Call of Duty Vanguard Trophies list revealed

1 : Anonymous2021/11/03 14:35 ID: qlvtd7
Call of Duty Vanguard Trophies list revealed
2 : Anonymous2021/11/03 19:38 ID: hj6trsx

The fact that there's no Traditional Round Based Zombie map or even a Main EE to do, this another easy CoD Plat. The Zombies trophies are all generic because if it and therefore will take less time for sure. Probably going to be as easy as MW2019 (which I believe to be the easiest).

3 : Anonymous2021/11/03 17:06 ID: hj65sa8

The hardest achievement is having the willingness to buy this game at launch. This is super uninspired even for COD.

ID: hj6bljx

The Zombies, which is the only mode I play, looks atrocious.

ID: hj6xpr7

Can't believe how horrible they've looked ever since BO3, which was arguably the best CoD for Zombies.

ID: hj73v1q

Are you blind? It looks fucking sick. Idk man my mates and I loved cold war zombies and this looks great also

ID: hj7snzr

I havent really looked into it, whats so different or bad about this CoD's zombie mode?

ID: hj6r34u

Lmao true

ID: hj6qtsg

People thought MW’19 was good, I’m not following the general publics opinion on cods anymore this looks fun

ID: hj6uc1t

Modern Warfare 19 was easily the best CoD we've had since like black ops 2.

ID: hj7ajps

Modern Warfare was great though. Way better than cold war

ID: hj7bhqz

I hated MW19 at release for a couple months but I’m not sure what happened for it to turn into one of my top cods. Not much of a Cold War fan but I play it when friends invite me.

I think the only cod I’ve truly disliked where game time backs it up was Infinite Warfare. I played that a handful of sessions.

ID: hj7qakz

Im buying it at launch. me and my buddy love playing on the weekends when we can. same game, new coat of paint. doesn't matter, still fun.

ID: hj7v5wa

I’m gonna buy it, beat the campaign this weekend, and then try the multiplayer. If I don’t like the MP, I’ll sell it for $60 on eBay and recoup most of my money

Im a sucker for short, linear military FPS campaigns. So here I am

4 : Anonymous2021/11/03 19:23 ID: hj6rhqz


ID: hj7mryv

I mean, feel free to hate whatever you like. But at least come up with something rational to back it up. Everybody who looks at sales numbers for like any CoD ever will consider you being an imbecile.

ID: hj7sulk

A game isnt dead just because one sour boi isnt going to play it... let alone one of the best selling game series of all time.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/03 19:43 ID: hj6uij0

I played the beta on PC and actually thought it was very fun, way better than MW and Cold War map and weapons wise. I also like the small subtle multilayer changes like the grenade trajectory aspect when throwing nades, and the yellow indicator when being shot from behind, etc. I bought the last two CODs day 1, but before MW 19 haven't bought one since like the PS3/360 ones. I'll be getting this one regardless because I'm a sucker for WW2 shooters.


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