Running a Ryzen 9 5900X with RAM speed at 2133 Mhz, fine for gaming?

1 : Anonymous2021/09/22 15:39 ID: pta62c

So I got this processor because it was what it could find. I know it is an extremely capable processor and running both my 16 GB RAM sticks rated for 3600 Mhz is losing a lot of potential. However, my system is stable at 2133 Mhz. I tried enabling DOCP for the RAM to run at 3600 Mhz and it just kept crashing. Now that DOCP is off and it is running at 2133 Mhz, it never crashes and my system is completely stable. I also have an RTX 3080. For just gaming, does it really matter if I keep the speed at 2133 Mhz? That's my actual question. I just prefer to have a stable system for gaming. Thanks.

2 : Anonymous2021/09/22 17:19 ID: hdv89fe

Put it on docp and reduce frequency to like 3400mhz and it will work fine

ID: hdw94wn

This, just keep moving down and restarting and testing and you’ll get stability. Even 3200 is a 50% increase in frequency and huge performance bump.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/22 15:44 ID: hduuat3

Try a different DCOP profile ? On mine I used profile 1 and it wasn’t happy, switched to profile 2 and 3600mhz rock and roll all day.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/22 16:01 ID: hduwqqq

Performance loss at 2133 will be significant and not recommended. Gaming is one of the most memory and memory latency affected scenarios unless you are playing at GPU limited resolutions like 4K. And even then I expect losses at this low speed.

What kit is this exactly? If 3600 is not stable, you could enable DOCP but reduce to 3400 for example. Also it's best to run a memory stress test to check for errors rather than waiting for crashes.

ID: hdv4g8g

Gaming might be one of the most memory and memory latency affected scenarios, but, are the losses really significant? I mean, we might be talking about a 5% of performance loss rather than a 30%.

I think this is something OP should look into before getting new ram modules.

Disclaimer: I don't know the actual numbers for Ryzen processors if someone has them I'd appreciate if they share them.

ID: hdvjlzr

It’s significantly more than 5%, especially for 1% and 0.1% FPS lows which are perhaps the most important thing for gaming. Shitty 1% lows will give you a stuttery mess even if you have high FPS.

For example:

Going from 2133 MHz to 3600 MHz:

36% average FPS increase

41% maximum FPS increase

30% minimum FPS increase

You can also check the average score for Timespy benchmarks with RAM speed:

So yes, running your RAM at 2133 MHz vs 3200-3600 MHz gives at least a 20% performance loss and in some cases, upwards of 30%.

ID: hdvf7fu

Yes, we're talking 20+% easily. Usually worse than that for 1% lows.

ID: hdv5gou

Yes he will be getting quite a performance downgrade, the optimal speed for Ryzen processors are 3200-3600 mhz and 2133 is a full gigahertz below those

ID: hdv1cc2

Any good memory stress test softwares? Plus, what if I do not enable DOCP and just adjust the memory frequency and leave the FCLK on Auto? It lets me adjust Memory Frequency with DOCP disabled.

ID: hdv2hxy

Here is a good list-

/oc-guide/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

If you dont use DOCP, the you have to set timings and voltage manually. Otherwise its unlikely to be stable or have poor performance due to auto timings.

Normally ASUS allows you to set DRAM speed in the overclocking menu even with DOCP enabled though...

5 : Anonymous2021/09/22 16:06 ID: hduxh5b

Try increasing DRAM voltage slightly. For example 1.36V (1.35V stock I guess).

6 : Anonymous2021/09/22 16:06 ID: hduxi4o

Set all timings and sub-timmings according to 1usmus Ryzen Memory Calculator.

My Crucial Balistix Sport AT 2666 1.2V refuses to work at XMP (even at 1.35v) but works flawless at 3200 using the timmings provided by 1usmus calculator.

Your problem could be your BIOS unable to calculate by itself the sub-timmings properly (XMP just gives timmings, but not the sub-timmings).

Updating your BIOS could help. Also you could RMA your RAM and buy RAM that is on your QVL of your board.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/22 16:50 ID: hdv426x

I’m willing to wager this has absolutely nothing to do with the ram. Let me ask, is your 3080 being daisy chained to the power connector? This usually results in a crash when DOCP is enabled.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/22 16:12 ID: hduycs2

I don't think it's worth not having 3600mhz ram. I would definitely get that fixed.

You need to return or get another 3600mhz ram kit and install it into your PC and enable docp. See if it works finally or not. If it still doesn't work then I would be worried if the motherboard or the IMC in your 5900x is bad. You want it find this out while you can still return your things.

You could also manually set the timings for your current ram. You can use Dram calculator for Ryzen and set very loose timing at 3200mhz and see if that works, and then set loose timings at 3600mhz and see if that works

9 : Anonymous2021/09/22 16:41 ID: hdv2qsk

Did you update your bios yet? And is your ram in the right slots?

10 : Anonymous2021/09/22 18:07 ID: hdvfhyl

It depends on the game and your expectations. Sometimes it makes a difference other times there is none.

Something is not right if you can't run 3600 straightout of the box, but it happens. My guess is you got a real badly binned memory kit. One thing you could do is set DOCP then manually decrease the freq to something like 3200 or 3000 or loosen the timings. Also look in computer management and see what kind of ACPI/whea error message you get. Sometimes it tells you exactly what went wrong.

If you aren't comfortable with any of that 2133 is still not the end of the world and you will only lose up to 15-20% in the worst case.

Really disappointed in the comments in this thread, not a single source or benchmark was linked to show how significant the performance difference is.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/22 18:34 ID: hdvjjp7

Increase mem voltage as high as 1.5v. Bet you that will solve it. Usually all the meme needs is a Lil more juice to overclock

12 : Anonymous2021/09/22 18:43 ID: hdvkux8

I think a good starting point would be to Googling your memory kit with tuned settings for AMD Ryzen. If DOCP/XMP will not work, your best bet is to manually tune your kit to get the performance.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/22 19:02 ID: hdvnnx2

What slots do you have your RAM in? Belive they should be A2 and B2?

ID: hdvo1tq

Reason I ask is because I had this issue with modules being installed in A1 and B1. After changing they worked fine with auto XMP.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/22 19:57 ID: hdvvm4e
15 : Anonymous2021/09/22 23:13 ID: hdwd3y7

Enable DOCP again, and bump the voltage for the RAM to 1.4v. If that doesn't work, keep that voltage and drop the frequency 100mhz each time and test until it's stable.

Edit: I just had a thought. If your motherboard loads both an XMP or DOCP profile for a selection, try the XMP instead of the DOCP and see if that helps.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/22 15:42 ID: hdutz2i

If it's 3600mhz just enable the xmp in the bios and it will work on 3600mhz.

ID: hduui0l

On AMD's website, it says that the maximum supported memory speed for the 5900X is 3200 Mhz for some reason.

ID: hduuyg5

Yeah, but testing has proved the best frequency for ryzen 5000 is 3600mhz with infinity fabric 1800mhz 1:1

ID: hduwvzy

3200 is the max JEDEC speed so no CPU can "officially" support higher than that. However in reality Zen2/3 are capable of 3600-3800 in most cases.

ID: hduuz2l

that’s without “overclocking”, tho that’s just one click in the bios.

i’ve had stability problems with the same core specs, i enabled docp/xmp and just reduced the frequency by one step to 3533mhz… after a bios uodate recently it runs perfectly stable at 3600mhz

ID: hduut9l

You must be joking, I'm running a 3600 with 3600mhz no problem

ID: hduwyip

XMP/DOCP isnt always stable.

3600CL15 XMP wasnt stable out of the box with my 3700X on X470. I had to increase the DRAM voltage slightly to get it stable.

17 : Anonymous2021/09/22 16:39 ID: hdv2dxc

Yes but it’s not ideal and you’ll be leaving performance on the table. 3600mhz is the ideal speed for ryzen.

18 : Anonymous2021/09/22 16:09 ID: hduxx2i

No dont do that.Just go IF(infinity fabric) settings and manually set 1800 mhz and 1:1 ratio with your MCLK.Then set the VSoC at 1.15 and your mem voltage at 1.45.Those are generic and safe baseline voltages that most CPU and memory kits can run.Once you got some stability, you can play around with lower each voltage separatly one at a time.Later if you are confident enough you can push(if you want a little more performance) for 1900 IF and 3800, but it will requiere some manual tunning of primary and secondary memory timmings.

19 : Anonymous2021/09/22 18:47 ID: hdvlf0l

Your motherboard is throttling the RAM I think.


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