Quake: Free Next-Gen Update Available Now

1 : Anonymous2021/10/12 15:58 ID: q6pc75
Quake: Free Next-Gen Update Available Now
2 : Anonymous2021/10/12 17:13 ID: hgdjwmn

I'm waiting for my Limited Run edition to be released... Not sure when though

ID: hgdwl9j

I ordered bug fables what feels like forever ago and finally got a shipping notification lol

3 : Anonymous2021/10/12 16:41 ID: hgdfa2l

Didn't Sony update the API to facilitate save transfer ? Fallen order, Tsushima , etc used it.

What's the issue now ?

ID: hgdkg6s

They did. Any dev not using it now is doing so purposely.

ID: hgdwi0v

I assume it’s a BIT more complicated than that

4 : Anonymous2021/10/12 17:36 ID: hgdn8yg

Anyone see how to enable 120fps? Dont see the option anywhere

ID: hgds646

It's probably like how you enable 120hz in cold war by going to system settings game/app default settings and select performance mode

ID: hgdt077

Thanks for the suggestion. I didnt know about these settings. I did this and it still is at 60 with no available option for 120.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/12 16:11 ID: hgdayp3



How do I upgrade from Xbox One to Xbox Series X or Series S?

Upgrading Quake from Xbox One to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is easy! The Xbox Series X and Series S will use Microsoft’s Smart Delivery system to upgrade eligible games automatically

> How do I upgrade from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5?

To upgrade your PlayStation 4 copy of Quake for PlayStation 5 systems, please follow one of the methods below based on which is most appropriate for you:"

Love my PS5, but this has got to change...

ID: hgdlepz

It did change. Sony's dev suite now offers direct save file transfers from PS4. It's in the official API. If this game does not have it, it's Bethesda's fault.

ID: hgdm1gd

It already did though , Sony updated the thing to facilitate file transfers we've had games use it (Ghost of Tsushima, Fallen Order,etc). Idk what's wrong here, not gonna go into the whole dev owned by Microsoft thing but I don't blame people who are doing so to be honest.

ID: hgdst34

The instructions is basically "download the PS5 version"...

Sony has already fixed save transfer, its up to developers to actually use it

ID: hgdrggk

Its literally right there on the store... 0 sentences read. 0 thought required. Those sentences are just to cater to the dumbest users possible.

ID: hgdcvcf

It’s a shame Sony’s cross-gen support is pretty poor in comparison. Some games not carrying over save data between versions has really killed my desire to play the next-gen versions of those games I own or hold off on buying others entirely until the ps5 version is confirmed and wether or not saves carry over

ID: hgdr5xt

I kinda feel the opposite. Most games I've just decided to skip on transferring save progress, just to start from scratch with the better version of the game.

ID: hgdk6nx

Is it really that big of a deal? I have both and I don’t really notice a difference in upgrading. I actually like separate skus for trophy hunting if it a game I really like!

ID: hgdn78w

It's not

ID: hgdc3l8

Oh no you gotta click a few things. The audacity.

ID: hgdcrzd

Hey, I'm the first to say stuff like this isn't a big deal, I still collect Physical because I think that "Having to change Discs" is BS, but...

The bottom line is that after not being able to bring our DOOM Eternal PS4 Saves across at all, and now this, the PS5 simply looks a little worse in the eyes of Bethesda fans, and that's just a simple point of fact, nothing more. The PS5 is still an amazing system.

ID: hgdim7f

How do I upgrade from Xbox One to Xbox Series X or Series S?

A single sentence

How do I upgrade from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5?

Multi Step detailed instructions.

ID: hgdlvaw

I prefer Sony’s method. They let you choose which version you want to install. Microsoft doesn’t. I don’t understand what people find difficult about choosing between the very clearly labeled versions of a game.

ID: hge0fg7

Why would I have to chose? Genuinely asking, what context would there be for me wanting the last gen version of a game when it’s next gen version is readily available?

6 : Anonymous2021/10/12 16:34 ID: hgdeaqk

I’m curious to see what the DualSense features are like. I’m surprised they put that much effort in seeing as the entire thing is owned by Microsoft.

ID: hgdf0yt

One of the devs confirmed it at the very least has Adaptive trigger support

ID: hgdf9aa

It also says it has support for the speaker on the controller

7 : Anonymous2021/10/12 18:12 ID: hgdsmgk

Now take that gyro aim, and put it into every game!

ID: hgelujy
make the max sensitivity higher.

(It is really amazing that the Dualsense/dualshock 4 pretty much has the solution to Mouse vs Controller crossplay debate but somehow ddvelopers do not use it to make crossplay more fair)

8 : Anonymous2021/10/12 17:01 ID: hgdiaq3

So happy for more 120hz modes coming out. The feature that really feels next gen

ID: hge8664

I can't figure out how to enable it on this, though

9 : Anonymous2021/10/12 17:16 ID: hgdkcsp

What a time to be alive, my kids were still in my testicles when i first played this and now they can play it with me.

ID: hgdlh0x

”This was an important game back in the day, we all loved it and it’s special to gaming”

“Dad this game sucks”

”Okay :(“

ID: hgdlr2c

FYI, sperm only live for about a month inside your body after being created. So, unless you conceived in 1996 or so, your statement is incorrect!

10 : Anonymous2021/10/12 17:47 ID: hgdow89

Finally I can dive into Quake! Was holding out for the native PS5 version to drop!

Now for the love of god, please implement save transfers for Doom Eternal from PS4 to PS5!!

11 : Anonymous2021/10/12 20:51 ID: hgeg220

Current gen****

12 : Anonymous2021/10/12 21:02 ID: hgehlne

Is there Ray tracing

13 : Anonymous2021/10/12 16:58 ID: hgdhtib

Im playing it there is no 120fps and the adaptive triggers are just a damn click no push back and the new dead zone controls are stuck at 6 doesn’t move there is a lot of frame drops as well in 60fps

ID: hgdldoc

Can anyone confirm this?

ID: hgdtyzj

The upgrade features 120fps.

14 : Anonymous2021/10/12 16:05 ID: hgda435

Can I use my PlayStation 4 save on my PlayStation 5?

Quake save games will not transfer from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 consoles

For f's sake, Sony! 🙁

ID: hgdcx5c

Sony already implemented the API to import PS4 saves on the system into PS5 games.

ID: hge5j7z

Why are you pretending to play this on PS5 when you've spent the last few years promoting Xbox around Reddit? :p

ID: hgdanzm


ID: hgdawpp

Lol i dont think its that deep. I just think Sonys obtuse save transfer method is just a pain in the ass to implement. Devs probably didnt feel the need given its Quake, and not a AAA title.

ID: hgdbuhe

It's really not, multiple games have extra steps.. also Sony charges for cloud saves while Microsoft does not.

ID: hgdhft9

So far, Bethesda’s PS5 updates have been free and better than most of Sony’s first party attempts. Look at Doom Eternal, which was free, vs the pretty dismal and low effort DC upgrades from Sony’s first party with ridiculous pricing.

ID: hgdb7ww

Pfft, can you just stop and see the bigger picture here?

Sony does have a complex system for cross-save and it's a fact.

You do not see this only with Microsoft-owned studios, so please get your facts straight.

ID: hgdgjcs

Oh give me a break with this fanboy crap. If this is what they wanted to do then why would Bethesda add features for the DualSense? If they wanted to make PS5 look bad (so dumb even typing it) then they wouldn’t have made an update that takes advantage of the damn controller.

In fact, they probably wouldn’t have done an update for PS5 at all. But here we are with the game on PlayStation and free updates on PlayStation. And you still think Microsoft is out to make Sony look bad.

ID: hgdezya

Delusional fanboy.

15 : Anonymous2021/10/12 18:32 ID: hgdvhtl

Pretty much ported PC version. From ray tracing dmeo

ID: hgeg0gn

This is Quake, not Quake II

17 : Anonymous2021/10/12 20:50 ID: hgefvlb

Did they fix the fucking save corruption bug?

I played on ps4 at launch and my saves kept corrupting over and over.

18 : Anonymous2021/10/12 21:29 ID: hgell0u

Dissapointed that they didn't increase the slider for gyro sensitivity..

The max is currently too low. Sensitivity sliders should always have max sensitivity of ridiculously high to make sure everyone will be happy


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