Bugsnax’s Isle Of Bigsnax DLC Will Now Have New Trophies

1 : Anonymous2021/10/31 14:25 ID: qjql90
Bugsnax's Isle Of Bigsnax DLC Will Now Have New Trophies
2 : Anonymous2021/10/31 17:31 ID: hisbk96

I feel like trophies only help your game, so good call Imo

ID: hitjl56

I went out of my way to get platinum so I'm definitely happy to go back for more!

3 : Anonymous2021/10/31 14:34 ID: hirnb8n

Bugsnax was one of the most enjoyable games I've played in a while. It was really fun and it made me feel like a kid again.

I'm excited for the DLC.

ID: his37p4


ID: his3i1b


ID: hisa7f1

Sweetiefly! Sweetiefly!

4 : Anonymous2021/10/31 15:05 ID: hirrfm1

This game was way too good to be free and it just keeps getting better.

ID: hirvwk2

Not exactly free

ID: hirwxrx

Fair point. Free with PS+. I don't really even think about PS+ anymore tbh, it's just a yearly cost to keep playing my console that gives me "free" games.

ID: hisud1o

Jesus Christ there’s always someone.


ID: hirwsaw

How is it not free when it’s a free update?

5 : Anonymous2021/10/31 17:02 ID: his7eoa

If we beat the game. Do we have to replay it to get to the dlc part?

ID: hise987

No just use your old save.

ID: hiso31k

Have they released info about this yet? I was looking for how they were going to do it for people who've completed the game.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/31 15:10 ID: hirryzu
ID: hiruhw0

It's kind of weird the article calls him "unnamed fan" instead of using his name, but I'm glad he made it happen. Trophies aren't the most important thing but why wouldn't you add them to encourage people to play it?

ID: his3a1b

I'm sure that was in jest since he called out GameSpot and IGN for not writing about this news.

He has to much power.

ID: hirw0gu

One of the devs said he didn't even know you can add Trophies through a patch.

ID: his0pe9

He did this?

ID: his9xzs
ID: hirs52f

Thanks greg!

ID: hisopfy

Does seem kinda gross since his wife worked on PR for the game and now he is obviously generating more PR for the game while also being an influence

you call what he does.

ID: hitmhgw

I think you’re making it out to be more than it is. He always discloses that Gen works on the game and he’s always been a trophy guy so this is hardly a new thing for him.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/31 14:55 ID: hirq14m


ID: hisk1s4


ID: hisgomr


ID: hirz1cx


8 : Anonymous2021/10/31 20:54 ID: hit4k59

This game and astro made me feel like a kid again and I cannot wait for the DLC I was ready to open my wallet but it’s free.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/31 14:55 ID: hirq0y1

Bugsnax is such a vibe. Relistened to the OST today. Can confirm 😀

ID: hiszwte

I just realised it's now on Spotify! Amazing

10 : Anonymous2021/10/31 22:21 ID: hitfu80

I just love how Bugsnax went from a huge meme before it’s release to a genuinely well loved game after its release.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/31 14:44 ID: hirokam

I’m kind of annoyed I overwritten my platinum save so my friends could have a go. Going to have to do it all again now! So glad there is a trophy list though, Bugsnax is easily my favourite PS5 game so far. Completely caught me by surprise.

ID: hirpgcm

You don't have ps+? Could have uploaded the platinum save....

ID: hirwz58

Or just made his friend start a profile. There’s literally no reason to delete your save in 2021 ha

ID: hirx9bj

You bungered that one

12 : Anonymous2021/10/31 18:09 ID: hisgz5u

Is this dlc a story update or just bigger bugsnax?

ID: hiti3kc


13 : Anonymous2021/10/31 18:52 ID: hisn3fq

I must have missed it when it was free, will probably buy soon though.

14 : Anonymous2021/10/31 15:57 ID: hiryecf

At first you had my curiosity and now you have my attention.

15 : Anonymous2021/10/31 14:38 ID: hirnsnf

Let's goooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

16 : Anonymous2021/10/31 16:28 ID: his2rdt

I am SO excited to 100% this game again

17 : Anonymous2021/10/31 17:32 ID: hisbr5r

Ah yes. More parasites to consume. cums

18 : Anonymous2021/10/31 15:00 ID: hirqnq6

Hope it has its own Platinum

ID: hirt7c0

Don't think Plats are a thing for DLC.

ID: hirviha

The only time I’ve seen a separate platinum for DLC is Monster Hunter Worlds expansion

ID: hirtt89

Even Minecraft only has the one platinum trophy, and they have 10+ free dlc with multiple trophies each.

ID: hirr6wc

The main game has it’s own platinum 🙂

19 : Anonymous2021/10/31 17:44 ID: hisdd6o

Well im ready to grind again lol

20 : Anonymous2021/10/31 19:16 ID: hisqksg

Hopefully a 1440p performance mode with a more stable 60fps accompanies this DLC.

22 : Anonymous2021/10/31 22:09 ID: hitedg3

Gutted that I missed it for free before I got a PS5

23 : Anonymous2021/10/31 22:40 ID: hiti6pk

It’s worth the 20 bucks.

24 : Anonymous2021/10/31 22:31 ID: hith3zl
25 : Anonymous2021/10/31 22:48 ID: hitj775

Did they ever fix the poor framepacing and narrow FoV?

26 : Anonymous2021/10/31 16:08 ID: hirzxid

there’s no way it wasn’t pre-planned. the whole greg miller thing was just marketing for it.

27 : Anonymous2021/10/31 20:17 ID: hiszh99

I absolutely love Bugsnax and I am so excited for this. AND it's free AND it has more trophies! Happy days


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