Trusted Reviews Awards 2021: PlayStation wins best gaming platform of the year

1 : Anonymous2021/10/15 22:30 ID: q8z34w
Trusted Reviews Awards 2021: PlayStation wins best gaming platform of the year
2 : Anonymous2021/10/15 22:40 ID: hgsnmwy

This is probably the one year I would put a console over PC just because of how ridiculous the GPU market is at the moment. Like yeah the stock on consoles is bad but it's 10x worse at the moment for GPUs.

For comparison I was able to find a PS5 in stock after about a week of searching and using a stock stream. To get a 3070 Ti is took me months of searching and then finally getting one from a Best Buy drop.

ID: hgt6x74

Yeah, here in Brazil I was able to get my PS5 after just 2 days of searching, with GPUs they're like 3 times the MSRP and even with that price there's no freaking stock lol

ID: hgt7n63

This is probably the one year I would put a console over PC just because of how ridiculous the GPU market is at the moment.

As much as i prefer PC platform much more over Console, I got to agree. The pricing of PC Hardware especially GPU has been a shit show for the past few months. It even made me sway some of my friends on planning to build their own PC and made them look for a Xbox Series X and PS5 instead if they want to get into next gen gaming as cheapest as possible even though these next gen consoles are also affected by the scalper, at least it is nowhere near as much as GPUs alone that is 2 - 3x of their MSRP.

ID: hgtt9d3

The pricing of PC Hardware especially GPU has been a shit show for the past few months.

You wanted to say past few years.

ID: hgtoz0j

I just bought a new laptop, 3070 rtx, 64gb ram, i7 11800h, 1 tb ssd and honestly the improvement over my PS5 is so slight I still prefer playing on my couch, its crazy how good the PS5 is.

ID: hgunza8

I still prefer playing on my couch

and you can't do that with a laptop? what?

ID: hgufckt

even if both the PS5 and GPU may be hard to find. Is worth pointing that the PS5 would still be at MSRP at most store. Whereas GPU pricing, most store don't follow the MSRP

3 : Anonymous2021/10/15 23:19 ID: hgssbzd

*Its a reader voted award, so effectively a popularity contest.

That being said, it’s been a great year for PlayStation. I’d argue 2020 was better, but PlayStation had R&C, Returnal, Deathloop, and Kena. A pretty good year overall.

ID: hgtfbk2

Man I cannot wait for the disc version of Kena to drop in November and I can finally play it, it looks great.

ID: hgvwt2g

I got it digitally, couldnt wait, its really fun and beautiful to look at

ID: hgsyfaj

Yeah thats the same reason GOW won the fan vote as best game ever made. GOW is a fucking masterpiece. But best game ever made? Idk.

ID: hgszacc

Okay but to be fair literally any title that would’ve won would have your exact rhetoric said about it by someone somewhere lol.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/16 00:23 ID: hgszvql

This seems pretty straight forward. It's the fastest selling console in history and had some of the best exclusives of the year. I will be floored if it doesnt win next year as well.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/16 03:40 ID: hgtlhdf

Well, playstation does have better games lineup so far.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/16 01:07 ID: hgt4vj0


7 : Anonymous2021/10/16 04:22 ID: hgtpiqt

Closest I've gotten to a PS5, was when one was being sold for $499. Was going to purchase until I found shipping was an additional $500.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/15 23:19 ID: hgss9bi

Can't deny facts.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/15 23:59 ID: hgsx3gk


10 : Anonymous2021/10/15 23:24 ID: hgssuwh

As it should ☺️

11 : Anonymous2021/10/16 02:12 ID: hgtc3wu

Honestly bizarre to see Nintendo in 3rd. The Switch is a bit of a juggernaut. Best selling console every year since it came out. Pretty easily gonna be in the top 5 best selling consoles of all time and probably more than that. Leagues of great games, only portable on the market, low price.

Although I suppose this is a west centric website, would definitely shake out differently in Japan where Xbox is dead and Switch slaps around playstation.

ID: hgu2vkm

I get it.

I have all platforms except series x. I genuinely find the switch the most useless console I own. I never play it. I never got hooked on any of the nintndo games like Mario, zelda, pokemon etc. When you take that away, there are mostly indie games. And every game I’ve played runs at horrific graphics and performance.

I sometimes take the switch with me when I travel. I still didn’t have any desire to play it even when I have no other choices. I should have sold the damn thing a long time ago.

ID: hgu421b

Its a handheld at a lower price point known for its exclusives. I don't know what else you expected.

Regardless, it's super popular. And the article is essentially a popularity contest. The viewers arent carefully breaking down the consoles, they pick what they like. Like it or not, Switch is the best selling console of 2020. And 2019. 2018. And probably 2021 as well. There's people that like and want it.

So I find it weird it placed 3rd. Granted, I dunno the website, maybe they're slated towards a certain audience. It just feels bizarre to me

ID: hgtoic4


ID: hgttfao

Yeah, Switch definitely has problems. But at the end of the day, it's a popularity contest and Switch is very popular so I expected more.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/15 22:46 ID: hgsodqo

Interesting with all the hype of Game Pass that PS won best platform (Series X won best console).

Although based on my experience, I would agree I’ve found PS as a platform better just because it’s personally had far more games than any other platform I’ve played and enjoyed.

I probably agree with Series X winning best console (just edging out PS5) if we’re going strictly with the piece of hardware itself. But games are what makes a console worth playing.

ID: hgt45jx

Gamepass is phenomenal, no doubt. It just seems that the popularity of the PS4 really carried over to the PS5 and the Playstation brand as a whole in 2020 and 2021.

The thing is, in the coming years, Sony is gonna realize, they have to try a little harder to maintain their goodwill with their competition having a steadily growing service with millions of subscribers. Competition is a GOOD thing, for everyone.

ID: hgtba1k

If Sony continues to push out many top of line games every year they will remain on top

ID: hgu15gl

Well currently Sony's developers work their tails off and every game they release is top notch and highly praised so I don't know how much more of a level they can reach honestly. lol

ID: hgt5m9z

Yeah that’s what I’m hoping, that PlayStation gets pushed to be better. I know they’re still going to have the games I enjoy the most.

Game pass is great value, but it unfortunately just hasn’t had any games I’ve really cared to play so far. Really just waiting for Starfield at this point.

ID: hgv88c7

I don’t care if GamePass is cheap (which it only is if you play a lot of different games in a short amount of time), if most of the games I really want to play are on PlayStation.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/16 16:28 ID: hgviytm

Having mainly been a PC gamer and missed the PS4 entirely (but have been a PS fan boy since the PS1 days), I am thoroughly enjoying my PS5 a helluva lot.

I bought my first proper PS5 game, Returnal, only a week ago (aside from picking up the PS+ games as they've come out) which is a testament of how good the PS4 library really is (Persona 5 Royal with NG+ being a huge time sink for me).

Returnal is my GOTY for sure if anyone is interested.

14 : Anonymous2021/10/16 02:59 ID: hgth6mg

Every time there’s a post like this, all the xbots come out of the shadows and have another whinge.

ID: hgum9ew

Anyone that uses some stupid ass term to rag on someones choice of platform is cringe. Just let people enjoy what they enjoy.

ID: hgusc26

No there’s a difference between xbots and Xbox users. Xbox users r normal gamers, xbots just live in the comments sections of PlayStation news and cry about everything while throwing out delusional misinformation.

15 : Anonymous2021/10/15 23:15 ID: hgsru0v

I have a ps5 and haven’t touched a series X, but game pass seems next level, I feel like this is a great time for XBox players

ID: hgssvg4

Great time to be on either platform, or both. Both MS and Sony are doing a great job this gen, imo.

ID: hgt012e

Game pass seems like one of those things that would be absolutely phenomenal as a kid. As an adult my backlog is already like 80 games so pretty much everything I play is something I've been anticipating for months.

ID: hgt0gbe

Back when blockbuster was a thing I used to do the game pass, where you payed a monthly fee and could check in and out one or two games at a time and swap them out whenever. I didn’t think that it could get any better than that.

Edit: spelling

ID: hgsvt0k

As an Xbox player I can tell you it has been a LOT better than the recent years. Still waiting for the true heavy hitters to come out but nowadays I always have something new to play because of Game Pass alone.

ID: hgtabui

Thing is you can always have something new to play no matter what. There's so much "free" stuff given out in so many ways no one's running out of content to consume, people are drowning in games. At this point it's about picking what you really really want to play rather than just having something to play. Biggest problem I have when I sit down to play is deciding what to play.

ID: hgu984d

My ps5 out here collecting dust. The series x is just much better with game pass.

16 : Anonymous2021/10/16 14:52 ID: hgv6al6

Kind of silly that PlayStation won best platform and XSX won best console.

What’s even the point?

17 : Anonymous2021/10/16 01:54 ID: hgta4lc

xbox and master race fans on suicide watch

ID: hgtogai

Just going to play some some games on gamepass while you celebrate, Forza 5 is calling my name

18 : Anonymous2021/10/16 01:35 ID: hgt80kl

This may be a very controversial opinion here. But to me i think the Xbox Series X deserves it more than the PS5, mainly because of how more open it is compared to a PS5 that feels more restricted.

With Microsoft being more dedicated to backwards compatibility, game pass subscription and less anti consumer on graphical upgrades. etc.

ID: hgtjw7z

Grass is always greener on the other side… I came over from Xbox and I don’t miss it at all. I will grab a series x in a couple years when they actually have new content.

ID: hgt8u01

Microsoft haven't released a new game since launching their new console except for Psychonauts 2 which was mostly a crowd funded game and is on Playstation. All while Playstation released several great games since launch.

Also Microsoft putting their games on Microsoft Windows doesnt makes them better than Sony for only releasing games in Sony platforms.

PS+ has also been great with the collection and better games than Gold this year.

Sony also gave out a bunch of free games with no strings attached.

DuelSense is also amazing.

19 : Anonymous2021/10/16 08:47 ID: hgu9w6b

Congrats to playstation

I personally am choosing the xbox series s as my favourite because of how well it lends toward affordable console gaming for the pc demographic. (The duelsense doesn't fit in my hand as well as an elite 2 either, but that's a personal gripe)

But when push comes to shove, I can't deny that playstaton has definitely made a bigger impact on the wider gaming community and I'm excited to see how they push forward their game streaming platforms like PS Now.

20 : Anonymous2021/10/16 02:23 ID: hgtdd32

Isn't it kind of premature to say Playstation is the best for the year when Xbox's two biggest games (Forza and Halo) of the year are coming out in November and December while Playstation has pretty much no new games coming out for the rest of the year. I agree that so far Playstation is the best for the year compared to Xbox which has had pretty much no major releases.

ID: hgtiprt

Most awards dont wait until the end of the calendar year.

22 : Anonymous2021/10/16 02:52 ID: hgtgiri

Uhmm... I'm not so sure about this one. During the ps4 and Xbox One era then yes, but today you can find some of the Playstation exclusives on pc and then there's game pass on both the pc and Xbox, with more features and capabilities than the ps5. Xbox just released Dolby vision for games, and here I'm still waiting for 1440p support on the PlayStation 5. I truly feel like Sony is falling behind.

23 : Anonymous2021/10/16 05:50 ID: hgtx5kg

Ah yes, having 2 games on PC somehow disqualifies them from winning an award, by that logic Xbox should never win anything because all of their games are on PC and it has far less exclusives than Playstation.

24 : Anonymous2021/10/16 02:58 ID: hgth4cc

Sony has released a bunch of great games since launch while Microsoft hasn't released a new one outside of Psychonauts 2 that is also on Playstation. Games is what matters.

Some old PS4 games being on PC is meaningless.

25 : Anonymous2021/10/16 14:02 ID: hgv0b6x

Let's deny the fact, that medium was exclusive until recently , flight simulator is Microsoft exlusive and highly praised and 2 of the best games this year, Forza horizon 5 and Halo infinite are just right around the corner.

Let's just say psychonaut 2 is the only game this year for Xbox. Let's just call this a fact....


26 : Anonymous2021/10/16 11:07 ID: hgujh0p

You literally can only find 2 games right now with another soon to come, and all of them are from the last generation, are 2 or 3 such big numbers that you could not keep track of them?

More features and capabilities riiight, all of which are pointless siht the average consumer does not care about, now the Dual Sense that is stuff people understand the benefit of, and 1440p support don't make me laugh, what kind of contrarian plays a console on a PC Monitor.

27 : Anonymous2021/10/16 02:20 ID: hgtd084

Of which year? Because Halo Infinite and Forza are just around the corner.

28 : Anonymous2021/10/16 08:39 ID: hgu9d5q

Sony have far more popular games than halo and forza. Brining up halo and forza is something from the 360 generation when sony didn't have much.

Spiderman games alone will outsell halo and forza.

29 : Anonymous2021/10/16 13:49 ID: hguyvgh

I'd rather play halo and forza than any sony exclusive, sorry. I don't like sitting through 5 hour cutscenes with the same boring 3rd person movie games.

30 : Anonymous2021/10/16 08:44 ID: hgu9p9r

80 € online only games baby thank you Sony

31 : Anonymous2021/10/16 14:31 ID: hgv3p57

Console not widely available, check Features missing on / since launch, check Hardly any original IPs, check

Console of the year...

32 : Anonymous2021/10/16 07:02 ID: hgu2lc1

,z n,

33 : Anonymous2021/10/16 02:28 ID: hgtdubf

BIG X to doubt on that "trusted review" they abandoned backwards compatibility and only have like 1 or 2 games for each genre, only games I look forward to now are stray and Horizon:FW

34 : Anonymous2021/10/16 04:23 ID: hgtpks7

Who abandoned backwards compatibility?

I play PS4 games on my PS5 daily.

35 : Anonymous2021/10/16 07:59 ID: hgu6nzv

haw many ps1,2,or 3 games can you play though?

36 : Anonymous2021/10/16 02:33 ID: hgtef5k

Its gotten a lot more new games than Xbox

37 : Anonymous2021/10/16 08:58 ID: hguala1

Not sure why though. With the heap of backlash of increased cost of games. Lack of a similar feature to Xbox’s Smart Delivery. Charging for next gen upgrades (which again Xbox is giving away for free and has done exponentially more of them for games as far back as original Xbox in their lineup). No Game Pass. Only recently was able to expand storage. I just don’t understand it?

And I’m not saying Xbox should have won (lack of exclusives), Or Nintendo for that matter (online still garbage. And not as many good games in the past year). But PS just feels like it is lacking so much in areas that it should be the market leader on. I’d love to be able to play my PS1/2 discs on my PS5. I know the emulator is there given PS4 had PS2 classics available and those are still playable on PS5. So why not? If I want to play Metal Gear Solid that’s not MGS V I have to hook up my PS3. Meanwhile on Xbox i can get everything aside 1 and 4. So annoying.

38 : Anonymous2021/10/16 11:14 ID: hgujzh3

Because the avearge consumer does not care about most of those things, and the increased cost of games is not viewed as such a huge problem outside of Reddit, considering everything is starting to cost more.


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