Marvel’s “Midnight Suns” Delayed to the second half of 2022

1 : Anonymous2021/11/03 20:30 ID: qm3hhj
Marvel's "Midnight Suns" Delayed to the second half of 2022
2 : Anonymous2021/11/03 20:43 ID: hj73ym8

What's even the point of revealing a release date at this point, barely any game launches without a delay.

ID: hj78y95

Better to keep the audience thinking that the game eventually comes out rather than be silent about it and they think it got canceled

ID: hj7fadw

Maybe, but the ACTUAL solution is to not announce games until they are closer to release. Not like physical pre-order numbers matter the way they once did.

ID: hj7i9c7

That's another point, then why reveal a game so early? I would prefer if a game was revealed not earlier than 12 months from a REALISTIC release.

ID: hj79mmg

Probably has more to do with business and setting dates with retailers and distributers, once that’s set they may as well announce it because it would just get leaked anyway then people would be all ‘why wouldn’t they announce it?’ Delays then get announced when those business deals and timelines get altered, the marketing being the afterthought of the reality. Shit is never final until the game ships. Or, if you are Cdpr, until a year and a half after your game ships.

ID: hj7ieki

Bold of you to assume that next genCyberpunk will not be delayed again and that it will finally work as it was supposed to

ID: hj7edov

Dates are for shareholders too in case any of them are uncertain about a financial quarter coming up.

ID: hj7ij8x

Well, those constant delays will surely make shareholders less uncertain I guess

ID: hj7lkyd

A lot of the times, announcements and first trailers aren't even for you but for potential investors.

ID: hj7q7ja

Well it stops people from spamming "where release date" on every post

ID: hj7v9ls

It’ll annoy Reddit but it’s almost as though WFH doesn’t work for developing games.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/03 21:16 ID: hj791qw

Feb-March is too crowded anyway. Don’t be surprised with delays or simply moving releases to clear launch windows.

ID: hj7izlg

I was thinking the same. So many big releases are coming in February, I would delay my game too if I had to go up against Horizon

ID: hj7tz6v

And Elden Ring and Sifu and Saints Row… the list goes on.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/03 21:21 ID: hj79t2y

Didn’t they just announce this like a month ago? It’s already delayed?

ID: hj7u3r5

I mean Overwatch 2 and Diablo didn’t even have announced dates and both of those just got delayed too.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/03 20:34 ID: hj72hh1

Anyone else curious in what these games would look like before the delay? We got our answer with Cyberpunk sort of. But that game was doomed from the start. I want to know what condition an average game is in before they decide on a delay.

Delays are MY "new normal" post covid19

ID: hj79hc2

Did you play “Mass Effect: Andromeda” at launch? Total mess that was much more playable only a couple of months later. EA could have delayed the game but 1) they wanted to bump up their end of year numbers and 2) they ran an internal review that predicated an 80 Metacritic score. So to answer your question, without a delay, the game would look like the end of a franchise.

ID: hj7acwd

I have to wonder if that also is a game that was "doomed from the start". New bioware is a shell of its former self. I know ME Andromeda has its fans. But its no where near the quality of the older games. Even if that studio had more time. Yeah the bugs wouldve been lesser. But would the game itself still be as mediocre? Or would they have crafted a better story and game?

6 : Anonymous2021/11/03 20:54 ID: hj75ngt

Oh no, you mean I'll miss out on a shallow arena turn based game potentially loaded with microtransactions?


I was stoked when I heard Firaxis was developing it, but then the gameplay videos really showed me I shouldn't even consider it. There's not strategy to the game at all. You're in a tiny contained area every time.

ID: hj7a3qo

I don't see how the size of an arena means it's strategic or not. It is different than Xcom being a deckbuilder but this is a very strategic genre too.

Also, they said there will be no microtransactions (not sure if only said for the ones affecting gameplay or overall to be honest)

ID: hj7gecy

I believe they said there would be costumes for purchase but no gameplay altering items. But I… don’t care enough to go find a source to back that up. Lol

7 : Anonymous2021/11/03 22:52 ID: hj7n58d

Oh noo… anyways anybody up for Elden Ring?

8 : Anonymous2021/11/03 20:39 ID: hj73csg

Who asked for this game?

ID: hj74w3j

Who asks for any games? I think the game looks awesome and am super pumped for it

ID: hj74537

Me, I love the developer and Marvel. After the recent GOTG release I'm cautiously optimistic

ID: hj75056

Gotg was a great surprise after the shitshow that was Avengers.

ID: hj73svr

Me. I asked for this game.

ID: hj75z6a

Oh thank goodness jake asked for it. It surely would never have been made if old jackey poo didn’t ask for it. ATTENTION EVERYONE: IF YOU WANTED THIS GAME BE SURE TO THANK

because without him, this would have never been possible

ID: hj73xxx

Good for you, you're receiving it.

ID: hj746qz

No one asked for the style of game it is. That's more of a passion thing for the developers. But obviously fans want marvel games. It's a shame they made it the play style like they did though because the midnight son's are awesome.

ID: hj7aewi

Or heard of it...

ID: hj7azfd

Be careful man, there are some snowflakes around here that can't take a joke.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/03 20:35 ID: hj72l6t

They should make it so it’s not turn based while it’s delayed.

ID: hj750oc

No thanks, we need more turn based games!

ID: hj7682l

You shouldn’t reply to this guy. For some reason he will get a hate boner and start commenting on other comments of yours if you do.

ID: hj755l2

Enjoy! I won’t lol

ID: hj76uwx

It's an XCOM-style game, is it not? How would you make that work in realtime?

ID: hj775x8

Yes it is. I was saying while it’s delayed they should do away with the xcom turn based style gameplay and make it real time. Obviously sarcasm cuz it won’t happen. I was hyped when the trailer dropped and was then saddened when it was confirmed turn based. Next to jrpg’s turn based is my least fav type of game

ID: hj73vtq

Yes because we need another real time super hero game among all the other real time super hero games. Please don’t try something new guys. /s

ID: hj741vj

Show me where my idea hurt you. Also don’t worry you’re still gonna get your turn based xcom marvel game.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/03 21:18 ID: hj79cw1

Hopes it's indefinitely

11 : Anonymous2021/11/03 23:44 ID: hj7ualb

Oh for crying out loud. Can any game not get delayed? Why does this keep happening?

12 : Anonymous2021/11/03 23:47 ID: hj7umrw

Everything is delayed now. They would be best keeping a mentionable date until the orders have been shipped and processed into the receiving countries.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/03 21:35 ID: hj7bz1k


14 : Anonymous2021/11/03 21:18 ID: hj79cr2

More like early morning suns then.


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