5600g vs 5500u iGPU

1 : Anonymous2021/10/28 15:29 ID: qhpkmt

Im thinking of upgrading my desktop to a 5600g after my main GPU died

I have a 1440p 144Hz Monitor and a Gigabyte A320 that recently got the AGESA Ryzen 5000 suport.

I also got a Lenovo laptop with 16gb of 3200MHz RAM and a 5500u .

Is 5600g-5700g iGPU substantially better than the laptop one's?

Im looking forward to play GTA Remastered Trilogy and other AAA at least on 900p low

Im currently on Ryzen 3 1200 8gb of RAM (probably upgrade to 32) and an old 2012 MSI HD6450 as a "display adapter" (thanks to Nimaz Drivers the GPU works good on Windows 11)

2 : Anonymous2021/10/28 15:41 ID: hie5kpo

The iGPUs themselves are nearly identical as they are both 7nm Vega GPUs with 7 CUs enabled.

However the 5600G's iGPU should be faster as its frequency is 100 MHz higher (it can also be overclocked) and because on the desktop you can run faster memory settings than on laptops which are typically limited to JEDEC specifications which maxes out at DDR4-3200 CL20.

Also it's possible that your laptop's RAM uses slower x16 memory modules rather than x8 ones which would further reduce memory performance.

iGPUs use system RAM as VRAM so slow RAM lowers iGPU performance.

ID: hie6drt

Btw laptop runs a 8gb 3200Mhz physical ram I've upgraded and a intergraded 3200MHz one in the motherboard.

Will the diffrence be that big tho? will it worth it spending 300euros just of a 10% difference ?

Also Im not sure if I can OC the igpu on a A320 board

ID: hiedqp7

I think some A320 motherboards can OC the iGPU but I'm not 100% sure.

Regarding the RAM in your laptop it is still possible that the soldered module has slower x16 memory chips even if the on you bought uses x8 chips.

With that being said I don't think the difference would be worth 300 Euro and I don't know where you got the 10% difference from.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/28 22:29 ID: hifuguu

Love APUs, like a nice backup plan if your GPU kicks the bucket, which was exactly what happened to my low end GPU. I have the 5600g, I don't really game though.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/28 15:39 ID: hie5aiu

'u' series CPU are low power variant which consumes very less power. 5600g have higher power limit and combined with ability to OC it'll be plenty more powerful. Even without OC, 5500u iGPU runs on 1800MHz, 5600g iGPU runs on 1900MHz so naturally more powerful combined to that, 5500u is zen2 and 5600g is zen3

ID: hie5s1u

Thanks tho Im not sure if I can OC the iGPU in a A320 board

BTW all the sites I've googled are showing 5500u and 5600g iGPUs as equal!

I''ll keep my system like this and may add a GPU later down the road till AM5 and DDR5 RAM are affordable

ID: hiea3si

The desktop iGPUs are a bit (10-20% generally) faster than their mobile counterparts. Most of the difference comes from faster RAM, so if you run 3200MHz JDEC in your desktop the 5600g will perform nearly identically to the 5500u. If you have a kit of B-die or something and get it running at 4000 1:1 CL 15 or something the 5600g will perform quite a bit better.

That being said, even with a very nice kit of RAM the 5600g won't be a noticeable upgrade over a 5500u assuming the 5500u isn't thermal throttling a bunch.

ID: hiex8gx

There may be a bigger difference, depending on the laptop. Real iGPU clock on the 5500U will depend on how much power specific laptop model (and power profile in it) allows in sustained tasks. If it is limited to 15W or less- then you may see only 1500MHz or lower iGPU clocks, and difference from 5600G would be larger then. However, most laptops these days allow more power, and allow the 5500U to run games at ~officially specified clocks (although with much lower CPU clocks, and, often, higher latency RAM, still giving desktop variant some advantage).

ID: hifq8o2

5600g is zen3

It is zen2.

ID: hifzgev

No, 5600G is Zen3. They finally sorta unified the naming scheme between desktop CPU, desktop APU, and mobile APU with the 5000 series (with the exception of the 5300U, 5500U, and 5700U which use an improved Zen2 core).

5 : Anonymous2021/10/28 16:26 ID: hiecfph

why do you want 32gb ram? 16 is more than sufficient for gaming.

ID: hiecp22

Cause the difference is only 40€ in my country and my motherboard only has 2 slots .

I plan on doing coding in the future and also the iGPU takes 2gb of RAM on its own

ID: hied36k

I mean coding does not use that much ram... I do coding (on a childish level yes) but it does not use more than 200MB. You could just buy another 8gb stick instead of buying a 16gb kit rt? I did that for mine and it works totally fine. I mean buy the same ram. 30 euros is like another 8gb ram stick here...


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