Final Fantasy XVI Producer Naoki Yoshida Gives Small Update on State of Development

1 : Anonymous2021/10/02 00:50 ID: pzl2gi
Final Fantasy XVI Producer Naoki Yoshida Gives Small Update on State of Development
2 : Anonymous2021/10/02 00:52 ID: hf1j9hf

From the article:

Sakaguchi-san mentioned that he feels Final Fantasy XVI is going to be a full-fledged fantasy, and Yoshida-san confirmed that the main scenario is complete.

Side quests are in development and almost complete. Character models are also almost complete and the team just needs to brush up on the quality a bit.

Yoshida-san continued by mentioning that the initial focus was to produce the main scenario with a small team. While the total production period is quite long, the size of the team didn’t increase much until the scenario is finalized.

Yoshida-san believes that it’s important to start with a small team and then to gradually expand.

Sakaguchi-san (perhaps jokingly) offered to write a quest for the game, and Yoshida-san also mentioned that he could write for Final Fantasy XIV, but the father of Final Fantasy replied that he wouldn’t want to compete with Yasumi Matsuno (who gave him 1 million gil to get started in XIV) and Yoko Taro.

ID: hf1n4x9

Everything from the team working on it to the production schedule to the actual gameplay of the thing looks amazing, at least in my eyes. I’d rather Yoshi-P play it close to the chest and take his time than rush the thing and underperform.

I just wish we had another small nugget of gameplay or story to go on.

ID: hf4dg3z

After what Yoshi-P did for FFXIV he can take as long as he wants with this game because I know it will be good.

The pure passion this man has for games is amazing. And he’s got a big set of balls going to the board and saying he needed to completely remake FFXIV when they didn’t want to. I know I’d never talk to my boss like that.

ID: hf21ais

Yoshida-san believes that it’s important to start with a small team and then to gradually expand.

I think this is a really great attitude to have. Far too often too many games will get too bloated and experience really bad feature/scope creep. But if you can establish the boundaries early and get them set in stone, then once you expand your team you can just work on refining it

ID: hf4w4yj

Yeah I think it makes for a more focused production. Then when people are added on they can clearly see where everyone else is going and follow along.

ID: hf2vpnw

main scenario is complete

So it already made more progress than FFXV during its entire development cycle.

ID: hf3to9q

Can someone familiar with Japanese culture tell me the rule for -san?

ID: hf5crgz

I only have a basic understanding, but it's just a general honorific that conveys a level of basic respect, or in this case professionalism (like Mr./Ms. but more prolific in Japanese culture). There are other honorifics you could use to convey more respect or indicate that the person you're referring to is of a higher station than you, or you can drop it altogether which is a sign of familiarity or closeness.

Here's a more detailed explanation, although even that doesn't paint a full picture. For instance, I believe it's not uncommon to refer to Google in Japan as Google-sensei as a form of anthropomorphization...but you'll have to ask someone with more than a basic understanding about that.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/02 04:46 ID: hf28tmy

A little off topic, but is FF15 worth playing? I see the royal editions comes free with PS+, but from almost everything I see online it seems to be a big world with nothing really going on and a ton of pointless fetching side quests.

ID: hf2cfyf

Fun game. I enjoyed it. Alot of real serious gamers give it a hard time for some reason. Fun none the less.

ID: hf37r5a

I think the main complaint was that important story beats were kept to DLC, and the story makes less sense without them.

Also, when the game originally released, it had a lot of issues and felt unfinished. And credit to the team because they worked hard ironing out those problems and polishing the game up.

ID: hf3oxk1

The combat is lackluster. Story needs a movie, anime, book and dlc to make sense. . Not some reason dude.

ID: hf3483k

Because the story was unfinished, rushed and had bits deliberately left out to sell DLC.

Also one of the primary antagonists? You just find his dead body in a corridor. That's it, that's all they could think to end that plot thread. OK.

ID: hf3c5d8

The combat is shit

ID: hf2dgs9

I loved it, although it has a good amount of problems (combat is too easy most of the time and the story, which is good, is divided into different mediums)

ID: hf2et40

It’s a very okay game, above average probably. It got a lot of hate because it was a numbered Final Fantasy title and shook up the formula a lot by making it real time action instead of turn based like all the prior ones (minus the MMO) and the main character is essentially an empty, depressing husk for over half the game. The whole gang is fun,happy, and interesting and then you have Noctis who would basically just shrug everything off and say “whatever…” so if you played 7, he’s a lot like Cloud, yet worse because Cloud was supposed to be that way for being the best of the best of mercenaries, and Noctis doesn’t exactly have any redeemable features until much later on, other than the fact that he likes to fish. The dude gets to go on some grand road trip with his best friends, and he’s just so dull about it

I personally enjoyed it, but was also bummed out by it because it does drag on if you like to try to do everything, and it also wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as the demo was. All in all, it’s worth the download space, especially if it’s free. Just know it takes a little while to actually get going

ID: hf32q1g

It is the massive changed from debut that did it for me.

When it was 13 versus it looks so good, the costume was better as well (IMO)

Then they scrap the project, then later revive it as FFXV, but changed a lot of things.

At that point I already lost interests.

ID: hf2eruc

The open world ks is absolutely lacking and a whole decade behind, but it's still overall a really good game. I would suggest watching the Kingslaive movie first, if you can. It was added to Netflix in my country recently, hopefully in yours too.

ID: hf2er9g

Also horrible writing and you need watch anime / cgi film before to understand whats going on. Also some of the story dlcs are not in the royal edition and some of them are just cancelled.

Ive got my platinum, but its the one of the few i regret doing.

ID: hf31v1a

The first FF I skipped.

They ruined it for me when they changed everything since debut, and overall now only look so so

ID: hf4hxlq

The story is pretty good but incomplete. They made the mistake of showing things only from the main character’s perspective, so you really need to watch the Brotherhood anime, play the Ardyn DLC, and watch the Kingsglaive movie before playing the main game, then play the Gladio/Ignis/Prompto DLCs when those characters leave temporarily, and finally read the book after the game ends, in order to get the full picture.

But if you’re not that interested in the story and just want to play a game… give it a try and see whether it grabs you. It’s true that the wilderness is relatively empty and most of the side quests are underwhelming, but the gameplay can still be fun, some of the “dungeons” and set pieces are cool, and the party’s constant commentary is endearing. Despite feeling disappointed by certain aspects, I still enjoyed it enough to get the platinum.

ID: hf4w07z

15 honestly doesn't deserve half the hate it gets. Long time ff fan and 15 remains in my top 5.

It has its issues with gameplay and story but it's a fun game with a interesting world and take on the serise.

ID: hf4w77o

I’ve only played about 5 or so final fantasy games, but 15 was the only one I thought was total garbage. The story has potential… but that’s it. Visuals aside everything else is bad.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/02 00:54 ID: hf1jhxo

”Side quests are in development and almost complete. Character models are also almost finished and the team just needs to brush up on the quality a bit.”

So hypothetically what quarter does that mean this could be released? Q3 2022? Q4?

ID: hf2y0lr

Imo it'll be somewhere between Q4 2022 to Q2 2023. If they want it out next year they'll prob aim for a November 2022 release, but I can see it being pushed to Spring 2023 for more dev time.

ID: hf1ju41


ID: hf1k288


ID: hf1lh5n

Q3 2022 is my guess.

ID: hf2af3k

now this is just me guessing but I'm anticipating late 2022 for 16 and late 2023/early 2024 for 7 part 2

5 : Anonymous2021/10/02 02:30 ID: hf1usm6

I trust Yoshi P completely. FFXVI will be amazing. Please look forward to it.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/02 01:06 ID: hf1kz20

Looking forward to this. The world and lore looks very interesting, especially how the likes of Ifrit are actually inside people.

My one concern though is that I hope theres a party since the trailer only ever showed one character fighting. I'd like another FF15 party though with women too.

Hopefully we see more gameplay soon.

ID: hf1u89m

Some people also thought Tales of Arise was only going to be 2 party members too bc early trailers only Alphen and Shionne. I think you shouldn't worry until final trailers are out.

ID: hf30aqn

The initial trailers of Arise are such a mixed bag to me. They looked like it would be a completely different style of game, people speculating about a smaller party and new battle system, while Arise is just a "normal" Tales of game (I'm not saying this is a compliment or complaint, but a statement of fact)

ID: hf2dswb

I don’t think you have much to worry about, considering even Origin has a party. I feel like if they were going to phase out parties, they’d do it a bit in the spin off titles first to see how the reaction is

7 : Anonymous2021/10/02 05:18 ID: hf2biio

Late 2022 seems plausible but expecting early 2023

8 : Anonymous2021/10/02 01:03 ID: hf1kktv

Idk, after what i have seen of the gameplay clips so far i am very carefull with this FF to not get my hopes up to high.

I did not like the combat system in FF7R and this looks even more action focused.

I am from the old guard so to speak: Turn Based FF is where my heart is when talking FF combat but then again.. its Yoshi P so i might have to by this day 1 either way just for the story.

ID: hf215t6

I did not like the combat system in FF7R and this looks even more action focused.

Bold words! You're free to your opinion though, of course. But I believe I remember reading that the combat designer for DMC 5 (or one of the combat designers anyways) was leading the combat for FF 16, so it will likely be completely real-time action if I had to guess

ID: hf1l3d1

I thought FF7R had the option for turn based?

ID: hf21331

No, it's real time - but it's honestly about as close as you can get to a real time-turn based hybrid

ID: hf1m08c

Well, you slow down time in FF7R that works almost the same i guess but i dident like the hack and slash action combat with magic sprinkled in.

I want the classic 4 vs 4 (as an example) standing facing each other and you go from there taking turns (more or less). I am a little sad that i never got into FF7R combat, I tried many times but i never really liked it so i came about 40% into the game. (Plate falling down) Then quit and watched the "game movie" on youtube instead.

I grew up with the old FF games (5-6-7) so turnbased is deeply rooted in my gaming vains i guess.

Though i loved the story in FF7R and i bet i will absolutely love the story in this FF game also. I just hope i will enjoy the combat but going on what i have seen. This game will be played in story mode if possible and i will most likely buy this day 1 just because of the story and Yoshi P

9 : Anonymous2021/10/02 20:30 ID: hf51lye

So does this mean a 2022 release is likely?

10 : Anonymous2021/10/02 23:00 ID: hf5m5qp

if there's one person in the company who can make another good final fantasy it's this guy


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