MSI B450 Mortar Max/Tomahawk Max: New Beta UEFI Available with AGESA Patch C

1 : Anonymous2021/10/01 11:43 ID: pz68tm

CHANGE LOG (from me; not official):

NEW: AGESA V2 SMU fw: v46.71.0 (v46.70.0 in the previous release) NEW: fTPM enabled by default for Windows 11 support NEW: PCIe Subsystem Settings > Data Link Feature Exchange option NEW: [1] Support MEM VDDIO & MEM VTT reporting in Ryzen Master and 3rd-party apps NEW: AMD OC > LCLK DPM and LCLK DPM Enhanced PCIe Detection options NEW: Access to local drives in UEFI update screen. Filesystems supported: FAT32, NTFS. No love for ext4. I didn't check others. CHANGED: VDDG CCD seems no longer reported. Only VDDG IOD reported in monitoring apps (?) Both can still be separately set in UEFI CHANGED: Value shown in red when VDIMM > 1.4V entered in the UEFI GUI This flip/flop happens again. Used to be >1.45V shown in red

You can download from MSI B450M Mortar Max and B450 Tomahawk Max pages. From past experience, non-beta release follows in a couple of weeks if no major issues reported.

[1] This is a big surprise. Originally I thought 'premium' DIMMs have this feature. Budget DIMMs can't do. In the past two years, I've never seen MEM VDDIO & MEM VTT for my Crucial Ballistix reported in Ryzen Master or 3rd-party monitoring apps. Now I can. This is a great development.

2 : Anonymous2021/10/01 12:01 ID: heyrpcf

Any news about the non-Max variants? Max series got announced literally a week after return policy of my store was up 🙁

ID: heywc9h

I don't know when but non-max versions will receive the update for sure. Perhaps in a few weeks time. Be patient 🙂

3 : Anonymous2021/10/01 14:06 ID: hez632l

Non-max B450 Mortar user here, really hope MSI keep updating their non-max B450/X470 lineup too. We've been left in the "cold" since april. While Max equivalents has been updated with recent AGESA/SMU revisions.


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(MSI Technical Marketing Manager) made a post yesterday at / with links to all B450/X470 Max boards regarding this release. But now it seems like /" class="reddit-press-user-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">
deleted the post.

There were comments from a couple of users including myself, asking about non-max releases.

No response.

One can only wonder why it was deleted.

ID: hezawu1

I would guess non-max users will receive an update. Perhaps not as often as newer boards. In the worst scenario, I believe all 400 series boards will receive one final updates together before vendors move on and leave 400 series behind.

ID: hezkhx4

Time will tell, but it would be splendid if we didn't have to guess. I don't get why they don't take the chance and just communicate, they're obviously seeing our requests at /


4 : Anonymous2021/10/01 12:25 ID: heyu4f1

Thanks for the technical breakdown of the update, love this kind of in-depth information!

That is great news about the Mem Voltage showing up in Ryzen Master. I'd always wondered if something was wrong with my Windows install or something.

It'll also be interesting comparing the value now showing in Ryzen Mastee to the voltage shown in the BIOS/UEFI. When I set it in the BIOS is has always been slightly higher.

ID: heywz4e

Me too. Glad to hear you like it. Hope more users will share similar info/posts.

I set VDIMM to 1.45V and VREF CH A & B to AUTO in UEFI. Both UEFI and SuperIO chip report VDIMM slightly higher than 1.45V. In Ryzen Master, MEM VDDIO is exactly 1.45V. MEM VTT is also exactly half of that, 0.725V. I'm very happy about this fix/new development!

5 : Anonymous2021/10/01 13:40 ID: hez2r2k

tpm causes weird lag spikes like once a day when enabled

ID: hez3rye

Oh, I haven't spent long enough time in Windows to notice that. My machine is dual boot. I boot into Windows only when I need to. I'll watch out. Thanks for the heads up.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/01 13:22 ID: hez0krr

Hi Anonymous, thanks vm for your award! Glad to hear you enjoyed my post. Let's encourage more ppl to share similar contents.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/01 15:51 ID: hezkcy7

The patch is out for B550-A PRO as well

8 : Anonymous2021/10/01 13:11 ID: heyz6us

it's the same update that got out for the B450 Gaming Plus MAX?

ID: hez0u6k

I just went to MSI's webpage to check it out. Looks like it's. Enjoy!

9 : Anonymous2021/10/01 19:16 ID: hf0cudh

I dont see data link feature exchange option in PCIe settings

ID: hf0ihly

I'm on Ryzen 3600. Which CPU are you on?

ID: hf0sism

200ge 😡

10 : Anonymous2021/10/02 18:50 ID: hf4nv0c

When they will let us use PCIe 4 again like before? Surely, default to be PCIe 3 and ONLY activate it with a warning, but still

11 : Anonymous2021/10/02 04:40 ID: hf289c1
ID: hf29991

It takes time to update all 400 series boards. I think it'll come. Be patient 🙂

You're already on AGESA which is only one step behind

ID: hf29om0

Nice joke, the premium version got old AGESA BETA from April and B450 gets BETA. Think about that...


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