Kena: Bridge Of Spirits early review scores: MC 85 (19 critics), OC 85 (25 critics)

1 : Anonymous2021/09/21 08:26 ID: psekzg
Kena: Bridge Of Spirits early review scores: MC 85 (19 critics), OC 85 (25 critics)
2 : Anonymous2021/09/21 09:00 ID: hdp4dhh

Played this morning, the game is beautiful to see, the colors are amazing and i didnt noticed any fps drops(played 2 hours) , story is also interesting for the moment, cant wait to play more

ID: hdpglyl

How is the DualSense support?

ID: hdph2gq

I just played 2 hours , for the dualsense i felt like ac valhalla, the trigger R2 get harder with the heavy attavks,later i know that you can unlock the bow so must be more interactive

ID: hdpqj58

Played for an hour, underwhelming tbh. Definitely nothing like got, r&c, returnal.

Haven't gotten the bow yet, so I guess that'll add more to it. But the general haptics is underwhelming.

ID: hdpaosh

Is this game open world at all?

ID: hdpcfu9

No its not open world, its like ff7 remake

ID: hdpg7z2

Semi-open world metroidvania. Hub structure with non-linear zones.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/21 11:29 ID: hdpeynq

Very solid numbers especially for a relatively unknown studio. A definite purchase for me.

ID: hdpnjrt

Idk why Metacritic does this, but with albums, movies and shows 81+ means universal acclaim but for games, universal acclaim is reserved for 90+.

Point being, this is a great score.

ID: hdqizqx

For good reason. Film and album critics are more critical on movies than game critics for some odd reason. Literally every other game gets an 7/10 or 8/10 from game critics, but movies sometimes get much lower ratings. For example, Tenet which is somewhat of a controversial movie for a 69 Metascore but it’s still considered a good score. But then a game like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla got an 84 for both Xbox and PS5. It may be a good game, but it’s crazy how a award winning film like 1917 only has a 78 Metascore. I guess it shows that game critics are way too lenient. Even a decent game gets like a 75 Metascore these days.

ID: hdpv3iu

Maybe game critics are too generous with scores?

4 : Anonymous2021/09/21 11:10 ID: hdpdase

The score consistency is really interesting, think all are 8/10 or above, some achievement for a small studios first game. Wonder if PS will try and buy them.

ID: hdpe5d3

I hope so. More funding = More expansive games.

ID: hdr2gub

I like the idea of XDev giving them support on the sequel more than anything.

ID: hds5gsl

It’s funny in a previous thread I think just yesterday or the day before, so many people saying this game will suck and bomb. Things like “there’s barely any marketing for this game” and “review embargo is right on release” “there was no early review copies for influencers” and “that’s a bad sign, this is very telling, Sony probably saw the final product and didn’t like it” “Cyberpunk review embargo was not until release and look what happened”

It’s ridiculous. All they have to do is wait for actual reviews and opinions, and not speculate wildly.

edit: here’s a few from just one comment chain

5 : Anonymous2021/09/21 10:15 ID: hdp96k6

I have a feeling that ember lab is going to be the next media molecule

sony should defently acquire this studio.

ID: hdpy9ih

Hot take: Sony shouldn't acquire every single studio capable of making a good game. a) Eventually Sony is going to have too many studios to manage. b) Exclusivity is a necessary evil, not something to be encouraged by consumers.

ID: hdqan21

It's either get acquired by Sony and given support to flourish, get acquired by MS and hopefully flourish (but they have some history of not getting the best out of acquisitions, ie Rare), or get bought by EA and sold for parts.

Maybe cynical but that seems to be how it goes for a lot of indies these days. Honestly anything aside from getting absorbed by EA is cool with me.

ID: hdpdbi0

Let them stay indie.

ID: hdpjjrf

Na Sony should buy them eventually so they can get more funding and support. I wouldn‘t mind if they remained a small studio though but expand them to like 50 devs.

ID: hdpt7ox


ID: hds22uo

I think people should chill with the "x company should acquire y studio". It will not end well.

ID: hds2bds

I don't think anything bad will happen if sony acquire an indie.

ID: hdsc8c8

I don’t think Sony or anyone for that matter gives a shit what redditors say or think.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/21 13:01 ID: hdpodcn

I‘m actually so happy for the studio, I was a bit scared because of the multiple delays but they proved themselves! For their first game they did so well, plus they interact a lot with fans which is lovely. A great studio that will surely grow a lot and I cant wait to see what games they will make in the future _^

7 : Anonymous2021/09/21 16:36 ID: hdqi296

Game is absolutely incredible !!!

8 : Anonymous2021/09/21 16:15 ID: hdqezuw

Bought on the ps app to download while I'm at work and it won't start downloading for some reason. Anyone know why? Is it because there's 2 versions?

ID: hdqop96

Possible, in my case one it downloaded both copies and another it wouldn’t download either

ID: hdqy7v0

Oddly enough I got a notification saying it's ready to play. But it never said that it was downloading. Hopefully it's the ps5 version or I'll be pissed

9 : Anonymous2021/09/21 16:16 ID: hdqf5fr

I'm so happy this got great reviews. I've been looking forward to it but with the embargo and not much gameplay, it seemed like a coin toss. Looking forward to picking it up!

10 : Anonymous2021/09/21 14:45 ID: hdq1zsu

Gamespot just gave it a 9

11 : Anonymous2021/09/21 12:11 ID: hdpixz6

Probably next studio to join SIE ; )

ID: hdpn5po

Potentially, Sony love quality, and I think it would be a phenomenal acquisition for Sony to have a proper animation studio making great family focused games.

However, Sony tend to build longer relationships before making a studio first party so it would likely be a few games off yet.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/21 20:58 ID: hdrkbbm

Really happy about this, loving the game and will be closely watching ember labs' work from now on.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/21 13:52 ID: hdpuqye

Is it me or do these reviews give out 10 way to easily. In my option a 10 should be a game that defines a generation or perfects the genre it is in.

I felt the same way about Deathloop and all the 10 it was getting. Just too easily getting handed out…

Shouldn’t these reviewers actually worry about what they put out.. especially since they affect how people will purchase a game

ID: hdpy94b

Most of the scores are 8s. Also I looked at the dualshockers reviewer and this is the first 10 she’s given and she’s been reviewing games there since 2018. Even with Tamoor who reviewed Deathloop for gamespot, outside of FF7 remake, most of his scores are below 10, he even gave Arkane’s last game Prey a 6. I think a lot of critics just really liked Deathloop and Kena and think they succeed at what they set out to do. If you don’t think the games are that good, there’s also critics who agree with that sentiment too.

ID: hdpwkd4

Idk but so far for me the game could potentially be a 10 because I’m loving it so far

ID: hdqmkeo

Yea, way too many garbage companies reviewing these games that give 10s to everything. It makes these overall review sites meaningless.

ID: hdq15gh

10's aren't easily handed out, though. Deathloop recieved 10's from publications that rarely ever give out 10's. So it has nothing to do with handing them out too easily.

And a review is personal. If someone felt Deathloop was one of the best games they have ever played, they have a right to give it a 10.

What you think is a 10 and what they think is a 10 is different. It'll be impossible to agree with every review.

Deathloop just really is that good for a lot of people. And apparently the same for some people for Kena.

ID: hdq7pkz

10 sells clicks.

ID: hdu354e

So does really low scores

ID: hdq3kmp

Game reviewers just pander to the studios for early access and free shit. Take every single review with a grain of salt.

ID: hdqt5iu

Trust them a damn sight more than the users review bombing for whatever random reason pissed them off this time.

ID: hdszlyt

I trust them far more than the so-called gamers, who keep review-bombing games left and right mindlessly.

Gamers would tell you how Days Gone is a masterpiece served injustice, and that TLOU2 is one of the worst games to ever exist. A bunch of clowns, aren't we?

14 : Anonymous2021/09/21 14:10 ID: hdpx2od

I typed Kena bridge of spirits into gamestops searchbar and all I get is an old ass yugioh game. Is it digital only?

ID: hdq0ut3

Yeah, physical version apparently comes out in November.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/21 16:01 ID: hdqcvsv

Looks like Sony might like them down for the sequel. Everyone is saying the game needs a sequel to expand the concept asap

16 : Anonymous2021/09/21 13:14 ID: hdppud4

Kena has really surprised me, it’s super well done and worth every cent

17 : Anonymous2021/09/21 08:42 ID: hdp3ak8

After the 88 MC on Deathloop, I am going wait for some community reviews.


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