AMD Ryzen 6000 desktop series support coming to Project Hydra OC tool this month –

1 : Anonymous2021/11/03 04:28 ID: qlmpjx
AMD Ryzen 6000 desktop series support coming to Project Hydra OC tool this month -
2 : Anonymous2021/11/03 08:13 ID: hj4gz6z

We reached out to Yuri for a comment on what exactly did he mean in his tweets and how does a ‘Ryzen family update’ collide with Ryzen 6000 support coming to his tool. In short, it is an educated prediction based on the latest information that Yuri had received. It is neither confirmed that the series will indeed be called Ryzen 6000 series nor that it will definitely launch in late January.

Not sure if this article is actually news then, aside from abut the OC tool itself.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/03 08:19 ID: hj4hbut

Can someone enlighten me? Ryzen 6000 is the rembrandt, right? Zen 3+ and RDNA2... Or it is just vermeer refresh with 3D V-Cache?

ID: hj4i7zu

Ryzen 6000 is zen 3d

ID: hj526bf

Then what is rembrandt gonna be called not ryzen 6000 also?

ID: hj5h1kx

Please tell me it will be compatible with x570 chipset.

ID: hj5o8nx

If it is the zen with 3D V-Cache, it is compatible.

If it is the Rembrandt, it is not compatible because benchmarks, leaks show rembrandt with LP/DDR5 ram and AM4 doesn't support that.

ID: hj7kfep

Knowing AMD, they will refresh 570 as fanless 670, tell customers 6000 is not supported on 570, and half a year later will backpedal and release bios updates.

Except for Asus. Asus will refuse to release bios updates, and force all it's 570 users to buy 670 motherboards. Bare minimum they will be the last company to release an update, and it will be missing key performance features or bug fixes.

At that point, 670 users will go on the forums and belittle 570 users telling them their AM4 platform that should be 100% compatible is outdated, and make all kinds of excuses for AMD. Even after AMD backpedals and releases bios updates for 570 users, 670 users will still troll all the 570 users who didn't receive updates by telling them their product should not be supported.

That's what will happen, because that's exactly what happened to 370/470 users, and AMD loves playing these games. Hell, they probably think it makes them look good by holding out for a few months before backpedaling to release support.

Problem is, every single loser who participates in sticking up for these shenanigans is proving AMD correct. Not just with the fanboy shilling, but by buying triple overpriced premium hardware so that AMD can get away with selling garbage tier mid-range hardware at prices that are ridiculous compared to the previous gen that had nearly the same or better specs, and the only issue is whether or not you can get a bios update.

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ID: hj4hn0c

My guess it's 3D V- Cache as15% performance uplift should warrant a new series.

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ID: hj5k352


4 : Anonymous2021/11/03 13:01 ID: hj55c3y

Both V-Cache and Rembrandt are a thing, although whether AMD wants to push Rembrandt to Desktop is beyond me to answer.
Edit: Also, can we stop calling V-Cache or Rembrandt "Ryzen 6000" when we don't even know how they will be named? It creates confusion for no god damn reason. Just call them by their codenames(exception for V-Cache that seemingly has none).

ID: hj5euf2

AMD won't have a choice. They can't possibly call Rembrandt 5000G/U/H given that they already have Zen2/Zen3+Vega in the same series. RDNA2 is a big deal. They have to give it a new name, Zen3+ alone would warrant a new series by their standard. And if they bump APU series, they'll have to bump CPU refresh.

It all but confirmed to be 6000/G series. No confusion at all.

ID: hj5qspd

Just assume AMD will do whatever makes the least sense and is most confusing regarding naming.

ID: hj5hs78

I'd still hold my breath. We're all talking about unreleased products here and trying to guess what AMD will call a line of products will create a whole lot of unnecessary confusion(just like how most of the Ryzen 5000U/H series in still Zen2).

Plus V-Cache is just L3 stacked vertically in a Vermeer CPU, presumably.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/03 04:58 ID: hj41qbi

You missed the important part of this article - Hydra 1.04D will be made public at end of November.

ID: hj4xuv8

Yes 🙂

6 : Anonymous2021/11/03 14:21 ID: hj5g1ng

So I'm guessing Ryzen 6000 is the last CPU line for AM4 ?

ID: hj6be68

I thought Ryzen 5000X was the last one..

ID: hj6et8e

Nope, Zen 3 with stacked cache is the last on AM4, AMD stated that in their last feature video a few weeks ago, Just curious if it's going to be Zen3+ with stacked cache and called Ryzen 6000 or if AMD have no plans for Zen3+ and it'll just be Zen3 with stacked cache but still called Ryzen 6000, Zen4 will be the first series on the new AM5 socket.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/03 06:33 ID: hj49sbt

Yeah, but in reality, the 6000 series is still the Radeon HD 6000 series, Terascale. AMD should stop stealing names from itself or grow up and sue itself for copyright infringement.

At the end of the day it's just bad for the end user, who can't distinguish 2 products bearing the same name. You order a CPU and get a 10-year-old video card instead. Everyone's happy I guess.

ID: hj4ejo5

You're going to be awfully upset when the 7000 series CPUs and GPUs come out...

Radeon 7000 - 2000

Athlon x2 7000 - 2008

Radeon HD7000 - 2012

A6-7000 - 2014

RX7000 - 2022???

Ryzen 7000 - 2023???

ID: hj5xzo9

When does Ryzen rage 128 pro agp come out?

ID: hj6n3c5

How about Zen 3DNow!

ID: hj4dt0x

AMD has two series of graphics cards called the 5000 series, with multiple 5700's etc. They're also only about 10 years apart.

ID: hj4i4z6

Do you remember how the refresh of zen 2 was referenced? It was “XT” so the refreshed 3800X cpu became “3800XT.”

Imagine if they kept that for Zen3d and used 5800XT and 5600XT for CPUs…

ID: hj4a5tk

Yeah how dare AMD use a 6xxx series sequence anyway, didn't they know all their products will be confused with the venerable MOS 6502!? Won't someone think for the poor consumer who can't for themselves!

ID: hj4szg3

IIRC there was also a NVIDIA 6600XT or similar, though it's very obsolete now. Another cool naming coincidence.

ID: hj5989g

.... What?

ID: hj62hzb

That's a stupid take, and if anyone can't do something as basic as reading a description (if they're buying from reputable retailers), then getting that 10-year-old card is on them.

Did you also complain about the Ryzen Pro 4650 having the same number as the Radeon HD 4650, or Ryzen parts using similar numbers as Athlon XP/64/X2 parts?

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8 : Anonymous2021/11/03 17:31 ID: hj69s6q

Intel is kill


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