AMD Radeon & NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Card Prices Reach 6-Month High, Cost Up To 83% Over MSRP

1 : Anonymous2021/10/11 13:45 ID: q5w6p0
AMD Radeon & NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Card Prices Reach 6-Month High, Cost Up To 83% Over MSRP
2 : Anonymous2021/10/11 14:41 ID: hg8eq09

Only over 83% thats dirt cheap

ID: hg90elz

true, here in indonesia usually double price for nvidia and 2.5 times higher for amd(Including igpu)

ID: hgc1vs9

And don't forget, it's also preorder only.

ID: hgbu2tk

Cries in nearly 3.3

3 : Anonymous2021/10/11 15:07 ID: hg8i7qv

Up To 83% Over MSRP

Black Friday is early! Where can we buy for that price?

4 : Anonymous2021/10/11 17:55 ID: hg96kg0

only over 83%? I've seen prices as up as 200% over here in italy lmao.

ID: hg99b02

well, that's the AVG for them atleast ,on amazon ( it) i saw that most cards are around the 100% mark ( 2 times the msrp, some a little less some a little over)

ID: hg9gfwm

Yeah now maybe. Back 6 moths ago i was seeing 3080s go for 2000 eu and 3090s up to 3000 eu.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/11 17:04 ID: hg8z0zg

Really bad time to be a PC gamer...

ID: hg9ysm5

Even worse for those who use PCs to make money. I spent three months using my personal rig to 3D render the stuff for my work. I lost three jobs that would of made me 3K. My brother, a doctor uses 3D rendering to create replacement limbs for amputees and had to be without his server for five months. He couldn't help the sixty people relying on him. It was awful. You should see how hard it's impacting hospitals and the film industry. Films are taking longer to render and being delayed by a year or two.

ID: hgado26

Commercial users are fine, they pay easily 3-4x msrp for professional cards. They can just do with normal gaming cards for now.

ID: hg9spka

Really bad times (even unprecedented ones) always precede really good times. Once we get over the hump, the drop in prices will come as they inevitably do. This isn't a Great Depression and even it it was, eventually order must return to this insanity.

ID: hg9vupy

Unless this is the new normal? I'm hoping not.

ID: hga000b

We have two major confounding problems causing this GPU shortage. Supply chain issues and cryptocurrency. My heart sank when Bitcoin jumped up from the $43k it had been hovering at for months to now close to $60k again, which causes increases to all the other cryptocurrencies "downwind" since it's the keystone coin. Even when the supply chain issues are resolved, GPU prices are not going to settle down as long as Bitcoin, and by default Ethereum, is high. Fuck, I wish crypto would just crash and burn.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/11 15:15 ID: hg8jcnp

Bleh, wish I could go back to late 2020 me and tell him to spring for the 5700XT instead.

ID: hg9ua43

My late 2019 is extremely satisfied of the decision of going with 5700 XT.

ID: hgaespp

Same. Bought a 5700 XT Red Devil on launch for £420. Sold it for £860. Bought a 6700 XT Red Devil on launch for £670. Stonks.

ID: hgadtsw

I would of been as well, but i never had to because i somehow got a Vega64 for MSRP at launch. Somehow it feel more and more valuable as time goes on to me. After the custom cooler and fans.

ID: hg9aa49

RemindMe! -1 year

ID: hg9tqck

I have one and I'm wishing I bought something much better also

7 : Anonymous2021/10/11 15:04 ID: hg8hv5z

Who is doing the price gouging - is it AMD or the OEM's or retailers ?

Wish I was able to buy one direct from AMD at close to SRP in the UK.

ID: hg8pj8b

Everything above MRSP is either the board partners only allocating GPU's to high end high margin models, that they've also made more expensive then normal, and the rest is retailers just charging whatever they think they can get away with.

Which is on top of MRSP's being pretty high already, specially for GPU's launched later in the year.

ID: hg96ls2

board partners

Don't they just sell straight to miners?

With a conveyor belt directly into a building suspiciously close to an old coal power plant that should have been decommissioned years ago but for some reason is running on maximum output.

ID: hg98b1p

Not only retailers, distributors take a cut as well.

ID: hg8ws2u

All of them. Miners + scalpers increase prices, amd's seein that they can't stop these people from getting the cards so they price the msrp higher to take margins from the scalpers

Miners and scalpers need to go away before prices can go down, or supply's gotta increase a fuckton

ID: hg921yv

No one person, the entire supply chain in stressed. Every component is in short supply and has higher costs. Everything from the pcb, to the metal bracket on the back of the thing has higher costs right now. Stack on top of that assembly/packing costs, and all the shipping problems/costs. And then dont forget china is doing rolling blackouts right now which is also causing manufacturing disruption.

And ya that includes AMD as well, their costs have gone up. They have also increased their gross margin a bit, but their gross margin is still far behind nvidia.

And on top of that add demand from gamers stuck at home for covid, add on all the free money that was pumped into the economy increasing demand further, and then toss on another crypto boom.

Then you have the distributors and retailers whose costs have also gone up(covid costs, labor shortages, etc), so they have to add more on top as well.

And then you have the scalpers on top of all that trying to get their piece as well.


Or in short, demand exceeds supply = prices go up; supply cost increase = retail price increase.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/11 19:29 ID: hg9jwak

Really stoked that I bought my pc at the very beginning of the peedemic

9 : Anonymous2021/10/11 20:38 ID: hg9tata

And people called me crazy for buying a 3090 for MSRP a few weeks after they launched.

I'm seriously tempted to sell it, some crazy people out there are paying double MSRP for used. I'd have enough to grab a couple 6900XT's lol

ID: hgabrzy

The reference 6900xt is virtually non existent and unless you get lucky enough to land one on AMDs busted queue system, you are looking at $1400-$2200 for non-reference, and, ironically, are much easier to land now than any NVIDIA 30xx series. You can regularly find them in stock, but the prices are so astronomical, it's insane.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/11 19:11 ID: hg9hdtd

Yeah, I've got a Vega 64 and looking at taking it apart for the first time and redoing all the thermo's on it in order to make it last as long as it can. Can't afford to replace it right now and if the kids pc goes out. Console it is. Probably an Atari 2600 or something with how cost are going.

ID: hganldh

I've had my Vega 64 since launch, literally snapping it up for $500usd even before the 2017/18 mining boom started roaring [1080s were still $200-300 over msrp in our shops]. Trust me you and I are doing far better than 90% of the hardware/gaming discord servers I've been on.

So many people were waiting for the right midrange card to replace their pascal/polaris cards; only to have the light at the end of the tunnel to collapse last year.

ID: hgb90hz

Oh for sure, I'm not complaining about it at all, I just need it to last. I picked up mine in Nov of 2017 during Microcenters month long Black Friday sales for about 480$ and it still plays everything I have on either High or Ultra settings with a 27' 2560x1440 144hz and couldn't be happier it's lasted this long. Normally I would have upgraded around the three yr mark and put this in the kids machine but that's not going to happen for a while.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/11 18:04 ID: hg97tuu

Back catalogue and a new hobby are on my docket...

12 : Anonymous2021/10/11 16:17 ID: hg8s591

I won't be getting an AMD CPU to replace my old Intel for ages, and my 1080ti will have to last another 3 or 4 years. Fuck 'em. My backlog is the size of Texas literally.

ID: hg8uhjr

Cpus are common though

ID: hg8y3ig

He probably wants to get CPU with integrated GPU instead of only CPU just to be safe in case his dedicated GPU dies. If GPU prices were lower he wouldn't care about not having integrated GPU - worst case scenario his 1080Ti dies and he replaces it easily. But GPUs are way over the MSRP now so he doesn't want to overpay in case of death of his GPU (but he could still get top of the line Intel CPU unless he wants 5900x/5950x).

ID: hg9qnb6

Still no budget CPU this gen though - with or w/o GPU.

My 5900x doing great but 2nd pc gonna be Intel xx400. A shame AMD doesn't get enough wafers to supply low margin products.

ID: hg8yosd

There are no games that I want to play that require anything more powerful than a 1080ti. Probably not even that.

ID: hg90phw

depends on resolution. 1080ti can handle almost all AAA game in 1080p resolution

13 : Anonymous2021/10/11 19:08 ID: hg9h0om

Here in the US, they're more-or-less "MSRP". It's just that they tend to land in the hands of botting miners & scalpers.

Unfortunately, Ethereum's downturn in May-June rebounded with a moist, slimy vengeance. There are 20% more GPUs going into mining now as there were before the value took a nosedive early this summer. And that rate of increase isn't slowing down one bit, despite warnings that mining would go away "in 2022".

Unfortunately, miners are still gulping down the GPUs, because they likely assume that if ETH mining dies, they can still sell their GPUs for at least what they paid for them.

14 : Anonymous2021/10/12 00:19 ID: hgakydi

Crypto = Ponzi Scheme

There is no regulation in crypto.

I hope the masses understand this and pull out.

15 : Anonymous2021/10/12 00:22 ID: hgalern

Man do I wish I could have told myself "don't use that 1050ti you have sitting around and instead a 2060 super"

Because I used a 1050ti late 2019 for my first build, planning on just getting a new gpu whenever next gen was announced

that did not work out

16 : Anonymous2021/10/12 04:48 ID: hgbig00

I wish I paid ONLY 83% over MSRP for my 6800 XT.

17 : Anonymous2021/10/12 09:06 ID: hgc1hwi

Pet my RX 570*

18 : Anonymous2021/10/12 03:43 ID: hgbbjnw

Prices are rising slowly for both Nvidia and AMD cards but AMD cards are not worth getting, it is AMD's unwillingness to allocate wafers for GPU production that has resulted in dire shortages and resulting rise in prices versus Nvidia parts.

In the Asian region we can see a RTX 3080 going for as low as 1533USD while RX 6800 which simply can't compete with the RTX 3080 is going well over 1800USD. Which do you think people will go for given all the feature sets and capabilities of the two cards in this example?

Fuck AMD, the mining capabilities no longer correlate to the overpricing simply because these RDNA2 cards are too hard to come by for retailers. AMD CPUs on the other hand are plenty and sometimes below MSRP these days.

19 : Anonymous2021/10/11 14:52 ID: hg8g6xx

yeah, pretty expensive. still managed to pick up a few for my mining rig though

ID: hg8pq4v

I don't think you are welcome here, sir.

ID: hg8sukp

why's that? this is for AMD hardware, not just gaming, right?

ID: hg8j5bx

gg ezpz


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