Alan Wake Remastered – Comparison Trailer

1 : Anonymous2021/09/25 00:04 ID: puvkpb
Alan Wake Remastered - Comparison Trailer
2 : Anonymous2021/09/25 02:51 ID: he6aeff

Never thought we'd see this game on PlayStation but here we are.

ID: he6yvjp

I never thought we'd see sony first party games on PC but here we are.

ID: he70fvi

My co-worker built a $2k PC to play Horizon Zero Dawn in 4k 60fps.

ID: he70deo


3 : Anonymous2021/09/25 00:05 ID: he5p1y0

The trailer was posted by Xbox and compares it to the original game, which was on Xbox and not PS, but I thought it would still be interesting for those thinking about picking this up on PS5 to see the difference!

4 : Anonymous2021/09/25 04:31 ID: he6lr2b

I adore Twin Peaks and all things Stephen King, but have yet to play this game. Glad it’s finally coming to PlayStation.

ID: he7155t

"Stephen King" are the first 2 spoken words in this game. XD Alan quotes him in the first cutscene.

ID: he77ite

I think you’re gonna love it!

5 : Anonymous2021/09/25 02:09 ID: he6519h

Crazy to see some of the comments here hating on the game, this game was fantastic and I’m so glad they gave it this upgrade. Day one for me.

ID: he7foji

I LOVED Alan wake when it first came out and this upgrade looks great. I don't remember the voice acting being... quite so rough? But hey whatever. I'm still happy to play it again.

ID: he65ydk

I never played the original and haven't played Control but I'm looking forward to this. I've heard a lot of good things about this game!

ID: he6hgg8

Control is fantastic!

ID: he6uo8h

This was one of the few xbox exclusives I wanted to play! It’s a shame they didn’t do a remake…

6 : Anonymous2021/09/25 06:31 ID: he6wr6g

Bought this and Red Dead Redemption on the day I graduated High School May 18th 2010. Red dead was the better game, but Alan Wake had a great soundtrack I remember picking up my special edition that looked like a book at Gamestop before I went to my Graduation.

Will need to replay this for the memories. Never got around to beating this game either

7 : Anonymous2021/09/25 00:16 ID: he5qjhd

Never played this. Anyone think a Silent Hill and RE fan would like this? Not looking to fill the void, but to experience something slightly different. Horro


ID: he5t31o

I think you will definitely enjoy it. It is a lot closer to Silent Hill than RE in terms of the overall atmosphere. Still got some good action set-pieces that you would typically get in the older RE games though

It has the same TV episode style that RE:Revelations has, but all in one game instead of separate episodes that you have to buy - I think Revelations might have been inspired by the TV style layout of Alan Wake as it was release about 2 years before Revelations!

ID: he6jsln

Twin peaks meets Silent Hill.

ID: he5s180

Yes, it’s a terrific game.

ID: he6lxr6

Great atmosphere, kind of a Stephen King vibe to it. It's nothing like Resident Evil. The gameplay is decent but not great.

ID: he660g6

I wouldn’t say it’s super similar to SH or RE, but it’s an incredible game. For $30 I would recommend it for sure.

ID: he6dpqr

Yeah, it’s a pretty good episodic mystery/thriller.

It’s like a Steven King Novel turned into a 6 part series where each part is a different Chapter. Very much plays that way.

It’s cool, just pretty short like 5-6 hours with little replay value. So I’d say it’s worth like $20 at most. Sure there’s a few collectibles but that’s not enough for me.

ID: he80euc

yes, id say so. it riffs on a bit of stephen king, nods to older horror movies with a few twin peaks easter eggs dashed throughout.

ID: he84thb

As a huge silent hill fan, I was extremely disappointed by Alan wake. I wouldn't even put them in the same ballpark.

ID: he81l5a

I am a huge RE and Silent Hill fan and Alan Wake isn't at all comparable to them. This is a linear story that isn't at all scary. I never finished it because I got bored. The combat sucks imo.

ID: he9f4lj

You got too scared.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/25 00:17 ID: he5qnmf

Weird that they don’t compare it to the PC version.

ID: he5tphg

It's not as drastic of a comparison to showcase the 4K. I have the game on PC too and even at max settings it doesn't look this good, but it is way better than the Xbox version.

ID: he60idn

It's an Xbox ad, not a PC ad. You can't play the PC version on an Xbox.

ID: he66giu

Well, it's an Xbox trailer and it also makes a better comparison for selling the game 😉

ID: he63ztn


ID: he6pxai

The 360 comparison is actually more accurate as it was more popular on Xbox and the Xbox version was the one shown in previews etc.

Would be nice with a PC max settings comparison as well though.

ID: he6m90c

Because the PC version has a million versions as well. Against what build would you compare it to? Which graphic's card?

Hard to do.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/25 00:34 ID: he5stz3

Oh hey it's Fable Anniversary again, they changed the face so much in the wrong direction it somehow became both higher quality and uglier at the same time

10 : Anonymous2021/09/25 04:12 ID: he6jthj

If you want a summary of this game.

Uncharted + Silent Hill + a licensed soundtrack to rival Vice City.

ID: he767bl

Sounds great!

11 : Anonymous2021/09/25 04:26 ID: he6l9l1

I won this game in a giveaway and played the hell out of it. Ended up buying the DLC myself

12 : Anonymous2021/09/25 07:28 ID: he71e7x

This game has been on my backlog for years, glad they're remastering it, looks great. Going into it blind and it checks all the mystery/horro

vibes for me.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/25 11:44 ID: he7l8a0

Hyped for this game now after playing the AWE expansion in Control. Guess I picked the right time to be interested in it lol.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/25 00:23 ID: he5re5o

Just wanna say that this game is better than control imo, it has an incredible atmosphere.

ID: he6m0xa

Better world and atmosphere, worse gameplay.

ID: he74zmh


15 : Anonymous2021/09/25 02:22 ID: he66s8m

One of my favorite games of all time. So looking forward to this. I’m not a pc gamer so I don’t really care that the comparison is to the 360 version. I only ever played on 360, and this look fantastic in comparison.

ID: he6750p

Few people in here think it doesn't, which I find surprising. I think this looks great and so I'm quite excited for it!

16 : Anonymous2021/09/25 06:27 ID: he6wgcy

Genuinely creepy game.

17 : Anonymous2021/09/25 13:16 ID: he7v5a0

Doesn't look that different. Looks very similar to the PC version at max settings. What exactly is "remastered" here?

18 : Anonymous2021/09/25 00:39 ID: he5tk10

This hardly looks like an improvement considering what this current gen is capable of. If I get this, it’s because of Control

ID: he66q6h

It's a quick remaster. They're not charging a lot for it and it's more about making the game accessible and having people play it before the new game releases. I'm sure that one will be more "current gen".

19 : Anonymous2021/09/25 05:02 ID: he6ov57

Just make new games.... Can this generation stop with remakes ... Have a original thought, a original idea....

ID: he6uqm5

Returnal, FFVII DLC, Ratchet & Clank, GOW, HZDII, Yakuza, Tales, Kenia, Hades, Spider-Man, GhostWire, Deathloop, etc.

Actually, we have dozens of original games. Stop crying about remasters/remakes and just enjoy the amount of great original games, if you do not like them.

I get the idea that some people rather have a new game, than a remaste

. But acting like remasters/remakes replaced original games is pretty annoying at this point.

ID: he765nk

A sequel is coming. PS players were unable to play this so it makes more sense than a lot of other "remakes" (this is a remaster).

21 : Anonymous2021/09/25 01:06 ID: he5wx88

Anyone else think the original game looks better ? I feel like the burry, bloomy look is a style of its own.

0:20 mark, the distant blur looks nicer on the trees in the original. Also, it’s seems like the remaster has this blue filter on it?

4k textures/assets look fantastic though

22 : Anonymous2021/09/25 02:23 ID: he66xyp

I haven't played it but I've heard a lot of great things so I'd say yes, although it looks quite different in terms of gameplay.

23 : Anonymous2021/09/25 05:28 ID: he6rd2f

Makes me wonder if we’ll end up getting American Nightmare as a DLC or a stand-alone in the future.

24 : Anonymous2021/09/25 09:18 ID: he79or4

Oh, I hoped it was included.

25 : Anonymous2021/09/25 07:24 ID: he713g3

So I'm playing control now... Didn't realize this was the same universe?

I enjoyed Alan Wake for sure when I played it originally. I wasn't chomping at the bit for a remaster, but I'll pick it up.

26 : Anonymous2021/09/25 13:07 ID: he7u3p4

Please do Dead Rising 3 Remaster on Playstation

27 : Anonymous2021/09/25 13:10 ID: he7ugy9

I'll get on it now

28 : Anonymous2021/09/25 13:55 ID: he7zyrr

cant wait to play it again !

29 : Anonymous2021/09/25 21:59 ID: he9sem5

Anyone remember the 2005 tech demo? We were so stoked for what they showed us and promised. Until they decided to make it multi platform. So what we ended up getting was a stripped down version of the game that could run on the 360.

30 : Anonymous2021/09/25 22:41 ID: he9xvac

Played it briefly on PC years ago, didn't really draw me in. I enjoyed Control though.

31 : Anonymous2021/09/25 00:43 ID: he5u0ra

Cash grab

32 : Anonymous2021/09/25 01:15 ID: he5y5li

Checking interest levels for a sequel my guy

33 : Anonymous2021/09/25 01:33 ID: he60hlg

The sequel is coming for certain.

This remaster is literally making the first game more accessible for folks to hop into the series before that sequel comes (first time for PlayStation fans, Xbox fans get the game at a higher resolution than 540p)

34 : Anonymous2021/09/25 02:11 ID: he65efl

Dude, they brought a game over to PS5 that was an Xbox exclusive, with some damn good enhancements, and are only charging $30. Tf?

35 : Anonymous2021/09/25 02:51 ID: he6aeg9

I don't care if it is

It's still a great game.

Plus, like the other gut said, this is about gauging a sequel. I want them to make Alan Wake 2, so I'll support it.

36 : Anonymous2021/09/25 06:09 ID: he6uvk3

I would agree if the game was full price but its not…

37 : Anonymous2021/09/25 16:45 ID: he8mcjx

Honestly doesn't look any different than the existing PC version.

38 : Anonymous2021/09/25 17:01 ID: he8oeib

Which can't be played on PlayStation

39 : Anonymous2021/09/25 17:36 ID: he8t9zz

No shit. My point was calling this a remaster is disingenuous. It's a port. And that's kinda pathetic considering that version is almost 10 years old.

40 : Anonymous2021/09/25 10:35 ID: he7fc1j

One of my best game ever along silent hill and the last of us series

41 : Anonymous2021/09/25 12:47 ID: he7rui9

The "enhanced faces" look so terrible... I loved the originals gameplay but this seems like they ran the textures through an AI filter to enhance them and then redid the cut scenes with some intro level artists from Fullsail.


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