Alan Wake Remastered: PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S compared to the Xbox 360 original! – Digital Foundry

1 : Anonymous2021/10/12 14:19 ID: q6n8kc
Alan Wake Remastered: PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S compared to the Xbox 360 original! - Digital Foundry
2 : Anonymous2021/10/12 14:40 ID: hgcxsrn

Wheres yo boi with the TLDW;?

ID: hgczupz

Copied from

on the SeriesX sub.

The PC version runs at 2160p on Ultra using an RTX 3080. - The game does not support HDR on any platform. - PC supports Nvidia DLSS technology. - PS5 makes use of Kraken technology to decrease the size of the game. - The quality of the textures slightly higher on PC. - Faster loading times on Xbox Series (by tenths of a second). - Greater distance of drawing in PC, smaller in SeriesS. On PS5 and SeriesX they look the same. - PC has ambient occlusion added in some elements. - Higher resolution of shadows on PC, lower on SeriesS. Same quality on PS5 and SeriesX.

Series S: 1080p60fps / 38,65GB

Series X: 1440P60fps / 38,65GB

PS5: 1440p60fps / 29,53GB

ID: hgd00kk

You sir are a true gentleman

ID: hgd08al

Most of that is additional to the video, video tldw:


Series X and PS5 run at 1440p

Series S 1080p

Original 360 was 544p

Significant upgrades to textures, lighting and models on the remaster.

Frame rate:

New consoles aim for 60fps and maintain it for the majority, however drops to high 40's when intense combat.

Xbox consoles have screen tearing, PS5 has lower framerates with Vsync enabled.

Original 360 was 30fps target with drops to mid-low 20's

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ID: hge747t

Wow on that 9GB difference. Seems like most games are much different in terms of size compared to both consoles. 660GB doesn’t seem so bad now.

ID: hgenmue

It's starting to become criminal that devs are not using the new loading techniques. Seriously...

ID: hgd4x8t

Couldn’t make the TDLW sadly. I was busy

3 : Anonymous2021/10/12 14:32 ID: hgcwpr0

Remedy really need to start supporting HDR already :/

ID: hgdbzmf

Imagine a game that focuses so much on the contrast between light and dark not supporting HDR. Talk about ironic lol

ID: hgcz94l

Remedy does support HDR. Just this remaster does not.

Edit: they do not. Wtf.

ID: hgczf5l

Which Remedy game supports HDR? Control definitely didn't.

I'm pretty sure none of their games do and when asked about it regarding Control they said they had no plans for it.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/12 16:22 ID: hgdcger

Man, I feel like this game has NO BUSINESS dropping into the low 50s and mid 40s. It’s a freakin remaster of a 10 year old LINEAR game running 1440p, and the visuals are nice but not THAT impressive. I know they state in the video it’s an inherent problem with the old engine, but still man, kinda disappointing to see...

ID: hgdz9qv

I think they mentioned that it could be an engine issue

ID: hgdg4mg

Gonna wait for a sale and a few patches for this. Companies really don't sell buying their games early very well, do they.

ID: hgdl5dx

I think it was a lower effort port to get PS players on board before the inevitable sequel drops.

ID: hgelqo2

Also no HDR wtf

ID: hgeh4a6

Yeah...4k60 with HDR is the minimum I expected for the price they are asking lol

5 : Anonymous2021/10/12 16:46 ID: hgdg3ib

Nah it should've been 4k 60 on both next gen consoles

ID: hgdhlp7

Lighting and fog effects are absurdly expensive but I agree.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/12 18:32 ID: hgdvelu

1440p on a Xbox 360 game. That’s how demanding 60 FPS is.

ID: hgejobq

I don’t think your knowledge is very extensive, no offense. This can easily run at 4k 60 PLUS fps on the PS5. It’s a lazy port is what this is. Miles Morales runs at a similar resolution, is open world and deploys ray tracing while maintaining a very solid 60fps, and that is a launch title which poses time constraints lol. Don’t even get me started on Demon’s Souls or Ratchet and Clank or even Death Stranding which to me are much more impressive than MM let alone freaking Alan Wake. Engine being outdated, Remedy being known for tbh, imo shitty optimization and probably a very rushed project are the main three reasons you can look at when judging this port’s performance.

ID: hgemchr

Literally all those games you mentioned are Sony first party, obviously they’re gonna be able to optimize very well for the PS5. But you can’t expect lazy third party devs to put in nearly the same amount of effort towards that. Even with that said, this port is still half-assed.

ID: hgelzup

No it's not, it's just a bad engine or a bad port again. It's a freaking linear game from the x360/ps3 era. There are open world games more detailed that run at 60 fps and higher res and countless other games.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/12 19:08 ID: hge0r5u

Yeh but is the game any good ? It looks shit but ive never played it.

ID: hge21p4

Shit? What on earth are you babbling about

ID: hge5cm0

It looks fucking god awful & boring, another protracted story that is hard to give a toss about... but maybe it's actually good - I don't know?

So it's good then , yes ?

8 : Anonymous2021/10/12 17:11 ID: hgdjl0y

Never played this before was thinking of picking it up but I saw some comments about how the combat is really repetitive. Is it worth the buy?

9 : Anonymous2021/10/12 17:26 ID: hgdlszj

No HDR... weak remake


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