Interview with Eevi Korhonen, Narrative Designer on Returnal — Housemarque

1 : Anonymous2021/10/12 15:41 ID: q6ozux
Interview with Eevi Korhonen, Narrative Designer on Returnal — Housemarque
2 : Anonymous2021/10/12 16:04 ID: hgd9yrl

I will beat biome 6…

One day

ID: hgdojm9

Just beat the game 1 hour ago, here is a little tip. -Fully farm biome 4 -Visit the opening area of biome 5 and the fabricator for extra health -Carefully progress through biome 6, the boss there is the easiest boss of the game so you should be fine.

Good Luck!

ID: hge9szv

Yeah that boss is definitely the easiest.

Now those mini-bosses that pelt you with malfunctions if you get hit are another story haha

ID: hgel4gm

Additionally, spend some time with weapons that you haven’t gotten to 100% in biome 4, as some new traits start to unlock as your weapon proficiency gets higher. There might be a weapon that you didn’t love initially, that becomes a powerhouse with a different trait or alt-fire on it.

REMAP YOUR CONTROLLER!!! For me, what worked was moving jump to L1 and melee to R1. The less time that you’re reaching across to push a face button instead of keeping your fingers on the bumpers, triggers and analog sticks, the more time you’ll have to react to enemies and projectiles.

I additionally moved dash to L3, with the idea being that you can just push in the right thumbstick to dash in the direction you’re facing. And a L1 (jump) R3 (dash) R1 (melee) combo became devastating. You’re invulnerable while dashing and grappling, so always be doing that. Don’t dodge backwards away from incoming projectiles — dash through them and towards an enemy and then follow up with a melee. It will one-hit kill most everything, especially once upgraded, including flying enemies.

Shift your focus from “I need to beat the game” to “I need to beat this boss/biome”. You never need to go back and fight a boss again if you don’t want to, though I did kill the first biome’s boss a couple times to bring Datacubes to swap for new artifacts and whatnot. Look for those walls you can crumble to find them, as all the artifacts/consumables/parasites that you unlock and add to the loot pool will give you more options.

If you’re having a rough go of the game, don’t mess with malignancy. Sometimes you’ll get easy malfunctions that ask you to kill 10 enemies or collect 150 Obolites or whatever. But you can absolutely wreck a good run by getting the one that causes you to take damage whenever picking up an item. On the flip side, if you plan on not picking up parasites at all, then making parasites have more bad effects in exchange for positive outcomes is a great thing to do.

Similarly, you can use Resin Shield (gives you a single use shield that blocks damage) to pick up any Spoiled Resin (either increases your max integrity or causes dmg) as the shield will absorb dmg if you take it and you get a fresh shield for picking up Resin either way.

ALWAYS BUY THE 25% SUIT INTEGRITY UPGRADE FIRST whenever you reach the shop. The Astronaut figurine is an easy 1-Up as well. I always try to be a bit careful when starting a run, as any health pickup will act as resin and help increase your max integrity (health). The artifact that reduces the number of resin upgrades needed from 3 to 2 is incredibly useful, as are the ones that reduce the number of kills you need to increase adrenaline levels, the number of hits you can take before losing adrenaline levels, etc.

Sometimes it’s worth it just to farm Ether in a run, going right to the shop and swapping out Obolites for Ether (I think it was 150 for 5, but it’s been a minute since I played). Dump Ether into the machine outside your ship to unlock new items until it stops! Ether carries over across runs and will allow you to more safely gamble with malignancy by cleansing items, as well as currency to spend on a spawn point if you die.

Hollowseeker with Portal Turret and/or Portal Beam is OP as fuck. Both of them together is EZ mode in the back half of the game. Serrated Blades is really helpful against the drones, as it does damage over time. The Carbine and Pylon Driver are excellent as well. Good luck, to any Selenes out there. If I can beat it, anyone can. The difficulty is frontloaded to make you feel like the task is impossible, for narrative reasons as well as gameplay. But you can absolutely do it. Take breaks, keep your cool, fuck shit up. =D

ID: hgej3v7

I second this.

Also go with a weapon with phasing rounds so you can cheese the biome 6 dopes behind doors. (Saves you so much life and leaves nothing to chance).

Also, the shielded squid dudes that replicate the explosive baby squids, isolate one of them so you can farm points to get your gun to level 30. (There’s one at the start of the level).

The last boss is pretty darn easy, I beat him with a level 30 handgun (with homing missiles). Just be patient, and keep moving and jumping.

You got this!

ID: hgddk9k

Honestly, just take your time. Do a full, slow and careful run and you will end up overpowered (or at least powered enough lol).

Hell, in one particular run I eneed up with what seems to be like 3 full healthbars worth of life, coupled with weapons/artifacts/parasites that recover hp with damage and basically you are invincible.

As soon as I took my time to fully abuse each biome before proceeding forward, I never lost since. I used to rush and get a tiny bit further every time before and it could be frustrating.

ID: hgdba1w

As i recall biome 6 was the easiest

ID: hgdccgr

In itself maybe but going directly from 5, (screw those challenge rooms) my health bar never recovered 🙁

ID: hgepzzu

It was the only one I beat first time, but I was OP when I got there.

ID: hge22lf

I was having some trouble beating it and one night I just went in real fast thinking I’d look for some glyphs. I ended up having a great run and burned through the last boss. It’s the first game in a long time where I felt extremely satisfied after beating it. Good luck.

ID: hgeir47

I don’t know where you’re at in it, but the hardest part about it is the mini bosses before the final boss in biome 6. If you can rush through past them you’re golden

ID: hgenfd8

I would argue that Biome 6 is the easiest.

ID: hgdznne

I don’t know if it’s any of use to you but the Electropylon Driver really helped me beat Biome 6 especially the boss. However, results may vary but good luck to you!

ID: hgeqalz

Yea, just keep playing. Once those guns upgrade it gets much easier.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/12 15:56 ID: hgd8sjn

Hats off to this lady, what a great job.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/12 16:06 ID: hgda59i

Toss up between returnal and deathloop for game of the year for me. god i miss experiencing everything returnal had to offer for the first time so bad. i feel entitled because i just want more ps5 games after playing these games

ID: hgdap81

It’s gotta be Returnal for me, I really enjoyed Deathloop but it felt like an overclocked PS4 game to me. Returnal is the best next gen experience I’ve had so far - the haptics, triggers, 3D audio, constant insane amounts of particle physics in the game - it was so good.

ID: hgdcdac

Unpopular opinion: Deathloop is not good. Gunplay is sluggish and unrewarding. The game punishes you for being curious by giving you puzzles you can start but not solve until you advance. The interface is a confusing mess. Batman: Return to Arkham solved the UX problems Deathloop struggles with way back in 2008.

Two stars. Not recommended.

ID: hgdb67g

Yeah, feel the same here as well, both excellent games I thoroughly enjoyed and toss ups for my GOTY so far.

I love the scenario building and back and forth nature of Deathloop to solve the puzzle, however the gun play wasn’t as strong. Where as Returnal was just awesome from a gunplay mobility standpoint, however minor nuisances here and there with how long runs can be did detract from the overall. Probably lean Returnal, I hope they add mid-run saves as I’d love to go back.

ID: hgdvgor

Deathloop strength lies in the free approach to its missions. In that regard it's a really well crafted game. You can approach every mission in different ways, gun blazing or stealth, every map has multiple ways to reach a destination or point of interest. I agree that the game is a bit messy in how to approach a "storyline".

Returnal is a completely different beast. Gunplay and combat are crisp and tight, imo the best in its class. The atmosphere in the levels made me really feel like a scout discovering an alien planet. My goty by a long shot

5 : Anonymous2021/10/12 17:39 ID: hgdnpsq

Fucking awesome game and a cool story. My only gripe with it is at least half my fault.

Big spoiler following: I legitimately thought the game was over when the protagonist escapes and dies of old age on Earth. When the next "run" started I thought it was just a new game + mode or something because it's just a modified version of the first Biome. I was confused because I beat what I thought was the final boss, watched a bummer of a final cutscene, saw some credits, and the game "restarted" I didn't play for more than two weeks after that and kind of lost my momentum with the game.

ID: hge5dg1

I mean.... This is hardly the fault of the game. You spawn in a heavily modified area from the first run, Selene immediately starts asking "Helios, how am I back? I got away and lived a whole life," you get an objective marker you haven't seen before, and you just unlocked a trophy that says "complete Act I." As a gamer, at least one of those things should tip you off that the story isn't over.

ID: hge5s94

Honestly I don't remember any of that dialogue. I probably walked away towards the end of the credits or something.

In any case per my first comment,

at least half my fault

ID: hgea0sr

I thought that was brilliant lol. Made me wanna escape that damn hell hole of a planet

6 : Anonymous2021/10/12 17:05 ID: hgditas

How about you narrate a save point so I'll buy this fucking game

ID: hgdklb4

The game is just fine without saves.

Saves wouldn't work the way you think anyway, because in order to prevent save spamming they'd dump the save file when you launch the game. Literally this feature would not do what you think it would do - it would not prevent you from losing your game if you quit the application, or if the application auto-quits because of an update.

As someone who put 90 hours into Returnal I'm glad they didn't bend to meet this fake need. They waited you out. Now just play the game or don't.

ID: hgdugh1

By saves, what everyone wants is just a “bookmark” feature so they can put the game down mid-run if life calls. Same function that Hades has. Not a real save point that lets players keep restarting from the same spot.

ID: hgdnr1c

Just. Do. What. Hades. Does.

It’s not that complicated. Save and quit. If a friend comes online and wants to play another game, I can save my run for later. That’s all we want.

ID: hgdsdhr

It’s really not. If I’m mid run, and a friend wants to play an online game together, I really don’t want to miss out on an hour invested just to lose it all.

ID: hgdml8s

Why even prevent save spamming though? It’s single player so idk why they would care. Sometimes people just wanna take a break from one game and play something else

ID: hgdqtnh


You get shortcuts. You arnt supposed to do 3+ hour runs either.

You can if you want to be super OP. But the game is perfectly fine as is. Finishing the game with only 60-90 minute runs is completely possible.

It even balances and drops you items based on how much you farmed earlier biomes.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/12 17:08 ID: hgdj8f2

Game was great narratively. Too bad the gameplay designers didn’t want many people to buy it.

ID: hgdrzxq

Not sure what you mean here as even Sony considered it a commercial success. Half million copies at a time when the user base isn't that big is pretty good. If I remember correctly, when they released the sales figures the user base was around 10m, so 5% of users purchased the game. Compare that to God of War 2018, which sold 20m when the user base was around 100m. 5% of users purchased that game and it's considered by many to be Sony's best game.

ID: hgeb6en

You should be looking at how it ranks compared to other PS5 exclusives like demons souls and ratchet and clank, which both sold at least twice as many copies. It’s the worst selling PS5 exclusive.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/12 17:11 ID: hgdjmsi

Not a game I’d recommend buying for the story. Gameplay is good though.

ID: hgdql2m

I liked the story. Weird and mysterious. Gave me some Silent Hill 2 vibes.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/12 19:15 ID: hge1uc9

Fantastic game, loved everything about it.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/12 16:19 ID: hgdc5ha

She is cool but the game did not have enough sexy moments for me.

ID: hgdgf90

Poor attempt at a troll, URINEMAKER

ID: hge9elv

Hyperion didn't do anything for you?

ID: hgdk5ig

Although not every game needs sex id love to see some nudity or fuck so i kind of agree

11 : Anonymous2021/10/12 21:19 ID: hgek5lc

I wimped out at the 5th biome when the game finally broke me.

However, I cheated and read spoilers after that to see what happened and I'm kinda glad I quit. The story doesn't seem to end in a satisfactory way. I think I would've been cranky if I'd finally struggled through all of it and was presented with the ending I read.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/12 20:51 ID: hgeg3l0

Give us coop!!!

ID: hgezf11

I’d prefer more biomes.

ID: hgf0k5b



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