Clean and simple white PC gaming setup!

1 : Anonymous2021/09/19 03:38 ID: pr0l5s
Clean and simple white PC gaming setup!
2 : Anonymous2021/09/19 05:20 ID: hdfgb6h


3 : Anonymous2021/09/19 05:18 ID: hdfg449


4 : Anonymous2021/09/19 04:30 ID: hdfbdhf

Pretty cool, would have gone for the PC on the desk though, hardwood/vinyl floors allow HEAPS of dust to be sucked off them, more so than carpet as dust tends to 'stick' more to carpet.

But yes very clean, looks like nothing is plugged in 🙂

ID: hdgtsry

How do yall handle that much weight on your head? I had that Corsair headset for 2 years and it tore up my neck

ID: hdhxx8n

I have been buy Corsair for years now and they don't feel any different to me. I like the sturdiness.

ID: hdhmapq

For me carpet is the worst, it produces so much dust! Hardwood floor is the way to go but i dont keep my pc in the floor. I have carpet in my new house and i am going to rip it all off.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/19 11:35 ID: hdg9qe3

This looks very cold.

ID: hdgegag

Looks quite hot to me. My first thought was that it was an induction hob.

ID: hdgeyiw

Cold as in how it feels and looks not about temperature....

6 : Anonymous2021/09/19 13:31 ID: hdglhkh

Beautiful, but pc is on the floor 🙁

ID: hdhcwfy

My PC is on the floor, not enough room for screens and PC on desk.

ID: hdhdo84

Yes but OP is resting on space galore.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/19 17:32 ID: hdhj3ka

Get that PC off the floor....

8 : Anonymous2021/09/19 17:46 ID: hdhlb22

Should’ve mounted pc case on the wall.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/19 04:28 ID: hdfb84h

I have the wired version of that headset and I love it.

You've got a beautiful setup overall.

My PC theme is also white/black. You should look at Roccat (which is Turtle Beach, but for PCs). I have a nice white/silver keyboard (Vulcan 122) and a white/black mouse (Kone Aimo) from them, both of which are excellent. They also are on sale on their website right now.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/19 06:18 ID: hdfld53

I'm a big fan of a monitor wall mount at a decent height + having the PC hidden below the desk. I've been running a similar setup but with a monitor arm instead and I really like how clean it is.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/19 14:55 ID: hdgwe06

Can you bang someone in that desk?

12 : Anonymous2021/09/19 15:10 ID: hdgyjc6

Guessing by the plug it might be Germany

13 : Anonymous2021/09/19 15:24 ID: hdh0hec

I have a white keyboard and a white mouse on a bright wood desk. Yeah, it would make this desk completely clinical, but why not go all the way.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/19 16:23 ID: hdh8vqd

Too clean to my taste :/
Nice job on hiding all cables.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/19 17:31 ID: hdhj0mt

Why is the keyboard on a mouse mat?

16 : Anonymous2021/09/19 17:55 ID: hdhmt2k

black white*

17 : Anonymous2021/09/19 19:08 ID: hdhxvtv

Get your PC off of the floor.

18 : Anonymous2021/09/19 19:11 ID: hdhybqm

So sleek and sexy

19 : Anonymous2021/09/19 21:25 ID: hdii6x9

Sterile but I like it. Put your baby on the desk please hate to see them treated like those old biege boxes you toe on

20 : Anonymous2021/09/19 13:13 ID: hdgjg61

That's racist

ID: hdgk0ga



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