Ghost of Tsushima won Game Of The Year at TGS 2021.

1 : Anonymous2021/10/02 10:43 ID: pzsv7l
Ghost of Tsushima won Game Of The Year at TGS 2021.
2 : Anonymous2021/10/02 12:48 ID: hf3bu31

I'm in the middle of playing this one right now! Near the end of ACT III, and getting ready to start my adventure on Iki Island. Figured I might as well go for platinum, it seems easy enough.

ID: hf3dc8b

Id recommend doing iki asap as it unlock some brand new mechanic. Make the rest of your playthrough much more fun!

edit: there might be some spoiler ish at the end of Iki DLC, but the rest of it is safe. I'd say you can do half of iki, some exploring and side quests to unlock extra stuffs, then go back to the main story.

ID: hf3wfuv

I recommend saving Iki till the end… as there will be some MAJOR spoilers.

ID: hf3ufor

Ooh really? I just finished act 3 (oh my GOD that ending!) And planned to 100% the main island before iki. I guess I'll do the DLC first then

3 : Anonymous2021/10/02 11:26 ID: hf33wwx

It came out last year though?

ID: hf364mx

I believe this is because TGS 2020 was canceled due to you know what.

Edit: What have I done?

ID: hf3ckf1

Cuban missile crisis

ID: hf3dpap

Shaka, when the walls fell

ID: hf3ab5m


ID: hf3bggn

Peloponnesian War

ID: hf4dr6x

The Return of the Jedi

ID: hf3e82x

Pompeii Eruption

ID: hf3a3x9


ID: hf3n66b

Near 3rd Impact

ID: hf3d117

Battle of Hogwarts

ID: hf3qbx8

The ps5 shortage

ID: hf3e6ol

Battle of the Bastards.

ID: hf3iy2u

Your mom

ID: hf3ar5i


ID: hf3i5vd

The Dragonsong war

ID: hf3ich4


ID: hf3jpgg

Back street boys reunion tour?

ID: hf3r4uc

Backstreet Boys reunion tour

4 : Anonymous2021/10/02 11:16 ID: hf333fk


5 : Anonymous2021/10/02 14:03 ID: hf3kp69

With Tracy Jordan?

6 : Anonymous2021/10/02 10:53 ID: hf3170l

I spent more of my time appreciating how beautiful this game looks than actually playing it lol.

ID: hf3fs04

I have rarely stopped to take screenshots on the PS platform, maybe there's been a handful over the years. But I made over 50 in GoT, not just quick click let's keep playing but really took my time to change angle and sun position etc. I like to flip through them occasionally too.

ID: hf3mzkz

Yeah! I spent a lot of time in photo mode. And not just for taking photos, played Jin sakai track, turned up the wind to 11, hid the UI and just existed in the world for a bit. Felt very zen.

ID: hf40zbp

Ghost of tsushima and tales of arise are the only games I’ve done this for. 🙂

ID: hf3jlxs

This is honestly how I was playing God of War on the PS5, I just beat it last night for the first time and other than GoT, this was literally the only other game I’ve taken like 100 screenshots of while playing lol.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/02 13:57 ID: hf3jyym

Just started playing it yesterday on the PS5. I'm really enjoying it thus far.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/02 12:19 ID: hf38r6t

These awards are kind of funny because they bring out the "this game doesn't deserve it" and "this is why I didn't like it" kind of people.

ID: hf3dgpt

Yup, the silver award comment complaining about the game and the ensuing comments of how it's reached Witcher 3 circlejerk status, is literally a circlejerk of people complaining about the game then arguing with others who reply that they liked it.

ID: hf3o4b3

When you take into the circumstances of it’s release, it’s bound to happen. Unfortunately, I think it’s rep will forever be tied to the release of TLOU2, since the people who hated it used GoT as a weapon in internet arguments

ID: hf3rwfs

You mean different perspectives?

ID: hf3soxf

There is absolutely nothing wrong with people not enjoying a very popular game, and wanting to talk about why.

On paper, GOT is made for me, I love Kurosawa films, I love Lone Wolf and Cub manga, I love Sekiro. I love open world games with beautiful environments to explore, I like mature, intelligent writing, I like reasonably historically accurate games, I love this style of combat with tight parry timings, and the “Lethal” difficulty was perfect for me.

But for pretty ineffable reasons, it just didn’t manage to fully captivate me, it didn’t suck me in and cause me to want to listen to podcasts on Feudal Japan during my walks, I wasn’t watching Samurai docs on YouTube in my down time. On a few occasions I made myself turn it on, knowing I’d enjoy it enough once I started, as opposed to waking up, feeling excited to get back into the world.

I don’t know why, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should. I think part of it may have been a lack of charismatic and compelling companions. I spent a lot of the game with a miserable middle aged balding archer, although his quest line was maybe the narrative high point for me.

I still have a bunch of side quests, as well as Iki island to explore, and so I might get the Samurai bug again at some point and want to revisit, and I’ll likely get more out of the game.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/02 12:36 ID: hf3akg3

I think the game would have benefited from trimming some of the fat. The game and gameplay itself was phenomenal but the excessive and repetitive side quests brought the enjoyment down.

ID: hf3ruc6

Hello Mongols? Yes, time to die.

Hey lady, lemme cut those ropes, now go on gyet outta here

repeat ad nauseum

ID: hf450em

Poor sidequests are a fair critique in and of itself, but if it's optional content, why does it need to be trimmed per se? I did some of it while it was fresh and when I had my fill I just continued with the main story.

ID: hf3tnay

I agree, but can’t you simply trim your own fat, by playing the main quest line, the longer, more fleshed out companion stories, and whatever else you feel like. But for people that love the game, there is more for them to do?

That’s what I did, I played till I’d had my fill, and moved on. I still have stuff left to do, if I’m ever compelled to return in the future.

ID: hf3rpwd

I agree. The mission design was very repetitive.

ID: hf544u4

Agreed but at the same time fucking the Mongols up every time was still fun as hell.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/02 20:44 ID: hf53i5o

Absolutely worthy of it.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/02 20:53 ID: hf54uzo

Good, it deserved it.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/02 12:50 ID: hf3c3xl

This game was great right up until.the last second. I was happy all the way through the entire campaign. I think this was an appropriate game to win.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/02 13:33 ID: hf3h0r3

Hell yeah. One of my favorite games from last year. This, FF7R and Persona 5 Royal were the best games of 2020 for me.

14 : Anonymous2021/10/02 14:59 ID: hf3rrku

Is this the first time a non Japanese game won GOTY at TGS?

15 : Anonymous2021/10/02 16:06 ID: hf40su4

Alongside mh rise and specifically for excellence.

16 : Anonymous2021/10/02 21:55 ID: hf5da1x

Its an absolutely incredible game. Phenomenal on PS5

17 : Anonymous2021/10/02 22:42 ID: hf5jplm

Not fuckin wit kratos tho


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