Upgraded from a 3600x to 5900x. would upgrading from a b450 to x570 help with the temps/voltages?

1 : Anonymous2021/10/19 18:15 ID: qbhdi4

Hi everyone. So my friend gave me a 5900x this week as a gift and so far i am enjoying it. the only thing i dont like is the fact the voltages are all over the place and the temps as well. I ended up having to go into the bios and limit the cpu temp to a max of 75 degrees because even with an undervolt i would be hitting the +80c on light tasks (and thats with an aio). this leads me to my question: would upgrading my motherboard help with the temperature and voltage fluctuations? im starting to miss the 4.1Ghz@1.25v/75deg max settings on my 3600x.....

Motherboard: B450 Aorus Elite

Ram: G Skill 4x8gb 3600mhz cl18

CPU: Ryzen 9 5900x

GPU: Sapphire 5600XT

PSU: 500W 80+

SSD: 1x240GB, 1x1TB

2 : Anonymous2021/10/19 19:18 ID: hh9pgh6

I'm not directly familiar with your motherboard, but if you have a quality B450 board I can't see upgrading to x570 doing much of anything, if nothing at all. Certainly not worth the money you would have to spend on an x570 board.

Keep in mind, AM4 is now (most likley) a dead-end platform. Ryzen 6000 is not going to be supported. If you do need more performance, save the money you would spend on an x570 board now and invest it into a Ryzen 6000 series or Intel 12 series platform when they come out.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/19 18:35 ID: hh9ixv8

+80c on light tasks (and thats with an aio).

yes 5000 series runs hotter then 3000 series and it's by design but under normal task you should be seeing tad better temps, like around 60-65C. Probably either a bad mount OR what are you using to check the temps?

ID: hh9mel6

I’ve used cpu core, hwmonitor, and even Ryzen master (separately of course). I used a tad bit more thermal paste than I did for the 3600x but not enough to be too much. As far as mounting is concerned, I screwed the aio in like I did normal (kept turning until I couldn’t for both sides and didn’t force it. I spread the thermal paste evenly with a card too to make sure it was even. Maybe thermal paste and I are just bad luck? Idk.

ID: hh9pljy

cpu core, hwmonitor

By any chance did you have these running in the background while checking with ryzen master? with ryzen i'v seen this before where temp software like NZXT cam just hit's the core all the time so it does not ideal and the temps are high all the time. This is why im asking this.

On bad mount, i'v had bad mounts with creditcardmethod on ryzen myself, can't rember if it was my 3800x or 5800x but remounting dropped my temps by over 10C+ and i'm also on an AIO

4 : Anonymous2021/10/19 19:49 ID: hh9u9j3

To me this sounds like a cooler mounting issue. I doubt a motherboard swap is going to help with temperatures, as the voltages being provided to the CPU should be close to the same. The power curves may be a little bit different and the power delivery may be cleaner with a better VRM, but the VID of the CPU determines what the base voltage is. So that variable won't change.

I have a water cooled 5800X and even on the hottest days under 100% load for hours it never tops the low 70C range. You shouldn't be anywhere close to 80C under light loads with a 240mm AIO. The stock air cooler should do better than that under light loads, even.

ID: hh9x5p5

I swapped back to my old 3600x a few moments ago and now it’s back to normal. 4.1Ghz@1.25 all cores and haven’t even hit 70. I took far less time and effort applying thermal paste and screwing the aio into the board :/. Weird.

ID: hhabt7q

just saw that you said you're using an aio, so ignore my previous question... so what case and fans are you using? how are they oriented?

I had a situation where I upgraded my gpu and subsequently had to add a couple fans (actually upgraded them all to noctua) because the stock ones weren't cooling the case with all the extra heat.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/19 18:37 ID: hh9j8g3

I had a Asus B450-F gaming with a 3900X (previously a 1700x) and it would sometimes boot with an over voltage warning. Orher times it wouldn’t boot properly, reset the BIoS then boot. I tried under volting, setting everything to auto - same problem. It was always reporting 1.5v in BIOS and run quite hot.

It still worked, but was really weird. I read somewhere that the power delivery on the B450-F Gaming wasn’t good enough for a 12c CPU.

My primary system has a 5950X and a x570 Aorus Master, which is a solid board. So I ended up getting another X570 Aorus Master and pairing it with the 3900X and its been smooth sailing since.

So you could be having a similar kind of problem with poor power delivery on that B450 with the 12c 5900x

ID: hh9mzlq

That makes a lot of sense. Even when I ran a simple stress test of 4.0Ghz@1.25 so that the voltages and speeds would remain stable, my cpu temps would be hitting the high 90s so I never finished the stress tests. If you were getting crazy temps with your old board like I did then I think it’s time to go get a new board lol. There goes more money out of my pocket.

ID: hha78gi

Oh man. I thought I was the only one with that issue with that board. It did that to me with a 3600.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/19 18:49 ID: hh9l3vi

which aio?

ID: hh9lro0

The msi mag 240mm

ID: hhae8md

Wtf I have a 5950x on a MSI mag 360 and at times it does reach 70

7 : Anonymous2021/10/19 18:59 ID: hh9mm0d

remount your cooler with a proper cleaning and new thermal paste

8 : Anonymous2021/10/19 19:56 ID: hh9vedz

Maybe tighten your screws with a little bit more force, update to the latest BIOS, and use CTR 2.1 to generate optimized profiles. If temps are still out of control with the profiles activated then it's probably VRM delivering too much current, time for a new board.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/19 20:40 ID: hha1yhu

The temperature of your CPU is determined by your CPU and not by your motherboard. If you want lower temperatures try a fixed voltage overclock.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/19 20:44 ID: hha2ijw

Wait how are you running the CPU? Stock/PBO/Manual OC? .If you are running stock try using a negative vcore offset (start from -0.125 and keep going lower until you start getting BSOD) and some agressive LLC settings.Or give Eco mode a try or try playing with PBO PPT EDC TDC limits.

Also how's your case cooling/AIO mounting situation? Maybe your AIO Rad isnt getting enough air flow or not installed the most efficient way possible air flow wise.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/19 21:21 ID: hha7wop

with that cpu it make more sense with a newer chipset like x570

12 : Anonymous2021/10/19 23:53 ID: hhas6sp

You probably would have better boost tables and tighter ranges of power control, plus you'd get full PCIE Gen4 support.

Most B450 boards don't have VRM heatsinks, and the only one I remember having any VRM heat protection was the ASRock Pro4. You also might have more up to date tables for XMP profiles for your RAM.

You'd be gaining a lot though, and also, most good quality X570s have the extra 4pin CPU power connection. A lot of people say itsy for LN2 only, but you can use it for power stability in delivery to the CPU.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/19 18:57 ID: hh9m7x8

Absolutely. 9/10 times the power delivery and the vrm quality on x570 board is way better than b450 ones. Tho you could also go b550 which would avoid having that nasty usb disconnection issue (for some it's fixed, for some it's not) present in the x570 chipset and save money while having a quality board.

I can only speak for msi since i always used their boards, but b550 tomahawk and gaming edge wifi are incredible for the price motherboards. this is a roundup with high end b550 boards using a 3950x overclocked using 200 watt, so more than adequate for a 5900x too.

ID: hh9uowz

spread the thermal paste evenly with a card too to make sure it was even. Maybe thermal paste and I are just bad luck? Idk.

I don't recommend MSI gaming edge wifi, it makes my 5800X idle at 25W when others idle at 15W with identical settings.

ID: hh9vaar

wow, a whopping 10w difference lol. Watch out, it might explode.


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