L3 caching issue fixed on Windows 11 Beta and Release Preview.

1 : Anonymous2021/10/15 19:22 ID: q8vhvr
L3 caching issue fixed on Windows 11 Beta and Release Preview.
2 : Anonymous2021/10/15 19:37 ID: hgrzcjn

From what i read it only fixed the latency not the bandwith

ID: hgrzsxd

I think that is the case too

ID: hgs43rm

If you double click you get worse and worse result then sometimes it shows good result sometimes go's as far down as 100 even

3 : Anonymous2021/10/15 20:11 ID: hgs467f

This did lower my L3 latency back down when tested with AIDA64, but the various bandwidths are still down by ~10% when compared to older OS's. This with on my TR 2950X in both UMA and NUMA modes.

ID: hgs5u8u

Yeah I feel the bandwidth issue isn't yet solved

Maybe report on Feedback Hub in case they are unaware?

4 : Anonymous2021/10/15 19:26 ID: hgrxryh

NEWSL3 caching issue fixed on Windows 11 Beta and Release Preview.

No, it's still not fixed.

ID: hgrxypm

Are you on the latest Beta/RP?

It was released today

This will prolly make it to stable next week

Someone else shared their screenshots. Noticeable improvements compared to Win11 numbers

ID: hgry999

Are you on the latest Beta/RP?

Yes I am, the newest insider preview from today and be sure that L3 bandwidth is not fixed, at least not on 2 chiplet cpus.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/15 19:23 ID: hgrxfup

This is flared as News not Rumour because the source is MS themselves

Hope that's fine?

6 : Anonymous2021/10/16 01:02 ID: hgt4dlz

It does not fix the latency problem on Ryzen 2000 specifically 2700x. (I have)

ID: hgtcy8s

that's because L3 fix from microsoft is only for cppc boost which 2000 series don't have

if i switch to p-state boost on my 3900x, the latency bug is still there 40ns for L3

ID: hgu5m0b

Just saying prior to this issue in win 11 my 2700x acted Normal with speeds and tge l3 cache latency was 10 ns now its between 27 and 31 and slow.

The latency issue is separate from the cupcakes issue. That fix is scheduled to roll out on the Tuesday after next tuesday.


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