Thursday restocks are a scam

1 : Anonymous2021/10/28 14:12 ID: qhnyxe

I'm sorry for the rant but what the f*ck? Are you seriously expecting me to believe you can only manufacture 2 minutes worth of graphics cards? How on earth does everything sell out that quickly if every purchase is limited to 1 GPU? God damnit man...

2 : Anonymous2021/10/28 14:15 ID: hidt00u

"your on line, event will start in 15 min", less than 15 later = all sold out 🙂

ID: hiem01s

Got excited because I had an 8 minute queue this morning. Sold out at 6 minutes left in my waiting time.

ID: hifcsln

Less than 15 what? Seconds? because it literally is that before the line is paused lol

3 : Anonymous2021/10/28 14:52 ID: hidyet2

Queue will only favour bots. Register tickets based on billing info and do a fucking Lottery, AMD. Scalpers' reach would be significantly reduced.

ID: hienwyy

Good god, yes! This, 350%!

Have people sign up using some form of identifiable information, make it crystal clear that they get ONE CARD ONLY, and then draw lots for every drop.

You could even have people sign up for which card they want, so you're not trying to sell a 6900 to someone who only wants a 6700.

Anything would be better than this bot-infested weekly joke!

ID: hifpbvg

The VCCS I have allow me to have an infinite number of billing addresses, this would not work as well as you think it would.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/28 14:15 ID: hidszrl

The best part is when they say the event starts at 9:15AM CDT and sell out at 9:08AM.

ID: hie4iys

I mean, isn't all of this 'selling out fast' thing just because let's say 20,000 people join the queue, but there are only 500 available, whatever time they choose to go live, the front 500 people in the queue will instantly get theirs and the queue will therefore be immediately suspended seconds after it goes live because all stock has been allocated. At this point, peoples only chance to get the card is if someone in that front 500 cancels and they are next in line.

The real problem is that the numbers I used are probably an under exaggeration rather than an over exaggeration of the competition that you face when trying to buy one.

ID: hiebmfa

Yes, this is correct and the numbers are indeed likely much higher.

The OP post shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the system, that duration of time = x amount of time to buy. Being live for 2 minutes has absolutely zero bearing how many of a thing sell.

“2 minutes worth of graphics cards” says nothing about sale/customer volume.

ID: hifb39m

whatever time they choose to go live, the front 500 people in the queue will instantly get theirs and the queue will therefore be immediately suspended

While that's true, issue is that they are making the "queuing time" so short that actual humans don't have enough time to sign up for the queue.

The only ones that are instantly queuing up by thousands at a time are the bots, and actual people are left kicking sand when they arrive 9:10AM and they already are out of a chance to even sign-up for the queue where a random placement should be able to assign 1st place to someone showing up at 9:14:59.

ID: hie1klx

Probably the worst bit so far

ID: hiecwre

Seriously. I got in the pre queue like 15 minutes before the stated start time. Waiting for the timer to tick down and all of a sudden I'm in line at over an hour again, like always. It started at least 10 minutes too early.

Also, I've never seen my time be less than an hour, except once when I got 40 minutes.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/28 14:15 ID: hidt07i

Yep, same old story every week. Been trying for over a year now. Same results. Like the lottery.

ID: hie91vg

Except you don't pay money to enter the queue each time.

If you do, well, I have bad news...

ID: hieqev2

I'm so glad that I just gave up on this shit many months ago.

That's pretty awful that it's still going on. 🙁

6 : Anonymous2021/10/28 14:16 ID: hidt7bv

seems like the only viable options are to buy a bot or camp out for in-store drops. shits really tiresome.

ID: hiea323

Went to an in-store drop at Best Buy for RTX cards and a fight broke out and cops were called. Last time I’ll be doing that.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/28 14:32 ID: hidveq6

Now there is a script for sale by some dude. People confirmed to have bypassed today's que and at x.02 time they already placed the orders. Good job AMD, this is working great, now need to pay random dude on the internet 5 euros for the script for next Thursday.

ID: hidxay5

Yes, can confirm there is a script that bypasses the queue for 5 Euros. Too bad I am in North America but somebody probably ported it over to work with North American servers/store front

ID: hie0mq0

I'm ashamed to even ask but where does one get this? I'm just scared my 7 year old card stops working unexpectedly

ID: hie8xsu


ID: hieen8k

How do you get those drop numbers? No one actually really knows right?

ID: hiedv8x

Those numbers suck lmao

ID: hien9pn

746.4 million people... 325 cards.

Yeah, that seems like it matches, alright...

ID: hienn2j

Well, it's not like you can expect people in AMD to be technology savvy, it isn't their area of expertise... I'm sure they are doing all they can in order do prevent bots from ecooping up all the gpus

ID: hie563k

Sure would explain why it sells out before it's even supposed to start.

ID: hidw6fk

People confirmed to have bypassed today's que

Where did you see this?

8 : Anonymous2021/10/28 14:35 ID: hidvvin

Simply put, bots found a way around it.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/28 14:49 ID: hidxtn9

Got through last thursday, only to find that 6900 was the only GFX available, and far out of my budget. The line was 6 min when it started. Today = more than an hour.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/28 15:29 ID: hie3t93

I think they are producing as much as they can, but if TSMC can't do so many N21 and N22 chips, then this quantities are not strictly related to what AMD wants to sell on its website

Todays number were very poor

6700XT 150 - 6800 50 - 6800XT 50 - 6900XT 75

I am pleased that they think how to fight bots almost every week but they can't keep up to that forever

11 : Anonymous2021/10/28 14:14 ID: hidste7


12 : Anonymous2021/10/28 14:17 ID: hidtbpy

Joined around 9:04 central. Everything was sold at 9:09.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/28 17:36 ID: hien88j

why would they sell at MSRP when they can sell at 3x MSRP

14 : Anonymous2021/10/28 15:24 ID: hie2ywn

I hate to say it, but I think it’s time to go back to GPU sales only by physical means. Like brick in mortar stores, or, send AMD a written form in the mail and they send you a card when it’s built. Only one card per address for any given period of time

ID: hien4m0

I hear you but as we had already seen in the past even those retail stores often horde those Cards for some time to afterwards sell them for their own benefits through some events.

People for example where bitching in Germany that they couldn't buy Cards for a long time and then ahead of the Gamescom 2021 some bigger Retail run an sale where they had like 500+ Cards from different Brands at Retail prices or slightly above those as an Marketing stunt locally on sale.

So it's not always those Scalpers that will make it harder to actually buy cards but too those that should actually sell those when they get those or full orders in the first place.

In the end it doesn't matter what you would do because the among of cards that are being produced and the among of cards that are demanded are still at least twice as high as AMD is currently able to provide doesn't matter at which model you look at.

I for example gave up on buying myself this year an 6900XT and will wait for the successors of it after trying to get one of those cards for months through the AMD Store.

15 : Anonymous2021/10/28 14:29 ID: hiduxe7

Yes, because companies are purposely not selling more products than they could because they really don't like making the money.

Why is everyone bringing price into this? It was a topic about stock levels, not price.

ID: hidz1w9

Yeah why sell at MSRP when you can sell to AIB to then sell for +50% markup! If nVidia/AMD wanted they could allow us to queue and ship when available but that'd be too simple.

ID: hie3c2s

Yeah why sell at MSRP when you can sell to AIB to then sell for +50% markup

AMD doesn't get +50% profit from an AIB model sold at +50% markup.

AMD has higher margins from selling to you at MSRP that selling to their AIB partners.

ID: hidzec6

They could just stop selling directly through the web store entirely

ID: hiehykr

Ehhhh.. Pretty sure AMD isn’t making alot off the current MSRP.

16GB GDDR6 isn’t cheap per say and I’m pretty sure the silicone isn’t entirely AMD produced.

ID: hiemikz

Nintendo says hi.

16 : Anonymous2021/10/28 14:31 ID: hidvbfm

It's an artificial shortage, Asia has been back at almost full capacity since mid to late 2020.

They're letting people with $$$ game the system and artificially inflate the costs of these parts.

17 : Anonymous2021/10/28 15:23 ID: hie2v5s

They sell 99% to miners for double the msrp. And they put 0.1% up for sale on the web.

18 : Anonymous2021/10/28 14:25 ID: hiduhj1

I mean I get the anger, but it is the case that demand is insane right now, of amd wafer allocation they get, most is on the consoles, then CPUs, then GPUs, of that tiny allocation for GPUs most goes to the board partners, the reference design (which is by far the most sought after) is trickled out so amd can say the msrp technically exists

Nvidia is facing the same issues, stock sells out in seconds for the FE cards that are FHR (and the Nvidia FE cards have shit designs that involve people having to replace the thermal pads)

People who want a queue system you don't realise how long you'd wait, people who signed up for the EVGA queue on launch (1year ago) are just now getting their cards, it would take literally years for AMD to work through a queue, given they have far less supply than Nvidia do

Going into it expecting to get a card is setting yourself up for dissapintment (As someone who got an AMD card at launch) they sold out in a minute then let alone now when demand has exploded

If you get angry after the queue just remember it is only a pc, you can afford the benefit of waiting (unless it's for work but thats the minority of people searching for these cards)

If you desperately want to game and not sell a kidney for it, forget the pc market and get a current gen console, while not easy to find they're leaps and bounds easier to get than a gpu, and nothing gets near their performance for the price point

ID: hidw31z

It's not the fact that he can't get a card that it's disappointing. It's the fact that literally they go out of stock even before the supposed q is to begin. So that tells you that something else is at play here.

This is obviously bots doing, because the first 2 weeks it wasn't like this and i'd argue demand was way higher 3 months ago than it is now. I know legit 20 people that got their amd cards in the first 2 weeks the q was in place.

ID: hidyk3z

My issue is more that it just doesn't seem to be working properly. I know I'm working with like a 1% chance or whatever, but if you're going to do a random queue once a week, at least be consistent with it. I assume the idea is to give regular people sort of a lottery ticket each week that doesn't involve them camping a best buy or their f5 key. But the way they do it now, with inconsistent start times and queues that sometimes don't even work (it simply wouldn't give my desktop a queue placeholder spot, even though I arrived at the right time, ended up having to use my cellphone for some reason), what's the point?

It's getting as silly as the Newegg shuffle, which I originally thought was a decent idea. I saw a 3080ti + mobo combo on the shuffle for 2400 USD the other day. Like, what? So I get a random chance to pay full scalper prices on a GPU AND buy a $500 motherboard I don't want? What a deal.

ID: hidzt8c

Random drops are a good idea it stops scalpers to a degree, the best thing is 1 sale per billing address/delivery address (scan in the UK does this and it works well), but yeah there are better ways to do it, but literally any way would have it's flaws

Newegg shuffle imo has always been a joke, it's Newegg passing on low turnover stock onto customers, like distributors do to them

I dont have any solutions, in terms of tech in the last year I've had no issues getting GPUs or console for myself and friends, 90% of that is luck, 10% using trackers/having payment details ready etc (on launch of the 6000 series I went straight for the 6800, knowing people would go after the 6800xt) recently I went after a 3070ti, knowing people would go for the 3060ti that also dropped and got it first try

But the US is completely different to the UK (worth noting you can't use the amd site to get a gpu, they don't ship here anymore) so take comfort in the fact that you have a chance, however small

19 : Anonymous2021/10/28 15:39 ID: hie59po

I signed in at 9:45 am eastern. At 9:50am, I was put in line with an HOUR wait. By 10:08am, ALL GRAPHICS CARDS HAVE BEEN SOLD. WTF ?? I am just going to start running a bot on my Ryzen 9 5950X just to get what I need. Heck, I might even start taking orders on Reddit !!!!

20 : Anonymous2021/10/28 17:21 ID: hiekuuk

I mean…. There’s a million members on this sub. If even a fraction got in line and tried to buy a card you can see how fast a current run gets bought.


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