GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is now available for pre-order on PS4/PS5. The Trilogy will launch digitally on November 11, and physical copies will be released on December 6, 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/10/22 11:21 ID: qdes5o
GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is now available for pre-order on PS4/PS5. The Trilogy will launch digitally on November 11, and physical copies will be released on December 6, 2021
2 : Anonymous2021/10/22 12:24 ID: hhm0qza

I'm really curious to see how the new GTA V style controls work. These games had horrible aiming controls, if this remaster really controls like a modern third person shooter it could make it feel like a totally new game.

ID: hhmdz8f

Is there any news on what vehicle damage? Did they leave it or has it been updated as well?

ID: hhnj7mh

Does firing the tank backwards still speed boost?

3 : Anonymous2021/10/22 11:32 ID: hhlvkd3

Where tf is the gameplay at? Edit: see the trailer link gta trailer

ID: hhm2472

ID: hhm3ttc

I thought this was gonna be a rick roll. thanks for actually linking the gameplay.

ID: hhn4i5a

Oh it actually looks pretty substantially better I was concerned it was gonna be very minimal

ID: hhmdapd

Looks great, but I heard they haven't got the rights to most of the music, so the soundtracks are going to be different. This ruins it for me.

ID: hhlwwv1

Looks like someone pushed that pre-order page early.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/22 13:59 ID: hhmcwwe

I was expecting a lot less. I'm impressed

ID: hhmx99f

Still won't be a day 1 buy imo. At least not until I see reviews about the controls, radio music, cheats still available, etc. I'd love to be able to demo it first even for like an hour

ID: hhn26g3

Yeah I ain't buying it unless the cheats still work. I don't do cheats and missions and don't do cheats for things like money but I do use the reduce wanton double when out of the mission (two-star wanted level with stupidly hard to get rid of in vice City). Also, Because you have to always rebuy your guns after dying, even in missions, I would use the gun cheat.

ID: hhmtado

My thoughts as well. They gave them fingers that move!!

ID: hhn32v9

I don't think they did. It looks like they're still stuck together, just more defined.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/22 11:40 ID: hhlwbgi

They better have coughed up the dough for the licenced music. All the money made on V, I don't wanna hear any bullshit about how Micheal Jackson is too expensive (again).

ID: hhlz6l0

I just replayed through vice city after this was officially announced, and I have to say it makes the game 100x more better. Without the music it would feel shit.

ID: hhm48b5

Yeah VC made me love 80's music. I was pretty much exclusively a rock guy so I missed out on all the pop and new wave stuff. Playing VC really opened my eyes to what I was missing.

ID: hhmfqga

1000% this. Rocking out to K-DST made San Andreas so much better.

ID: hhm01nb

The music is like 70% of the experience. They know it too.

Don't fuck this up R*

ID: hhmiced

The email I got for this did say "...unforgettable music"

ID: hhm844j

If they haven't licensed the soundtracks I might wait a bit to see if someone makes a soundtrack mod.

ID: hhn3hng

For $60 they should easily make that money back, plus they were much less wealthy when they made VC.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/22 15:25 ID: hhmpliw

I wish they would do this for bully

ID: hhn55m3

For real. I’d buy that so fast.

ID: hhn5qf2

I wish they would make bully college edition:/

ID: hhnohzr

So mad that they abandoned Bully 2. I think Rockstar underestimates how many people want that game.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/22 11:42 ID: hhlwjdm

I just want my gta IV. remastered

ID: hhlxoal

With the improved rage, absolutely

ID: hhmnnti

I just got a Series X and the first thing I did was download GTA 4! For me personally the best single player game I’ve ever played. I even 100% completed it on PS3. Incredible game.

ID: hhmvnjy

I still remember going to the store and buying the game. Then playing it at home was incredible. It really felt next gen. I couldn't believe how good Liberty City looked

ID: hhms52b

I’m gonna have to do that too

ID: hhlzj57

Now that i would play again

8 : Anonymous2021/10/22 15:56 ID: hhmu7wq

Soundtracks will be key so I'll wait on that news...and then wait for a sale bc I'm cheap

9 : Anonymous2021/10/22 14:26 ID: hhmgw1p

Haven't played GTA since the 3rd one. Played a ton of the original and second one back in the late '90s while working at Radio Shack and downloading it on the deep Compaq computer in the store.

Worth grabbing this one or is there a better option I should check out for PS5?

ID: hhntspi

I grew up on these 3 games, and I can’t wait to experience them all over again. I highly recommend this. The updated controls and 4K60 is more than enough for me

10 : Anonymous2021/10/22 15:56 ID: hhmu5m1

I’m actually impressed by how good this looks. definitely not modern level, but it looks how I remember it and not how it actually was which is good enough for me. I could see myself picking this up when the price is right.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/22 12:39 ID: hhm2hto

Trailer on YouTube

12 : Anonymous2021/10/22 14:02 ID: hhmdc2f

I'll end up buying this, but I'm in no rush. When it's around $20 or so I'll pick it up. Not like I haven't already played all these games anyway.

ID: hhmrfsl

True, but keep in mind it takes a very long time for Rockstar games to get down to $20. Read dead 2 has only hit $20 a few times within the past few months and that game came out 3 years ago.

ID: hhmxv75

That's fine. I'm basically always back-logged anyway. I could easily wait 5 years to play these. Even then, they still wouldn't be a priority. My guess is that this will also drop in price faster than a typical Rockstar release because it isn't going to move the number of copies their new games do.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/22 11:27 ID: hhlv4oa

Simple. No gameplay footage, no details, no purchase

Edit: trailer has been released


ID: hhm1tlj

Trailer just dropped. I think this announcement came too early.

ID: hhmd54o

Most likely. Don't know why people thought Rockstar wouldn't release a trailer.

ID: hhlyu9i

There’s gotta be a trailer set to launch very, very soon if the release date is that close.

ID: hhlvkem

This is the only sane option. The fact that they haven't shown any gameplay should set alarm bells ringing too.

ID: hhlw1px

Supposedly the full trailer drops today.

ID: hhlvty4

I'm starting to think this was supposed to go live later today. While physical preorder purchases work, digital ones don't.

It also doesn't explain why clicking the PS4 version gives you a physical release link, and clicking the PS5 gives you a digital release link. Or why Xbox only has physical release on the website, but the Switch has a digital one.


This may further confirm my theory:

The Intel processors listed as System Requirements for the PC version do not exist:

14 : Anonymous2021/10/22 11:47 ID: hhlx0hj

Never pre-order, people. Just... Don't! Especially if you just want it digitally, what, you think the virtual store is going to run out of copies??

15 : Anonymous2021/10/22 16:03 ID: hhmv6tq

Are the controls updated?

Do those sweet cheat codes all still work

Looks like higher population density so I’m happy for that.

I’m gonna be upset but I’m hoping the music licenses are all there

16 : Anonymous2021/10/22 11:41 ID: hhlwhff

Same day as Skyrim for PS5, which we've also seen nothing of. But I'll be playing that day one anyway as it's a free upgrade!


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