Monster Hunter: World Tops 20 Million Units Shipped Globally! – Capcom aims to further grow user base with proactive expansion of the series overall

1 : Anonymous2021/10/19 10:38 ID: qb8rz4
Monster Hunter: World Tops 20 Million Units Shipped Globally! - Capcom aims to further grow user base with proactive expansion of the series overall
2 : Anonymous2021/10/19 10:42 ID: hh7ufmm

A masterpiece.

Just imagine a full-fleshed AAA release without major bugs, delays or MTX. Dropped a DLC which puts most standalone games to shame. Gave three full years of free regularly content drops. Outstanding game with outstanding service.

Not saying the last Monster Hunter game is bad, but I really hope they release a PS5 game in the near future.

ID: hh81anl

i almost cried when i saw the trailer, 700hours in, amazing game, before that i only played mh3 on the wii with 400 hours never thought i will saw a mh on PS

ID: hh9t3tg

So I guess I should tell you the series was on ps consoles?

ID: hh8egeh

Same reaction here. Oddly enough because World was kind of a spiritual successor to 3, which had a lot of detailed environments and ecosystems even with its simple level design.

ID: hha8sxy

never thought i will saw a mh on PS

Strange take considering it started on Playstation and got it's initial Japanese popularity on Playstation.

ID: hhaf6sx

And also, no online requirements for single player. What an amazing game.

ID: hh9n8f8

um it's chock full of microtransactions. That said there's a tonne of content with both the base game and major expansion that it's one of the few times I considered getting something to stammers support the devs? dies

ID: hh9ngc2

To be fair the MTX are basically all house decoration or useless stickers. Nothing which seems important.

ID: hhan407

Besides buying the Iceborne expansion, all the DLC is purely cosmetic and forgettable. Wouldn't exactly call it "chock full of MTX."

3 : Anonymous2021/10/19 16:34 ID: hh90lel

Still my most played game ever. Iceborne was just absolutely insane.

Looking forward to the next Monster Hunter on PS5. Will be an absolute time sink but a blast as well.

Longsword main for life.

ID: hh9a42j

Ah, I loved the hammer. Never got tired of sliding down a slope and jumping into the spinning somersault attack

4 : Anonymous2021/10/19 10:44 ID: hh7ulfg

Yea Rise is fun...but its just not World.

ID: hh94ocw

Yeah I don't know why but even thought Rise have as much monster has world (maybe more?) as soon as I completed the main quest, it just seemed like there was nothing to do. While in World I felt there was still so much to do after finishing the game and could play for hours.

It also doesn't help that Rise ending only came 1 month later in a content patch. Oh and that Capcom mostly abandoned the game as soon as Stories 2 launched.

I really hope that Sunbreak will change that and feel more complete at launch than Rise.

ID: hha25bb

Rise has better mobility Silkbind moves are OK, very stylish and I liked hunting arts from the past so it's good imo Now I don't like the reduced I frames because you basically have to RELY on silkbind to dodge some things (or actually power through them via super armor) Also post game feel aimless, you aim for an amulet that could drop in the next 5 hunts or next year, only to become obsolete when. Sunbreak or whatever drops.

In world you had decorations, you could figure out the best set and what decos you needed beforehand, all you had to do is hunt until said deco drops

Now you have to build around your amulet and I don't like how it's hard to get the best set if you don't have the amulet and isn't willing to farm for it

4P lobbies aren't that great

Used to be more than 4P in our lobbies and we could split 3-2, 4-2, 3-3 depending on how much player we had and everyone would get action instead of rotating who going and who's sitting out of quests

We need world, but with wirebugs, palamute & as much anime looking monsters like magnamolo & Rakna Kadaki etc

ID: hh8etxl

I like the mobility in Rise a lot more. Palamutes are a game changer for me.

World is better content wise but God knows what they will cram into MH Rise Sunbreak.

ID: hhanf38

Right? So difficult to go back to classic MH when World was a total evolution of the series.

ID: hha6059

That feels like an understatement. Rise was so lacking in content that it barely qualifies as a game after World. Rise is more like how they used to release MH titles - with a "deluxe" edition coming a year later with way more content. Like 3 to 3U, 4 to 4U. World changed that with the insane amount of content up front and post launch support.

Rise has had barely any content before they announced a DLC that will likely not be nearly as loaded with content as Iceborne. Capcom will not have my money again on MH unless they make a proper sequel to World that has just as much content.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/19 16:51 ID: hh934an

I have over 3000 hours logged into this game. The one and only game in my lifetime, that I played to completion plus hundreds hours more on console, then bought on PC, played to completion, again, plus hundreds hours more.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/19 15:08 ID: hh8o9lw

One of my all time favorite games. I still play it regularly, just for the thrill of the hunt.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/19 17:41 ID: hh9aksc

Only MH I ever played, absolutely no interest in any other titles in the series, they all seem tiny in comparison. Would love a sequel!

8 : Anonymous2021/10/19 17:33 ID: hh99gh4

MHW is a great game, loved all 150 hours I put into it. Stunning gameplay depth

9 : Anonymous2021/10/19 18:56 ID: hh9m2nf

Still need to play this. Once I'm done with Tales of Arise.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/19 20:49 ID: hha39lk

I have MH:W w/Iceborne, and it looks great and I really want to get into it, but from what I've read, it seems like there's a ton of micromanagement involved. Does managing skills and inventory become a slog despite fun gameplay? And is it just as good playing single-player? For example, Divinity Original Sin II was a little too men

-heavy for me to enjoy, even though I recognize that it's a great game.

ID: hhaf8qp

Not really, the skills system is half the fun of the game. The one key factor you have to come to terms with is that you have got to grind certain monsters for parts. The game puts some harder monsters up to test you and you might need to grind to get better gear and skills. On the inventory side you'll be fine, theirs multiple auto farms going and as long as you always remember to gather before you finish the quest you will never run out of stuff.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/19 22:52 ID: hhakbec

This game is insane, literally everything screams quality.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/19 12:15 ID: hh82lgs

Fuck Capcom for making Rise exclusive to Switch console tbh...

ID: hh84olk

Your not missing much, while I did enjoy rise on the switch I only managed about 100hrs before getting bored and burned out and I'm 800+ into world and still having fun once a week or so with my mates.

ID: hh87xru

100 hrs is still a lot.

ID: hh8qx2i

What lol? 100 hours? That sounds like you got really great value and time out of it. Most Sony games you get maybe 10-15 hours (besides multiplayer games).

ID: hh83k1k

It will be on PC

ID: hh8cdma

That's why they said "switch console".

ID: hh872vz

Switch deserves its own Monster Hunter totally different market and successful too.

That being said, I put 300+ hours into World and like 90 into Rise. Really fun but easy to finish and get the armor and weapons you need.

ID: hh8fncv

It sucks but I understand it from a business standpoint.

Nintendo is providing free advertising

the production costs are lower in comparison with a title like World

they get a big chunk of their development costs paid without selling a single copy

they can retain and at the same time expand their userbase on the handheld market

Nintendo platforms and PC are the biggest markets for Monster Hunter

MH Rise will most likely end up with 12 million on the Switch alone after everything is said and done.

Maybe even more with Monster Hunter World-like discounts.

ID: hh8exxe

The developer of the portable Monster Hunter games aren’t even the same team within Capcom. You can look up the credits – Ichinose directs all the unnumbered handheld games.

They’ve never made games for console, so you’re not missing anything.

ID: hh951fl

It will be on PC in January.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/19 13:55 ID: hh8e6re

That puts it up there with the best-selling Playstation exclusives (granted it isn’t exclusive).

As it fucking should be.

14 : Anonymous2021/10/19 18:44 ID: hh9k8bn

100hours in world on ps4 25hours of that was loading into games lol but jks aside world was great I put 700hours in first year upto November then there was nothing for me to do sadly quit never played iceborne

ID: hhanrk3

Bruh. If you haven't played Iceborne you're seriously missing out. I dropped World after many many hours too but came back for Iceborne and the rest is history. It's practically a sequel.

15 : Anonymous2021/10/19 23:12 ID: hhamwp7

MH World is truly a classic RPG. Such an incredible package now with Iceborne and all the free DLC.

16 : Anonymous2021/10/19 23:15 ID: hhan9oh

I honestly tried really, really hard to get into Monster Hunter worldafter Iceborne was shown at PAX 2019, but the amount of work and time to work on characters and killing monsters after chasing after them just bored the fuck outa me. Maybe i'm just too old nowadays

17 : Anonymous2021/10/19 14:12 ID: hh8gebw

Omg why?! Trash game.

ID: hh8jzvm

Found the Souls neophyte.

ID: hh8oxef

He's probably just a contrarian. He's just saying provocative shit for the attention. I've never heard anyone who has actually played MHW call it a "trash game".

ID: hh8nlx2

What a random assumption.

The Soulsborne games are literally my favourite games ever and I have the Plat in BB and DeS.

I don't see how MH:W is similar though - it's a dated anime grind-fest with button-mashy unsatisfying combat.

ID: hha0juf

Still better than MH

ID: hhantvk

calm down nephew.

ID: hh9a7qm

You sir, are a numpty


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