Linux 5.16 To Bring Initial DisplayPort 2.0 Support For AMD Radeon Driver (AMDGPU)

1 : Anonymous2021/09/27 22:26 ID: pws75d
Linux 5.16 To Bring Initial DisplayPort 2.0 Support For AMD Radeon Driver (AMDGPU)
2 : Anonymous2021/09/28 01:18 ID: hejhkpz

I upvote anything I see about DP 2.0. It should help to keep pushing the industry forward and the refresh rates higher than ever! It's also good to see this support coming now. It makes me hopeful that AMD is planning to release something sooner rather than later to potentially combat NVIDIA's Super refresh or even their next generation.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/28 03:34 ID: hejyi6j

Wake me up when there is 10+ bit color support and FreeSync on Wayland

ID: hel4yju

FreeSync works on Wayland (I'm using it right now on KDE).

ID: hemazz4

I'm running Manjaro KDE with 5.14 kernel on Vega 56

Not only does FreeSync work with Wayland, I have freesync working on my 144hz while having a non-freesync 60hz second monitor. Both function correctly. I was playing a game with FreeSync on while watching a YouTube video on the 2nd monitor. The future is here!

4 : Anonymous2021/09/27 23:30 ID: hej3pbo

Great to see support so soon for a better standard, unlike HDMI with the shitty people behind it who doesn't want us to have proper open source support.

ID: hej9m7p

Ah, you must also be waiting for HDMI 2.1 freesync.

ID: hejrv3r

HDMI 2.1 doesn't work period for AMD Linux drivers, and doesn't look like it'll ever work, unless the HDMI forum stop being dicks.

ID: hekbn48

Going to be the unpopular opinion here, but I think AMD should really start considering releasing their drivers with a hybrid approach - including closed source blobs along with the open source code. Exactly for such occasions.

ID: hekfpks

They already do. It's called AMDGPU-Pro.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/28 01:00 ID: hejf4l3

Adrenalin for arch would be really nice.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/28 00:30 ID: hejb92m

Is this one of the necessary steps towards HDR support in Linux? I know there's a bunch of work to do there across all parts of the stack but it isn't clear from this article why this is a big deal. AMD doesn't even seem to have DP2.0 hardware out right now.

ID: hejgi9j

No it doesn't. No one does. There are no displayport 2.0 graphics output or monitors even available yet

ID: hejo69s

Hdr won't be here any time soon.

ID: hemrme3

Well Red Hat has a fresh Senior Software Engineer - HDR Enablement job listing :>

ID: hek5s1y

HDR support requires the Wayland protocol to be standardized and for Nvidia to fully support Wayland, and for compositor and UI devs to implement it. And given that the protocol discussions have been bogged down in just discussion for 2 years I don't see anything changing.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/28 04:54 ID: hek6k35

Let's not freak out.

AMD (w/ a big help from Valve) is pumping a lot of patches upstream since the beginning of 2021. And this trend has been ramping up the closer we get to the Steam Deck release. This news is great.

As for Wayland and its WM ecosystem, it's a whole other ballgame. First, the specs and drivers need to be out for Wayland devs to integrate w/in the project. Once that new version goes GA, then the WM dev need to implement said feature on their side (Wayland is "just" a transport protocol).

Even if the above seems like a long process, more money is being poured in Linux UX/GUI today than in the last years. So I am confident that the Linux community will get it sooner rather than later.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/29 01:16 ID: heo2czk

If the HDMI Forum wants to Close off access to newer specs, then maybe its time to remove future HDMI support from all devices and push DisplayPort to the front of the line as an industry standard default. It's far easier to support an open source technology rather than rely on a binary blob that may or may not work with a driver that requires firmware. It may work today, but what if something changes in a driver that refuses to allow the firmware to work or isn't updated to work properly? Just because it is a binary blob driver doesn't mean we shouldn't consider alternatives. With open source, at least things can progress easier and faster, not at the pace of the company trying to protect an IP that already has been superceded and cloned.

DisplayPort already supports high refresh rate multimedia and most professional graphics cards only support DP connections with adapters to HDMI, VGA, and DVI. You can get not only faster frame rates with DP, but equally, you can can more resolutions such as 2k (1440p), 10-bit color, and Adaptive Sync technologies. There's a reason it's the default display technology on PCs and workstations. It's a better solution. HDMI is just there for legacy HD displays.

So what if gaming consoles use HDMI? They could have a better range of devices supported if they went with DP instead and just farmed out HDMI legacy support to adapters.

We can leave legacy support for existing HDMI, but any new specifications should just be deprecated entirely or just nixed completely.

There no point in supporting a technology that wants to deny access to open source development support. Phase it out, allow limited legacy support, and move along. If Quadros and Radeon Pro cards don't need HDMI, then neither do GeForce and Radeon RX cards, or even Intel ARC. If an adapter is needed, then get an adapter. Otherwise, HDMI 2.1 should just be laughed at put out to pasture.

They can make money off HDMI even if open sourced. Plenty of companies do this through marketing licenses, not developer licenses. They could use BSDL or an MIT licenses and maintain 100% control of the sources while allowing for open source development and specifications. Not everything has to be under that idiotic GPL bullsh*t.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/28 14:18 ID: helj9bq

WTF is initial displayport...? Oh, wait, it's a Phoronix article...

Dear Michael, initial support for... I'm not even a native English speaker, yet you are the one struggling with the language. And this has been pointed out for more than a decade.


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