's a niche genre.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/18 01:13 ID: hda1knn

I loved the dishonored series and this takes some if what I loved and takes it up a few notches. I'm really enjoying this game

14 : Anonymous2021/09/18 03:04 ID: hdaehx6

Is the gunplay difficult with controller? I’m really bad at games like cod because my aim is a little shitty but I’d love to play this game

ID: hdaez1z

It’s definitely not that kind of shooter. You can definitely go in guns blazing but you’ll die a lot since you don’t have much health at the beginning. I spend most of my time picking people off from a distance with the nail which means you can take your time to line up your headshots. When things do go loud, I’m pretty sure the game uses some amount of auto aim to help out. It’s not crazy sticky, but it’s there

ID: hdb8yjf

The default aim assist settings are pretty generous and the focus isn't entirely on shooting, you should go for it if you're interested

15 : Anonymous2021/09/18 02:57 ID: hdadpz1

I think the structure of this game is really clever and unique but I'm really struggling to enjoy the combat I dont find the shooting to be satisfying or accurate

ID: hdbp7lr

Playing stealth is effective, but being in any kind of open area (not funneling, like a doorway) and engaging in a fire fight, it's an absolute shit show, even with a damage reduction trinket. The health pool is just too small to make it feel balanced.

ID: hdb2nuf

Yeah I am glad I went for it on pc instead of ps5 as it definitely feels more suited to m+k


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