[HUB] GPU Prices: Getting Worse or Getting Better? – October 2021 Update

1 : Anonymous2021/10/22 10:33 ID: qde25m
[HUB] GPU Prices: Getting Worse or Getting Better? - October 2021 Update
2 : Anonymous2021/10/22 11:57 ID: hhly0nd

EIP 4345 proposal means eth PoS delayed to June 2022 atleast. 2022 is lost again.

ID: hhm8ol9

I'm thoroughly convinced the proposal exists to hand wave environmental impacts. "It won't be a problem in three months!"

ID: hhmekjr

At this point I don't think ethereum has any practical value besides mining and gambling on the value. So it might be that when ethereum finally goes PoS they will just fork a new coin and continue mining. Interest of the gamblers will move to the new coin since it will have more activity.

ID: hhm0khc

"It's going proof of stake anytime soon" copium

ID: hhmfiuy

It's been coming soon since like 2016 hasn't it?

ID: hhm8twn

I might as well buy a 6900XT, keep my Vega 56 and start mining with it.

ID: hhmhu5m

China has banned cryptocurrency in favor of their own digital currency. The USA and Europe are actively looking to regulate, track, and tax it. What then?

ID: hhmxh7t

Profitability will decrease further as energy and electric prices rise due to shortages, as well as inflation

ID: hhmf4c3

Jup and come Feb they will decide on delaying again if they aren't ready so looks like mining demand will continue.

Tim Beiko

Also, we can push the bomb back again if we're not ready. We'll need to make a call around Feb!

ID: hhol07n

Every time it gets close it gets delayed. I'm forever being told that PoS 'is almost here', heard it constantly for several years now...

Crypto is a blight...

3 : Anonymous2021/10/22 11:43 ID: hhlwo9w

Damn, I gotta sell my 5700 XT

ID: hhm8liu

I want to sell my 5700xt on ebay but what if the buyer scams me by saying that he got it damaged when it works totally fine?

ID: hhm9qgd

That's what people who tell you to just sell your card to pay for the new one are refusing to talk about for some reason: you could always get scammed selling your card on the used market.

ID: hhmch4v

I'm surprised people even sell on eBay anymore since sellers seem to have almost zero protection.

ID: hhmqwwu

Valid concern. I had that happen with a 3080 I sold. Guy filed a PayPal claim almost 2 and a half months later. I had proof of signature, emails and pictures so I won. The dickhead disputed with his CC and got a free card anyway. I’ll never sell through PayPal/ EBay/ hardwareswap again

ID: hhmwypr

Sell for cash in person.

ID: hhmdstb

I sold mine through Facebook marketplace place and got multiple offers and eventually sold it for 900

ID: hhn11jc

I wouldn't sell there. The buyer can literally send you a turd back and eBay will side with them.

ID: hho2ss8

Sell locally & cash only.

Screw eBay &


I’ve sold my RVII to a crypto miner who tried to say mint GPU was cracked and basically fucked beyond the conditions seen in my photographs.

So I lawyered up because I wasn’t playing around, dumbass didn’t realize that my GPU didn’t even deliver because of Christmas delays.

I stopped talking to him, my lawyer sent him a letter and he apologized and stopped trying to geuinely scam me despite being a reputable seller there.

And eBay/PayPal?

They don’t care, whatever the buyer says is faith itself. If they say your card is broken, what will you do?

How can you prove you sent something not broken?

Even if you have proof their job is to keep the customer happy and you’re not the customer here.. You’re the product.

ID: hhmh747

You could try selling on


ID: hhnkay5

sell it on

or on offerup in person

ID: hhnep9a

Sell it to someone you know AND trust.

ID: hhnz7h4

Insure the shipment and let them go through USPS/Fedex/UPS.

ID: hhm8r7f

Seriously, I have been thinking about selling my 5700xt for a while. But what would I buy?

edit: guess I could sell my 5800x as well and get a 5700g. I don't have much time to game anyways.

ID: hhmhpjd

You can try swapping it for a 6700xt

ID: hho86tf

Uhhhh.. I think AMD is dropping a 6600?

You could buy a 6600 or 6600XT and sell your 5700XT locally and profit most likely.

If you’re goibg to do it, I recommend you do it now before mining hits the fan & so does youe value.

ID: hhmdxr5

My update plan was kinda based on being able to sell my old 5700xt for more than what I paid for it. Then the little shit broke down before I found a new card.

ID: hhmex46

Just start mining my dude

ID: hho8chp

Idk why you got downvoted.

Warren Buffet said if you don’t find ways to make money in your sleep you’ll always be poor. There’s no real reason for most people not to mine, since electricity in rural areas tends to be rather affordable depending on the state.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/22 14:13 ID: hhmezwg

I've been looking for a 3080's since they were released. Funny thing is that I can actually find some in stock being sold by 3rd party scalpers on Newegg for lower than I've ever seen, but at the same time the price of pre-builts has gone up 300-400 dollars in the last few months. Back in July you could get a 3080 pre-built for around 2100-2200 but I haven't seen one below 2500 in at least a month.

ID: hhmfkmu

There's no point in buying a graphics card now unless you absolutely have to.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/22 12:51 ID: hhm3tqh

Still talking about this? it's been a year and a half already

ID: hhmf3kz

It's like a monthly update series. But yes, this is going to continue for many more months.

ID: hhmp44s


6 : Anonymous2021/10/22 17:12 ID: hhn5eqd

My 980ti is gunna be able to vote before these prices normalise, I want to try all my monitors features ffs

7 : Anonymous2021/10/22 20:05 ID: hhnuwxr

Still beating myself up for opting for the "better value" 5600XT back in September 2020 instead of splurging on the 5700 XT instead.

I figured I'd be just replacing it in 18-24 months anyway with a 6800 or 6800 XT.

How foolish I was; if I had just gone for the 5700 XT instead it would have lasted for years.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/22 11:45 ID: hhlwv2c

When Crypto(Which uses GPU!) with proof of work get banned in whole world, maybe then.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/22 13:39 ID: hhma2rk

Anyone got a tl;dr?

ID: hhmfhka

TLDR: GPU prices are slightly better, but still horrible. Crypto is on the rise, GPU prices are going to remain the same until Ethereum stops using Proof of Work for legitimizing the network. The changes to Ethereum are expected to happen Q1 2022, or Q2 at the latest. It is already behind schedule. Miners should be preparing to break even if they haven't already and they will be selling their GPUs during the Ethereum merge.

Most of that wasn't in the video, but that's the truth of the situation.

ID: hhoefgl

Except that they've stated that they will decide if they need to push back PoS in February, which they definitely will.

ID: hhmcs6t

Even thumbnail says it's all.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/22 10:33 ID: hhlqlqj
Timestamps: 00:00 - Welcome Back to Hardware Unboxed 01:34 - A Look at Retail GPU Prices 06:00 - Crypto Mining and Current Gen GPU Pricing 09:46 - Used GPU Pricing 10:33 - Final Thoughts
11 : Anonymous2021/10/22 17:28 ID: hhn7u2n

ETH 2.0 delayed once again till 2022?2023? Rich gettin richer and poor gettin poorer.

Humanity is the worst.

ID: hho700n

It's insane to me that people complain about income inequality, yet crypto is basically creating the biggest inequality of a currency we've ever seen. Since it's being treated solely as a stock by everybody, it's just a matter of having more money = making more money. And then everybody who just isn't participating in crypto just has....nothing? But the only way to get some is to invest in it or mine it? :/ How is this remotely an acceptable situation?

12 : Anonymous2021/10/22 12:09 ID: hhlz9xu

I think profitability went a tad down due to increase power price and that could explain the lower MoM price. Also I bet some miners are selling "at the top" their rigs and cryptos.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/22 17:00 ID: hhn3qke

Just get some older used GPU. Almost all of the new fancy graphic games on PC are trash.

ID: hhn9clq

While that is an option prices of used hardware have also gone up.

Another thing to consider is that used GPUs may not come with a warranty and certainly not a 2-3 year warranty like new GPUs do.

Honestly I think an APU build is a better route if you want to game but don't care about graphical quality.

ID: hho5b31

Fair. I'm considering selling my used 3080 and getting an APU

14 : Anonymous2021/10/22 18:17 ID: hhnf2xi

Here in Peru a RTX2060 cost as much as a laptop with a 2060(mobile of course)

16 : Anonymous2021/10/22 12:43 ID: hhm2x9c

For the record I'm not the person who made the video. So please direct all criticisms of this analysis towards Tim from Hardware Unboxed.

17 : Anonymous2021/10/22 17:15 ID: hhn5w46


18 : Anonymous2021/10/22 17:42 ID: hhn9vi1

And who is going to manufacture it in large numbers?


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