Intel Hires Top AMD GPU Architect To Lead Xe IP Road Map

1 : Anonymous2021/10/12 02:30 ID: q6c0ch
Intel Hires Top AMD GPU Architect To Lead Xe IP Road Map
2 : Anonymous2021/10/12 05:18 ID: hgbl6pz

I really hope intel can smash the mid and low range gpu. We need more competition in the space and AMD and Nvidia duopoly atm isnt good.

ID: hgbv5c2

More competition for TSMC wafers?

ID: hgc4jqn

While TSMC has been leveraging their position to increase their margins, they're still not taking the lions share of it in the shortage; AMD and NVidia do, then the fab, then the AIBs, then everyone else in the pecking order.

Industries like automotive that are literally the beating heart of entire countries are grinding to halt due to semiconductor shortage, and it's going to have global economic impact. AMD and NVidia would be focusing on tiny, high yield chip SKUs if they were struggling to make the fab space profitable, instead they keep dragging their feet with every single lower tier because it's so goddamn profitable to sell a barely-upgrade over an RX480 for $600.

If Intel decided to sell their first GPUs at cost with no profit for themselves to establish consumer base quickly, their GPUs could easily end up undercutting AMD and NVidia by half and effectively end the shortage.

ID: hgch574

Wasn't microchip manufacturing the centerpiece of that China 2025 plan or whatever it's called? And didn't Biden promise to ramp up the production in the US as well for "national security" reasons? Even Brussels said something about building their own fabs?

Screeching from Brussels aside, if china and the US do what they said surely their own fabs would make the shortage seize to exist in 2 or 3 years, right?

ID: hgcbsfu

I don't think the problem is due to AMD or Nvidia, crypto miners will eat up all the Intel GPUs just the same and we're going to be back to square 1.

ID: hgdfgl4

The prices for Turing, rdna1 and ampere disagree, they were both raising prices before it

ID: hgea398

While crypto miners are a thing.. they are a different force in the market pressure on pricing.

AMD and Nvidia are rising prices just because they can. Who can stop them? no one. They literally abandoned the low - mid end gamers. I mean 6600xt didnt improve much and its considered a great entry level card but he msrp price hike for the performance given is kinda sad.

Even if intel cant compete on the top end im pretty sure they know their product and where they stand vs AMD and Nvidia offerings. Theres a market to abuse in the lower segment. If they can match 6600xt or 3060ti but great pricing vs Red and Green that would be terrific.

ID: hgbqjlk

That would be great, because both AMD and Nvidia are stuck on high end stuff for now. I mean, they are TRYING a bit with the 6600/xt and the 3060... But it's not working because of the market. Still though, a 350 dollar gpu isn't a good product for the low end market.

Promising too is the 96eu Xe igpu, it isn't TERRIBLE. But I've only seen it with ddr4, maybe itll fare better with a hunk of gddr.

ID: hgc877d

High speed 4266 DDR4 on a 128-bit bus is not terrible for Xe 96eu. The DG1, if it wasn't incompatible with so many systems, would be a good alternative to the GT 1030 due to double the VRAM and built-in encoder.

ID: hgdes7y

Lol, I wish. More than likely Intel will join AMD and Nvidia in their pricing model. It’s not like Intel is some small unknown underdog disrupting the market.

ID: hgc41ov

I really hope Intel can smash all of the range tbh. I want an upgrade from 5700XT mainly for immersive VR gaming but I "get" to choose between AMD cards where AMD pretends VR isn't a thing anymore, and NVidia cards that are still $1000+ in this mining country.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/12 05:16 ID: hgbl18u

Good luck to him and Intel. He seems to be qualified.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/12 13:47 ID: hgcqp8p

What happened with Raja Koduri? According to Reddit fanboys, he should have brought Intel a GPU years ago

Not trying to bash the guy, just saying a capable team is more important than maybe charismatic leadership.

ID: hgdc7js

Wait for the results before judging. It takes a long time to turn the large ship that is Intel around in order to focus on discrete GPUs. However, they have got many top people on board, not just Raja, so I am hoping their GPUs will be good.

ID: hge1mv4

It takes a long time for chip design to come to fruition: from initial concept phase to initial design all the way to actual fabrication and volume production, that 'process' takes anywhere from 3 to 5+ years generally speaking, assuming it's a fresh design and not highly iterative (that's not to say their discrete GPUs will be 100% 'clean sheet' design, they will absolutely be leveraging pre-existing Intel GPU IP in various ways, much in the same way that Zen leveraged IP from both 15h and 16h family uarch)

5 : Anonymous2021/10/12 10:19 ID: hgc6anb

There goes any hope of a reliable gpu

6 : Anonymous2021/10/12 11:49 ID: hgcdw9c

Intel is serious about video cards, I like that, better competition = better for consumers

7 : Anonymous2021/10/12 13:03 ID: hgclf32

The guy who led the team that couldn't outperform 2017's 1080ti until 2020? Looks like entry-to-mid-range GPUs are back on the menu.

ID: hgdgrby

Amd were strapped for money for a while.and all of those would be developed during that period. The 5700xt is the Polaris successor so while rdna1 wasn't amazing it was a very good base after gcn to build on and.improve. Rdna3/4/5 with much better funding should all hopefully be significant improvements, although price will probably be a problem

With Intel's deep pockets that problem won't exist, it doesn't mean they will create amazing products but they'll need 3-5 gens to really show what they can do given how new they are to indiscrete cards. If they don't do well after that then fair enough

ID: hgdppnz

At least they're setting realistic expectations and not attempting to be competitive with today's high end.

ID: hgdccn4

We'll see, I won't dismiss his and his team's efforts until I see the results.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/12 09:26 ID: hgc2tju

Don’t they have non-competency agreements?

ID: hgc6f6k

Given the stagnation that happened at Intel, they most certainly had non-competency in place 😉

ID: hgcvh55

Your link refers to a non-compete ban in DC only. That’s definitely not the case across the US, but California does have similar bans

ID: hgck7pd

Unenforceable in California where Intel has their HQ.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/12 18:12 ID: hgdsiao



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