Samsung Exynos 2200 w/ AMD RDNA 2 Graphics to be Announced on 19th November

1 : Anonymous2021/11/09 18:54 ID: qqaiai
Samsung Exynos 2200 w/ AMD RDNA 2 Graphics to be Announced on 19th November
2 : Anonymous2021/11/09 19:21 ID: hjz04su

Lol the rumor's all over the place with this

3 : Anonymous2021/11/09 20:50 ID: hjzdmia

just 10 more days to find out if i get to retire the Galaxy S3 i have for sure or not.

ID: hjznaqw

Damn the s3 was so sick. I loved my S4 but it stopped working. I loved the battery swap etc.

ID: hjzs7cc

Damn, I mean I liked my S3 but that's one old phone, what version of Android is that thing still even on?

ID: hjzvoog

Officially up to Android 4.3, unless you count the Neo version with more RAM, which goes up to Android 4.4.

ID: hk0326f

my S3 was the worst phone I ever owned, it had many problems, was slow, the battery turned to crap in 9 months (replaced it twice), and the back kept falling off from trivial things. Absolutely the most delicate glass screen I've had too.

I'm shocked you still have one that is in actual use.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/09 19:22 ID: hjz08f2

Was there not a leak recently that sad samsung only going to use snapdragon this generatiin?

ID: hjzccs9

I've even read rumors saying that the 2200 w/ RDNA 2 will be available in South Korea only, due to ongoing chip shortages. The rest of the world will get the SnapDragon 895.

ID: hjznr8j

2200 w/ RDNA 2

Is there a link confirming RDNA 2? Licensed IP doesn't sound like porting a whole GPU to mobile

ID: hjzb9rr

The leaks were about that all phones will use Snapdragon, not that there will be no choice. As previous rumors ware telling that some regions will get SD and some Exynos, as this happen before.

ID: hjzp9m2

Samsung themselves announced their next flagship (Galaxy S) would use a new Exynos SoC with RDNA graphics, unless they backtracked I don’t think they’re off the mark yet.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/09 21:05 ID: hjzfu5s

What's the point of rdna in a phone anyway...meh

ID: hjzrgzd

Mobile games, better efficiency, longer battery life, the list goes on.

ID: hjzlso4

What's the point of having faster compute cores that are also more efficient in a new device...?

ID: hjzp6bh


ID: hjzwhlm

The big one is Augmented Reality in a few years. Imagine Pokemon Go 2.0

ID: hjzx87b

Mobile gaming is the biggest section of the gaming industry. Yeah the vast majority of games are Candy crush levels of quality, but fortnite, Minecraft, call of duty, pubg, and many other games are extremely popular on mobile. The highest earning mobile game is a moba called honor of kings. Many phones nowadays come with 120hz screens, so having a gpu that could actually push those frames in these titles can be very appealing to a lot people. Not everyone can justify getting a 500 dollar console only for gaming and good luck trying to find a decently priced gaming PC. Even if this is only available in 1000 dollar phones, people have a much easier time justifying that to themselves since who doesn’t use their phone everyday?

ID: hk02cxb

Agreed but Samsung does more than just phones

ID: hjzp5q6

Shilling, that's the point.

ID: hjzuobz

Post history confirms troll. Thanks for making ID easier.


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