GPU prices continue to rise, Radeon RX 6000 again twice as expensive as MSRP –

1 : Anonymous2021/10/31 21:44 ID: qjzhrh
GPU prices continue to rise, Radeon RX 6000 again twice as expensive as MSRP -
2 : Anonymous2021/10/31 22:48 ID: hitj71l

Ah yes, progress...backwards.

Well, I surrendered and bought an RX 6700 XT (XFX MERC319 Black) to complete a gift build that's been sitting in a box for a year. For a personal upgrade, I might consider an RX 6000-series card (hopefully discounted) when the RX 7000-series is released.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/31 22:51 ID: hitjkrf

At this point a pre build or gaming laptop depending what is in stock is better than a high prices gpu.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/31 21:55 ID: hitcp2f

I hate cryptocurrency.

ID: hitekqi

It is the primary driver of inflated GPU prices / scarcity for regular customers.

ETH near all time high right now.

ID: hitfsbi

Can't wait for ETH 2.0 and the ban of all PoW coins.

ID: hite0ia

I hate pandemics

ID: hitkd1v

There wasn't a pandemic in 2017-2018. It's the cryptos again, only people telling otherwise are those who mine/trade cryptos. The pandemic alone would just result in somewhat higher prices and reduced offer in the lower end segment, just like it's happening with AMD CPUs/APUs.

ID: hitkxrr

Crypto makes it worse but it's too easy to blame it all on that. We've seen significant price inflation and shortages across many industries.

What really caused it were the extended economic lock downs that completely decimated an already fragile supply chain. It was then made exponentially worse by loose fiscal policies that injected trillions of dollars into the economy. As a result millions of people went on a buying spree, buying expensive electronics that they wouldn't have otherwise bought. This drove up demand to insane levels, to the point where chip fabs across the world could no longer produce enough chips to meet demand, meaning that companies such as NVIDIA and AMD could no longer place new orders for more GPU's like they normally would when faced with unusually high demand. This is the deadlock that we've been in for over a year now, and it's the reason why nothing seems to be getting better.

It's like giving everyone millions of dollars and then finding the next day that all of the fancy sports cars are out of stock. Every single phone, car, TV, computer (any electronic device really) that was bought with cheap money contributed to the shortages by eating up the wafers at TSMC and Samsung. Every single one of those sales would not have occurred had there been no lock downs and 'money printing', and AMD/NVIDIA would have had plenty of wafers available to make all of the GPU's they'd need to keep prices at MSRP.

ID: hitn41i

I agree with everything you said, though as of right now, crypto is the top contributor. There is no shortage of CPUs, RAM, Motherboards, storage, etc. its just GPUs. Its like 2018 all over again. Did you forget mate?

ID: hitdlhg

It's not the crypto that you should hate

ID: hitdvja

It's the easiest thing for people to hang their hat on though.
Too much effort to keep up with the other 5+ factors that are contributing to the price hikes.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/31 23:30 ID: hito81o

Glad I spent 100 over MSRP on a 6700 XT reference card a few months ago. Thought it was an amazing deal then and even more so now.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/31 23:21 ID: hitn4m9

Funny thing was I felt like a dumbass for spending what I spent on my GPU, but looking at the market now. I am glad I got it when I did. The 6800 XT I bought off Newegg is now 500 dollars more expansive than when I bought it. And that's one of the cheaper ones on Newegg. The rest are like 2300-2500 dollars. A cool 1000 dollars more than what I spent. I am not a religious man, but god help us all.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/31 23:36 ID: hitp0iq

For all the hate the 6600XT got when it was first released, I'm now glad I paid $440 for one. It was simultaneously a horrible value and the best deal on the market today. My 5600X was saddled by a reference RX 480 for almost a year, I was sick of waiting longer for higher-end GPUs. Months later, things have not only not gotten better, they've actually gotten worse. I feel horrible for everyone waiting for a GPU.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/31 23:48 ID: hitqewz

And I thought I was so stupid and impatient when I bought my 3090… apparently not

9 : Anonymous2021/10/31 23:32 ID: hitoikq

You know the fun thing? When gamers will release that they can get free performance and upgrade for free with all this mining and covid situation things will get better.

Bought a 5700xt ref back then in 2019 for 369 euro[300 euro exclude tax]. Mining for 6 months and got about 700 euro[100 euro of them were electricity] then sold it for 850 euro and got an 6700xt merc 319 for 1100 euro[890 euro exclude tax]. So think about it. Paid 300 euro ern 700 more from mining and then sold for 850 and got 35% more performance with a new 6700xt. Now i am mining with this beast for 5 months and i have already earn more than 500 euro with this card and in 4 more months i will earn the complete price i paid for. So dont say this situation is bad for gamers. I am enjoy the hell of this card with gaming and mining when i dont play. Its a win-win situation for gamers just think about it and dont cry.


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