AMD Scores Its Highest Server CPU Market Share in Years: Report

1 : Anonymous2021/09/24 12:03 ID: puib5f
AMD Scores Its Highest Server CPU Market Share in Years: Report
2 : Anonymous2021/09/24 12:40 ID: he31xn6

5 more years of rapid growth easily make $AMD $300+!

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Isn't the stock already overvalued?

ID: he3s0ty

I took a equity analysis class my senior year in finance and we choose to analyze AMD for our final project. The space they are going after is so large they could easily be worth 300 but they will have to maintain strong growth for the next 5+ years. I think that they have a really good chance, at least as long as servers continue demanding x86 processors and they continue to compete with Nvidia

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ID: he4d6ks

Nvidia is worth 4.3 times AMD. And I think AMD should be worth more since AMD isn't a one trick pony like Nvidia. AMD is also on track to surpass Nvidia in earnings in the next year or so as they are growing much faster.

I dunno, imo if AMD is overpriced, then how overpriced is Nvidia?

ID: he7046c

Everything is overvalued these days, thanks to money printer go brrrr and USD value going down.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/24 13:34 ID: he38ik2

This as I'm interviewing for Intel this afternoon lol

ID: he3erfd

Have no fear. Intel is literally too big to fail given its US-based fabs. While maybe not as sexy as AMD these days, it’s still a solid job to get (depending on the team though, to be sure). Good luck!

ID: he3lkbt

I will admit that I am an AMD fanboy. But why do people pretend that in a duoply Intel has a chance of going under any time soon. AMD didn't have anything competitive for top chip for years. You know how they competed? Price. Intel will do the same eventually once they start losing money vs market share.

ID: he4dz09

Intel slashed 5K+ (don't remember how much exactly) jobs not so long ago. I don't see a reason why can't they do it again.

ID: he3npjo

added to that Qualcomm being their customers up next

ID: he39s4w

Good luck. Make a lot of money to invest in AMD

ID: he3f1aj

Isn’t that technically a conflict of interest? In companies with publicly traded stock, I’ve usually seen restrictions where you have to report to your employer if you own more than a certain dollar amount of a direct competitors stock.

ID: he3e3q2

Big brain move is to work for companies like ASML or KLA. Semiconductors are a good place to be in.

ID: he3r561

If it pays good money and the work environment isn't toxic, then so be it.

At the end of the day, AMD and Intel are just companies.

ID: he5sein

That sounds awesome! Good luck!

ID: he4efxg

Intel dominates in plenty of other markets as well which people seem to forget about

ID: he5nmjv

Recently saw a classic Conan episode where he toured the Intel headquarters. Honestly looked like a horribly depressing boring work environment. Really hope it's changed since then .

ID: he8vf8z

Their Santa Clara museum was a nice place though.

Especially with that half-ton blob of silicon hanging from the ceiling.

ID: he61cju

I used to work for them. Good luck man.

ID: he79lnp

Kodak, Bell Labs and many others too big to fail too!

4 : Anonymous2021/09/24 13:57 ID: he3bh8x

3d cache is going to be a huge deal in the server world. AMD still needs an L4 option, though that's more important for 12~32 core systems.

ID: he41hxb

IBM just doing virtual cache. AMD could try that

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ID: he7iv95

Because it's easy to implement, if there is still a performance benefit after all the 3d cache they will throw around. 2 HBM stacks connected to the io die plus 8-12 chip dies.

ID: he8k3x3

A unified LLC on the IO die would be a fantastic buffer for memory I/O and reduce random access latency considerably while helping maintain cross-CCX concurrency.

I would not implement it as a victim cache, but instead as a cache for the IMC. It would play host to volatile and frequently accessed data which is presumably being shared between CCXes which would reduce thread synchronization costs. It wouldn't even need to be large - 8-16MB as fast as the L3 in a CCX would do wonders.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/24 14:16 ID: he3e39s

Not a story Dell would tell you.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/24 13:49 ID: he3ailp

The slow grind, but 16% is great to see of this ever expanding pie! onwards and upwards!

7 : Anonymous2021/09/24 19:50 ID: he4pwg6

Love to see karma catching up on Intel for building in those backdoors.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/24 13:30 ID: he380ya


9 : Anonymous2021/09/24 14:08 ID: he3d36p

God, this is the dubious Omdia report again... It took Tom's garbage a while to publish.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/24 14:38 ID: he3h76i

AMD needs to make their own brand and sell servers through that and work/push harder with vendors such as Dell.

We would be AMD, but the likes of say Dell don't make it favorable. We still buy Intel Dells because they are cheaper. The last build I did, it was a 16C AMD vs 16C Intel. The AMD build would have been cheaper by $500 if it wasn't for the SSDs. For whatever reason the AMD build had less SSD options and they were all more expensive. So we went Intel because after configuring the SSDs it was $500 cheaper.

Even though the AMD processors are cheaper, or you get more cores for the same price as an Intel, the configuration around the processor is limited and more expensive.

But, AMD is likely selling every single chip they are making and TMSC might have limited capacity increases to offer AMD. So working with vendors to sell more may not really be a high priority or even a requirement.

ID: he4eua4

With a long term supply contracts being the standard in the industry, this decision will piss off the vendors while providing little to no sales. This is also how 3DFX went under.

What AMD can and should do is to develop GOOD reference platforms for its portfolio and give OEMs access to those platforms. Also, offer design guidance. But they are doing that already if they are half smart.

ID: he68yj9

But the fact AMD has better performance for less money makes it a no brainer.

ID: he6rdrs

It isn't when we configure Dell systems, that is why we keep going Intel. The AMD CPU is cheaper, or you get more CPU, but then when you get to the additional items that is where you get screwed. Like the cheap SSDs that exist on Intel PowerEdge's aren't options on the AMD based ones. Or seemingly the same product costs 2/3x times more for the AMD system than the Intel system. So the AMD system ends up overall more expensive and we don't go that route.

ID: he7jmel

You don't spend money to expand into another field with lower margins if you can still grow in your own. They got rid of their fabs to become more like a design studio and focus investments in chip R&D.

ID: he8j2yl

It isn't anyother field. It is the same field. AMD already makes server processors. They are #1, and have been for a while now. When buying any hardware AMD should be the obvious choice all the time and Intel would be the unique situational case. Yet resellers are not interested and are still doing what they can to not sell AMD.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/25 10:05 ID: he7d5z3


12 : Anonymous2021/09/25 15:03 ID: he88p01

I list of pertinent related AMD, Intel, Nvidia 'share' assessment and related data is found here;

/instablogs" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

Latest AMD market share link (below) follows ahead of the Omida 16% validation of this FTC Docket 9341 AMD, Intel, Nvidia auditor / monitors analysis chartered to keep tabs on when Intel's volume share drops below 80%.

Unit volume share changes like the weather on AMD, Intel and Nvidia production and channel inventory volume swings; inventory builds in relation sales out.

In q2 AMD had nearer a 40% Epyc in relation Ice Xeon 'production' share that differs from 'channel' and specific categories 'market' share. On decomposing Omida and Mercury Research we are all working from the same base data sources.

Here are many cuts of 'what is' AMD commercial 'channel' market share where on September 12, 2021 this auditor / monitor determines as high as 15.3% unit 'channel' volume share that differs from q2 production volume vis-a-vis Intel;

Here is a related listing of AMD and Intel commercial market share which includes AMD Epyc and Intel Xeon;

Mike Bruzzone, Camp Marketing, former Orchid, Arche Technology, Cyrix, NexGen, ARM, AMD employee, Samsung, Intel, IDT consultant. Beginning May 1998 FTC in relation Intel Docket 9288 and thereafter 9341 discovery and technical assistant and currently 9341 consent order monitor retained by the Congress of the United States 'for the people' at 15 USC 5, 15 and 31 USC 3730.


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