6800xt Vs 6900xt for VR

1 : Anonymous2021/11/03 13:45 ID: qlusss

I am currently sitting on rtx 3070 and play 90/120hz VR wirelessly. While 3070 is not bad for VR I still get some frame drops at times especially when there is more action on the screen in multiplayer team games and I can't max out or crank my resolution up too much.

I was planning to buy one of the AMD cards but there aren't many VR benchmarks videos to check the performance. Is it worth paying more for 6900xt or will 6800xt be more than enough to get the stable performance?

2 : Anonymous2021/11/03 14:33 ID: hj5hxlq

If you are Oculus quest 2 user stay away from AMD cards. Their hw encoder is not good and for quest you need it. All you see in the headset is streamed video from the HW encoder. For other headsets you can use what ever you want.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/03 13:49 ID: hj5bhts

What is your VR headset? if it has a high resolution, then VRAM is likely an issue with the 3070.

The 6900 XT can NEVER EVER be faster than a 25% over a 6800 XT (at same clocks!!!). Due to the way RDNA2 works, the 6800 XT has 72 compute units for Compute and 64 for pixel shading. 6900 XT has all 80 available for both Pixel Shading and Compute.

Thing is, in the real world, it is on average 9% slower than a 6900 XT (so not a lot) and the biggest delta I have ever seen is ... just 14%. And many are like 3-5% so nothing at all. If the difference is more than 15% in terms of price, go for a 6800 XT. If it is under 15%, the 6900 XT may make sense for you. But the 2 GPUs are very fast for sure and close to one another.

ID: hj5f0kj

As an owner of a 6900 XT I agree with this comment. The only reason I have this is I was ready to upgrade and the 6800 XT was not readily available this past spring. So here I am.

It is an excellent card, and too expensive compared to 6800 XT.

ID: hj6acst

Haha same thing. I tried to get a 6800 XT but it was gone so fast. I grabbed a 6900 XT instead.

I don't think it was as mistake. I was happy that I got one and it is fine.

ID: hj5kpy2

The XTXH models are another almost 10% faster than the XTX, which is crazy, and they OC beyond that.

Truly crazy how fast they are.

ID: hj6nvo4

Yeah same. The 6900xt is what popped up during an AMD drop and with those you don't have time to think. So here I am. I was fortunate and able to sell my 5700xt to pay for the 6900xt.

ID: hj5r4t2

If I remember correct, from Hardware Unboxed numbers the 6900 XT was about 10% faster on average at 1440P.

When I bought my 6900 XT here in Norway the price difference was 10% up from 6800 XT. Today the prices are even closer, more like 7% difference.

ID: hj5uvxu

When I bought my 6900 XT here in Norway the price difference was 10% up from 6800 XT. Today the prices are even closer, more like 7% difference.

At 10% or 7%, go for the 6900 XT IMHO. For sure.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/03 14:11 ID: hj5eoom

Both are excellent cards. Whichever one you can actually find in stock and for a reasonable price should probably be the one you choose. If money is no object, spring for the 6900.

ID: hj5rtay

Hear hear!

5 : Anonymous2021/11/03 15:08 ID: hj5n4xz

Oculus Quest2 ? The Quest2 is NOT your typical pcvr headset; it streams the image, thus you need a gpu with great encoders.

Dont go AMD; nvidia has much bette

performant video encoders. AMD will perform slower (vs the geforce equivalent card), and look worse since lower bitrate.

Dont believe me ? Go ask Ggodin (Virtual Desktop dev), and go lookup why AirLink is capped at 100 mbps for AMD cards (whereas geforce is 200mbps).

Lastly, 90hz is fine, but even a 3090/6900 will have some issues at 120hz (depending on your rendering resolution )

ID: hj60q4h

This, if you're using a quest 2 you want that Nvidia encoder

ID: hj6ut56

I have a Turing card and with original link cable I was running 500mbps without any drop frames and audio hiccups.

I have lowered it to 400 since I cannot see a difference between 400 and 500.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/03 16:15 ID: hj5xmf1

What resolution are you playing at? I use a 3060ti at 90hz at a pretty high resolution on a Quest 2 and I haven't had any problems with Link or Airlink.

3700x/3600cl14 ram.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/03 18:39 ID: hj6kn0w

What router are you using for wireless VR? I had a cheap wifi6 router from Huawei which would cause frame drops...now i have an asus tuf-ax5400 which is rocksolid...even if other devices are in the network streaming videos. Also i have a 6800xt. I play with virtual desktop on the second highest resolution and 120hz. You should also consider that the Nvidia encoder can push a higher bitrate than the AMD encoder. So you might be able to play at higher resolution and settings but the picture might look worse due to compression (artifacts). That's why also airlink is limiting the bandwidth on AMD cards quite significantly. 100mbs vs 250mbs as far as i can remember.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/03 16:33 ID: hj60k5s

It really depends on your headset but generally nvidia are still ahead on the VR side, but it also depends on the games you play, a lot of the racing games come down on AMD's side but many others are a clear win for nvidia.
Don't listen to all the blabber below for people chatting about flat panel gaming, it's not the same.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/03 14:55 ID: hj5l7fw

I know prob is not the answer you want to read but you need a 3090 for maximum performance not 6900 xt. Also is the same story for triple monitor setup. My card is 6900 xt aio.

There are a few reviews

Or youtube via simracers

Is it worth to get a 3090 now? Fk no let them colect dust:)

ID: hj5p6k2

If you have an AIO version, look around google to learn how to use MorePowerTool off of Igor's Lab. You can raise the GPU's power limit to give you the headroom it needs for super-high-resolution (8mil pixels +) gaming/VR.

I also recommend setting your memory to at least 2100 with "fast" timings; nearly every RDNA2 RX 6800 and higher model can do those settings without error, and if you are lucky, you can take the memory clock all of the way to 2150MHz without losing performance (GDDR6 has ECC, test every 10 mhz from 2100-2150 in Unigine Superposition, two runs each, and make sure the average doesn't lose performance as you increase the speed. If you do find you lose performance, set it to 20MHz before the lost performance.)

ID: hj5pl9l

Mine already boost to 2.8 ghz from factory. At how much it cost i dont want to touch mpt. To get what? 2.9;) not posible you need the overclockers cip.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/03 19:02 ID: hj6o6oh

For some games the AMD cards lack features that make then struggle. You 3070 will be faster or smoother in any game that uses re projection. Also as DLSS is added to vr games the 3070 will have an edge. Also some headsets do not like AMD cards , like the Pimax .

11 : Anonymous2021/11/03 17:46 ID: hj6c8kf

For vr you want all the performance headroom. I'm using a reverb g2 and my 6900xt oc works wonders.

In games as subnautica it can go 99-100% use. So a 6800xt would drop frames already.

However... Set your vr resolution - 8% and you have the same performance, save money and don't really notice it (on a reverb anyway)

12 : Anonymous2021/11/03 18:41 ID: hj6kurn

I've been having some problems with frame drops on my 6800xt in VR, especially if I have the smoothing on.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/03 18:47 ID: hj6lue6

I Have an RX6900 XT, I run VR in 120Hz with no drops. I'm happy.

#shortestreplyever 🙂

14 : Anonymous2021/11/03 17:02 ID: hj6564q

Bro I'm using a 5500XT. I think either will work phenomenally


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