Final Fantasy VII: Yoshinori Kitase on the highs and lows of creating the timeless PlayStation classic

1 : Anonymous2021/09/17 13:31 ID: pq07ri
Final Fantasy VII: Yoshinori Kitase on the highs and lows of creating the timeless PlayStation classic
2 : Anonymous2021/09/17 20:33 ID: hd91vlb

Looking forward to playing the final part of the Remake with my great grandkids on the moon.

ID: hdac57k

Didnt the first part only come out last year? Why do people expect sequels almost immediatly these days

ID: hdaguyh

Probably the annoyance the first game was all in one and they decided to split this game up into multiple parts and probably won't be fully released until after 2030

ID: hdbahkk

To be fair they first announced that ff7 was getting a remake in like 2010.

ID: hdbcv1u

Yeah, after finishing the first chapter of the remake. I don't play on purchaser the rest until a complete edition is released.

So what, 6 years from now?

And I was super excited when it released.

ID: hdcrc0w

I wonder how the game stacks up to gow ragnarok who decided to complete the Norse saga with the second game. Could make the remake a money grab or make square look incompetent.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/17 22:25 ID: hd9gwbc

Y’all all “Ooh I want a remake of 8/9/10”.

Bring Kefka to glorious 4k60, cowards.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/17 14:18 ID: hd7kgk1

Such an interesting read, thanks for the link! Weirdly I was just thinking about playing through this again on the switch soon! Really is a game that has held up well throughout the generations lol

ID: hd7n4gf

i disagree, the graphics are really outdated.

ID: hd7pock

It's more of a "for the time" thing

FFVII, especially compared to the other two PS1 or even the older SNES entries, has not aged gracefully when it comes to graphical presentation since it was very reflective of Square trying to get a grasp on the transition to 3D polygons from 2D sprites, but games of that scale and fidelity just didn't exist on console before so credit where it's due, it did cause industry shifts for the time it was new

ID: hd7tt01

The graphics may be outdated but I think the game still plays pretty well even today (as long as you turn on the arrows for the backgrounds).

ID: hd8qimp

Graphics aren't the only metric when it comes to a game holding up.

ID: hdbsftt

He thinks graphics makes a good game

ID: hd7w9c0

I disagree with your disagreement. It sucks compared to modern fidelity open world games, but if your more into old school RPGs that play more like an interactive novel, it holds up well.

Infact the art style of using huge majestic backdrops is something FF7R used (fathful to the original) and I wish more modern games used it, instead of trying to render a ridiculous draw distance.

ID: hd7scp6

Yup theyre horrible

ID: hd823ks

I actually tried really hard to play it through shortly after finishing Remake, and finally threw in the towel at the start of Disc 2 in some frozen wasteland.

I kept passing out and losing progress on getting out of a blizzard (and I was using a guide). The one time I did make it out I got wiped out by a mini boss turned regular enemy before a save point and just threw in the towel. I couldn't take it anymore.

The old school "few and far between" saving mechanics, random encounters, and just the dated graphics all are things holding back the actual parts that hold up, which are the dialogue, story, and characters.

Edit: Just want to say that I'm rather surprised for being heavily downvoted for this stance. There are many other classic games with antiquated graphics, presentation and the like that I've played in my life and have thoroughly enjoyed and gone back to throughout the years. Somehow, there is just something about FF7 that makes me not able to stomach it. I don't think it's an insane thing to say.

ID: hd8fmas

Some things are worth the effort. Even now the game still holds up with the battle system.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/17 14:26 ID: hd7lni0

Recently finished a Switch playthrough over the summer as I was working on trying to beat all the main entries before XVI drops

It's not my favorite mainline entry but gameplay wise it's structurally solid, and the Materia system is flat out addicting to collect and experiment for with trying out different combinations

Cloud is also easily one of my personal favorite FF protagonists. His story for me honestly outshined the rest of the cast by a wide margin excluding Aerith, who was also really well developed

ID: hd8qfdj

Yeah, as much as I love so much about FFVII, FFIX and X just sucked me in way further.

Wish I could say the same about VIII, which I could just never get into.

Also loved XII.

ID: hd8vgpc

I truly hated VIII. I love using magic attacks in RPGs and having to draw everything is a massive pain in the ass. Never got past disc 1 - the story didn't grip me enough to get over it.

ID: hd8r0z3

My all time favorite FF will always be the original Tactics/WotL, but in terms of main entries my favorites have always been VI, IX and X as like the big three I always love to revisit

VII is still great and in my wider top 5, but I don't think it's as jaw-droppingly amazing as everyone seems to claim especially compared to how near perfect IX is for the PS1 entries

I don't like VIII either. The junction system was an experimental idea but one that I just found halted the pace of battles so often for it to be enjoyable and I really don't like the story or characters, especially Squall, Zell, Rinoa and Ultimecia

6 : Anonymous2021/09/17 16:41 ID: hd84xsn

I've been planning on playing the original FFVII for a while now, since I've wrapped up the Remake. It'll essentially be like reading the manga before the latest anime season comes out lol

7 : Anonymous2021/09/17 16:38 ID: hd84ie3

Just give me Final Fantasy 8 Remake before I die please....

ID: hd8akyr

Let's hope humanity can keep the planet alive long enough

ID: hd8fej9

9 please, but just graphics upgrade, keep the same birds eye view

ID: hd9c5dv

This. 9 is the one and don’t change a damn thing! I keep hope alive that the NVidia leak is true.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/18 02:05 ID: hda7p9p

The FF7 was my first RPG ever. Very enjoyable to play, I even played a Japanese version (I am in Asia). When they announced the FF7 remake, I was tearful. Lots of nostalgic.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/17 20:55 ID: hd94ytn

I wonder when we'll get our first word of FF7 Part 2?

10 : Anonymous2021/09/17 16:53 ID: hd86n1n

Hmm no mention at all of Sakaguchi without the legend FF7 would not be memorable at all or even exist for that matter. Woild of like an interview from him instead haha.

ID: hd8esyy

Sakaguchi made the first 5 games. He was making Spirits Within at this point. He didn't spearhead this game, Kitase did. Sakaguchi merely held input otherwise Kazushige Nojima, the scenario writer or Yoshinori Kitase, the director, should get this interview. And Kitase did.

Plus, Sakaguchi had zero input on Remake.

ID: hd8rf8p

Sakaguchi wasn't nearly as involved in VII compared to I-V and he'd end up reassuming the director role for only one more game after V which was IX. VI-VIII were basically completely headed up by Yoshinori Kitase

11 : Anonymous2021/09/17 22:13 ID: hd9fbvs

I would actually love an actual remake of this one but with modernized turn based combat. I know people love the combat in FF7R but i feel action based combat should be smooth with as little pauses as possible like a hack n slash, it feels so satisfying to just keep going and going based on reflex and experience but going from turn based party game to action based party game... i personally and this is my own opinion feel like FF7R didn't get the formula right at all. It did not translate well at all for me, and even just taking it as an action game on it's own the combat wasn't up to expectations from for example DMC5 or even before that one GoW. It was just a hack fest with extra steps.

ID: hd9vuzs

maybe its cause you're comparing it too much to pure action based combat when you shouldve looked at is a fresh take on a concept that marries action and turn based. Try a new perspective instead of comparing it to pure real time or pure turn based

ID: hdbrzot

I compare it vs enjoyable. There's far too many action games were the action isnt good. This game did better but not good enough imo.

ID: hdfs60l

Try a new perspective instead of comparing it to pure real time or pure turn based

The problem is not perspective, it's that what we got was not a satisfying version of either, or of a new thing on its own. The destruction of squads control means this game isn't FFVII. Its just the aesthetics draped over a system that would have been absolutely trashed by reviewers if it didn't have the Final Fantasy name on it. Games like Persona 5 and Like a Dragon make what Square did with FF downright pathetic.

ID: hdc1hte

Tbh Persona 5 Strikers achieved a much better hybrid between turn based and action combat. FF7R felt clunky in comparison.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/18 17:37 ID: hdct1pb

Was hoping for a substantive article but instead got a short page of fluff likely written in 5 minutes with only 2 to 3 interesting crumbs of insight. Modern "journalism" at its finest.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/17 22:55 ID: hd9kpc7

Was disappointed with the combat system in the remake. We don’t even get the cool victory music and poses. Only in the colosseum. It would have been killer to have it as the original turn based combat except modified for quality of life improvements with the sick ass graphics.

I’m guessing since it’s not really a remake and more of a sequel they are not going to remake ff7 actually. Everything will be much shorter and missing sections. It’s true they cannot remake the whole original with the graphics and quality they went with. It’s too much. So a shortcut would be a “remake with alternative time line” so they have an excuse to reduce the content outside of Midgar, thus going or doing less things as before. Watch I’ll be right.

ID: hd9vdh6

i still dont know why people dont like 7s combat, its the perfect blend of real time blood pumping action and tactical decision making.

Everything will be much shorter

Oh yeah, shorter, thats why the midgard section is 1 freaking game.

But i guess given your name, you're just a nostalgia-drunk fan who loves to dwell in the past. grow up

ID: hdbde49

You fanboys of this game are the worst.

Yall act like no one is entitled to an opinion that is different then yours.

The only person who needs to grew up is you.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/19 12:11 ID: hdgd0wp

I was gonna go play this until i realized they dont allow you to upgrade the PS4 version from PS Plus to PS5. Which is pretty lame.


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