Sony Q2 FY2021 (July-Sept) Results – PS5: 3.3m (LTD: 13.4m), PS4: 0.2m (LTD: 116.6m) / Best Q2 Revenue in video game history / Hardware Rev +287% YoY

1 : Anonymous2021/10/28 06:09 ID: qhgg1i
Sony Q2 FY2021 (July-Sept) Results - PS5: 3.3m (LTD: 13.4m), PS4: 0.2m (LTD: 116.6m) / Best Q2 Revenue in video game history / Hardware Rev +287% YoY
2 : Anonymous2021/10/28 06:12 ID: hicm1px

In before "but all of them went to scalpers!"

ID: hicn8m3

Which is a ridiculous statement considering PS5 also accounts for the majority of sales of multiplatform games.

ID: hicnpoz


ID: hicrwy9

Why would multiplatform sales invalidate that statement? Wouldn’t scalpers just sell them to actual people who would purchase games?

ID: hid1a07

This argument is so stupid, I cringe everytime. What is the intention of scalpers, store it until PS5 is widely available? Scalpers sell PS5 within 30 days, generally much earlier. People just can not think.

ID: hidhtim

Lately the prices are going up in anticipation of the holidays

ID: hiecbvg

Shoot, some scalpers sell then before they even have the console.

Went to meet one, messaged on a Tuesday got a reply "I can meet Thursday after UPS drops off the ps5".

ID: hicmuip

In before "but it is pedoera and we shouldn't post links to it"

ID: hid2i8y

damn i came in here to make that comment lmaooo

3 : Anonymous2021/10/28 07:41 ID: hicsp71

Sony had sold 13 and a half million PS5s, huh? I wonder how long it will take them to get to 20 million?

You think it’s feasible by the end of this year?

ID: hict7fq

Calendar year? No. Financial year? Possibly They’re going to keep selling roughly the same as last quarter for as long as that’s the limit of what their factories can produce. Of course, with the fuel shortages in China, this could plummet very quickly, in which case, absolutely not.

ID: hida95w

Sony themselves forecasted close to 15m PS5 sold until the end of their fiscal year, so 20m would be impossible.

ID: hida5w8

they sold 3.3m in one quarter, so their production must be around 1.1m per month. you can calculate how long it would take at that pace. should be in April or May if they don't find a way to increase production.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/28 07:02 ID: hicpw7p

The latest quarterly revenue number of Playstatin is 5.86 Billion USD. Compared to Xbox which is at 3.6 Billion. PS5 hardware sale to consumers is 13.4 Million. Compared to XSX/S hardware sale to RETAILERS (Estimated) is 8.3 Million.

(Overall PS) Revenues from DLC, MTX was at the majority at 29%, Console Hardware at 25%, Digital Games at 20%, Subscriptions at 16%, Physical Games at 4%, and others such as PSVR, accessories, and PC games at 6%.

ID: hid2wtk

All the gaming companies are making stupid amounts of money at the moment. I don't think billion and trillion dollar companies making bank needs to be a competition though.

ID: hicqekr

I know everything right now is hardware bottlenecked and people buy anything, but I feel like this generation with the strong xbox specs, gamepass and eventually plenty exclusives Xbox will shrink the gap significantly.

In 1-2 years it's gonna be a very competitive generation (bar a colossal fuckup).

ID: hicrzi1

Maybe in North America, but in most of the rest of the world, it won't be close at all.

ID: hidmt1j

The gap is only gonna get larger if they could feed supply.

ID: hicsy87

strong xbox specs

No one cares about this.

ID: hictdmq

I think there's a zero chance of this. For Xbox to be competitive there would have to be major fuck ups on Sony's part and MS would have to get everything right as was the case back in 2005/2006 when PS360 released. That was the only time Xbox was able to compete and for it to happen they had a $200 price advantage, better multiplats, big 3rd party exclusives like Mass Effect, Bioshock, L4D, etc early on, even got some high profile JRRPG exclusives, a year lead on the market, and the whole people buying 360s to play with their friend which was a new phenomenon due to online gaming taking off and no sign of crossplay and since 360 released a year early it was uniquely in position to take advantage of it.

Suffice to say Xbox can't match PS in installbase by simply being competitive, it needs a series of other miracles.

ID: hicraea

That only time will tell. Xbox has one problem and it’s that it’s brand isn’t as strong as Playstation. It doesn’t have much of a reach in Europe besides UK. Europe is a valuable market because of FIFA and the UT revenue that Sony takes 30% cut from every digital item. Besides that Xbox has handicapped itself with awful console naming.

Gamepass subscription service may work but I don’t expect it to reach astronomical numbers because it is designed the same way as other linear entertainment like Movies, Music and TV where you watch one content and move on but Gaming is not linear entertainment and games nowadays are services where you continue to play.

Some of the Most played games are F2P which requires no subscription. Most of the gaming userbase is casuals who only play FIFA, CoD, GTA, Fortnite, NBA 2k and they would have no reason to subscribe to Gamepass. Most of these casual games have marketing rights with Playstation. Casuals don’t care about playing Gears of War 6 day 1 because they want to play FIFA. They want to level up in CoD.

Subscriptions can also make your fanbase entitled and not encourage them to spend money on digital storefront. Of course I am only only speaking from a business point of view.

ID: hicsrph

I hear that a lot, but I think it’s sort of the opposite. Xbox will have to absolutely nail their execution over the next few years to become competitive. The delay of Halo tells me they aren’t quite there yet.

I also think Sony will catch a second wind from PSVR2… I think that may finally be the big moment for VR.

ID: hid356l

I promise I am not saying this as some PlayStation fanboy, but i really do not see Xbox closing that gap too much. Last gen the ratio was more than 2:1 in PlayStations favor and by the estimates that gap is almost the same now with the current gen systems. Maybe xbox could close that a little, but GamePass has been around for over four years now. If it was going to make a huge impact on hardware sales we would have seen it by now.

I agree that Xbox investing into all of these exclusives COULD help, but that still takes years to get the reputation of a great place to play exclusive games. Even if they dropped a the last of us 2level game sometime in the middle of 2022, people would not go buy an xbox just for that unless they already wanted one maybe. It will take several good exclusives over a few years for them to get that reputation. And even then PlayStation will still have its dozen or so of great developers with a history of making great games to compete with. Not to mention even if Xbox ends up having a lot of good exclusives, people can still play them day and date on PC.

The only way i could see there being a big shift in the ratio of consoles sold from each company is if playstation colossally fucks up while xbox simultaneously releases hitter after hitter.

ID: hid2zs2

IMO It all hinges on Xbox's ability to provide the kind of exclusives that make people want to play. There is a common complaint that Sony only makes third person action adventure games, and it's not entirely wrong, though it's unfair to say they're all the same.

But God of War, Spider-Man, Horizon, Uncharted, The Last of Us, and Ghost of Tsushima do have something in common: they are worlds people want to be immersed in. It's not just a question of gameplay or any single aspect of the game, it's the incredible graphics, the intriguing stories, the flawless performances, an experience that feels at least somewhat fresh, etc. and almost no third party game manages to capture these elements.

Xbox has good games... but they don't have that. The closest thing they've had is maybe Quantum Break. And they need games like that in order to draw people in. Halo Infinite may be a great game, but it's just not good enough to compete with Sony because unless you already like Halo, the game won't appeal to you. Ironically though the first three Halo games absolutely fit that criteria for the time and they were massive appeals to the OG Xbox and later the 360. So were the first few Gears of War games. But Uncharted 2 changed everything and it kinda defined this new era of flagship games. Sony caught on pretty quick but Xbox missed the train for an entire gen

Maybe they'll manage to capture people's attention with what they have cooking, but it's too early to tell. We'll have to see what Hellblade, Perfect Dark, Fable, Avowed, Starfield and others end up looking like. They have potential for sure and I sure hope they deliver because I'd like my two upcoming years of Game Pass to be of some use

ID: hicwz3q

xbox is only relevant in north america it wont be close at all.

ID: hidq81c

Good god... Xbox fanboys and their little brother syndrome are completely insufferable.

ID: hicthg2

If they actually make a good Halo game for once that might happen. Otherwise it'll depend on if Starfield can reach Skyrim levels of success as a console exclusive new IP.

ID: hicwk0c

The consoles are comparable, if specs mattered that much to the console crowd then the revisions would have sold better than the base versions, i.e. the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X but that was not the case. People want bigger features to justify the cost of a product or switching to it, so no the Xbox Series X having a tiny tiny edge over the PS5 in fringe cases won't make anyone switch to it or buy it instead of a PS5.

As for exclusives lets wait and see what they have, I am not at all impressed with their management on the game making side of things, and Xbox Game Studios as a brand is nowhere near Sony.

ID: hid04uf

Hardware sales to consumers is the same as hardware sales to retailers. There are no xbox series consoles sitting on shelves waiting for someone to buy them

ID: hid1wbo

May be true for series x, but series s has been readily available for months here in Singapore

ID: hida252

sp physical games revenue is smaller than PC games revenue? That's quite funny, actually. Digital sales on console are 5 times higher than physical.

ID: hidhiqf

Digital sales on console are 5 times higher than physical.

Not certain but could be because it's revenue rather than profit? I'd imagine with digital games, Sony gets all of the sales as revenue, then they have to pass along 70% of it to the respective publishers. Whereas with physical games everyone else has already taken their cut by the time the money reaches Sony, so they get to keep all of the revenue as profit. Just my guess.

0.3 * 20% = 6% that Sony would get to keep. Much more in line with the 4% for physical. (Digital would get a little extra though as some games are published by Sony and they get to keep everything, so maybe 7% vs 4%)


physical games revenue is smaller than PC games revenue?

Nope. Physical games revenue is smaller than PSVR, accessories and PC games revenue combined, because they've lumped all those into one.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/28 20:34 ID: hife8sb

Bought some Sony stock before the system came out and am happy about it, still plenty of room to go up

6 : Anonymous2021/10/28 13:43 ID: hidombj

Good job, great console, awesome games released and tons coming in, no surprise everyone wants it.

ID: hiet58s

How does everyone want if they're releasing everything on PC and everyone has an ULTRA-HIGH END PC MASTER RACE 8K 300FPS, no need to buy a PS5

ID: hiexefd

Don’t be so insecure. People who talk about games on online forums often are more “hardcore” and are more likely to have invested in a powerful gaming PC. I can’t exactly fault them for wanting to take advantage of their hardware that they probably spent a lot on.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/28 08:03 ID: hicu6r0

Didn't sony say they intend to sell 20m by the end of this year? If so Doesn't this massively fall short?

Or were they talking about the financial year rather than the calendar one? If so when does the financial year end.

ID: hicw19w

Fiscal year and calendar year aren't the same x). They planned more than 14.8m console sold in the 2021 fiscal year that end in march 2022, and not lifetime console sell(meaning that only the sell from april 1st 2021 to march 31st 2022 will count for it), so far they are at 5.6m ps5 sold this fiscal year.

The 20m you reffering to is probably their goal of selling more console than the 3rd fiscal year of the ps1 which is the record of playstation 3rd fiscal year atm, meaning that for fiscal year 2022 that start in april 2022 and end in march 2023, they expect to sell more than 22m console during that period alone.

ID: hicuesj

Sony expects the PS5 to sell more than 22.6 million units during the FY ending in 2023, breaking a record held by the PS1 since 1998

8 : Anonymous2021/10/28 08:38 ID: hicwn0u

still they cant secure decent PS+ games

ID: hid4lnk

They can. They choose not to. Because people have low standards and online is gated behind paywall so they gotta pay or they can't play COD.

ID: hidaazt

Warzone is free to play, you don't need PS+ for that.

ID: hidocsz

It's too cheap for them to care. Like a whole year price is a joke. I'd prefer Sony to provide something like Basic PS+ and Premium PS+ with guaranteed bigger titles or whatever we call it. For a good game pool, I am 100% willing to pay more. Right now I don't even consider PS+ a cost, it's closer to free plan for me.

ID: hiephsi

Like a whole year price is a joke

you can find it for like $30 pretty easily what u talkin bout

ID: hidwz39

dont get me wrong: it is INDEED cheap and it pays itself

im not worried about my money but there should implement something that gives them a better narrative because everyone is expecting at least one "big game" each month and this year was weak in providing highly appealing titles consistently

i added only 6 games to my library (FF7R, CONTROL, OVERCOOKED, HELL LET LOOSE, A PLAGUE TALE, ODDWORLD) out of +30 games

i agree with you

9 : Anonymous2021/10/28 07:19 ID: hicr5bq

Any sales updates on games like ratchet and Spider-Man ?

10 : Anonymous2021/10/28 09:53 ID: hid1tq1

I wonder how many PS4s are they even making? I’ve been trying to buy a second PS4 since february and I couldn’t find a single store in my country that still had them in stock. Additionally, I’ve been looking for one since then and I don’t think they were ever back in stock. It’s weird because I was thinking that they might still push the PS4 as a budget option since God of war and HFW will be playable on it.


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