5600G vs 5600X Cinebench R23 vs Power

1 : Anonymous2021/11/08 15:32 ID: qpg12p
5600G vs 5600X Cinebench R23 vs Power
2 : Anonymous2021/11/08 16:04 ID: hjtf1j6

Over 500 cinebenches per Watt is pretty impressive.

ID: hjtfxef

Yeah I'm amazed, it's no surprise the Ryzen laptops are performing so well.

ID: hjtkd9r

Looks like the 5600G pulls about 7W for the CPU package (aside from the cores) vs the 5600X which pulls 21W for the package - cores.

14W difference would be a good reason to use only monolithic CPUs for mobile!

ID: hjtjl3p

That's the reason I went for 5800H instead of 10870H, cause laptop have pretty bad cooling compared to a desktop. Ryzen is much more efficient below 60-65W compared to similar Intel H-series chips.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/08 15:52 ID: hjtdacd

Something about it pulling a score of 1,421 at nearly zero watts doesn't sound right.

ID: hjtfnmf

The graph cut off a bit before 0 (On the X-axis), it's pulling 7.58 watt there.

ID: hjtgnyo


ID: hjtf0lc

The default TDP is 65w. Seems like the chart for the 5600G should be shifted 10-15w to the right.

Edit: the Far left of the x axis starts at about 7.5W (not 0). Hence the confusion.

ID: hjth77l

In Cinebench even overclocked it doesn't hit the default TDP. But this is with manually set voltages.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/08 16:46 ID: hjtlbm3

I wonder if the 5800G/5800X is the same.

ID: hjtlsr9

I'd say it should pretty likely be, just add 2 cores haha. All Zen3 should follow the same Frequency/Power scaling.

Major difference would be the 8 core parts will have better Score/Watt.

ID: hjtn3v8


Also yes, it's likely it would turn out very similar. If not even better for the 5700G vs the 5600G to 5600X delta here.

ID: hjw6slo

I don't really understand this, aren't the 'G' APUs lower bins, lower boost clocks and most importantly, half the L3 cache? Why is it outperforming it? Yeah I know it's on the stock cooler, but still...

ID: hjulucb

The 5700G would be more power efficient due to having more cores.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/08 18:48 ID: hju3ppn

Sorry for noob question, but isnt the 5600X supposed to be a pinch more powerful than the 5600G apart from having extra L3 cache?

ID: hju8uxc

The 5600X can be faster, but clock for clock they are mostly the same and I ended up only at 4.4GHz on the 5600x, but 4.5GHz on the 5600g.

ID: hjv7jfh

No they're not. This data is not accurate, the 5600X performs better with less power consumption in cinebench and is much faster in games all the while holding higher clocks than the G version, which all makes sense since the latter has to use some of the die for an iGPU. (Check out gamersnexus' video on the 5600G for benchmarks)

6 : Anonymous2021/11/08 17:56 ID: hjtvzby

Thanks for the work. That's quite interesting.

Hopefully Zen 4's I/O die will consume less power.

ID: hjtwcf9

Since Zen 3 I/O is still on 12nm, this hopefully will be changing. DDR5 may have an impact too, since the I/O die may be able to idle differently.

ID: hjumqrk

Can you tell a bit more about the idle thing?

Since Zen 3 I/O is still on 12nm, this hopefully will be changing. DDR5 may have an impact too, since the I/O die may be able to idle differently.

ID: hjwpeky

DDR5 might have a small effect, but I don't think DDR is really the issue. AMD's monolithic APUs are very power efficient, as you've clearly shown, even though they use DDR4.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/08 15:59 ID: hjteexv

The 5600X should be hitting 11200 pts in r23, at least.

ID: hjtfskk

Well 10977 is pretty close, and this is on the stock cooler, so I wasn't going past 4.4GHz.

(I cut off 10977 as it stretched out the graph too much since it's way more power for barely higher score)

ID: hjtgt1x

You should have eliminated any possible variables, like thermals, which makes your whole comparison kind of invalid.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/08 15:34 ID: hjtaqp7
9 : Anonymous2021/11/08 18:15 ID: hjtyron

I've encoded a 1080p x265 mkv from Bluray and on my 2700X I get 22 FPS, but on my 5600G I get 47 FPS. The 5600G is amazing.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/08 18:39 ID: hju2ajv

That's impressive AMD!

11 : Anonymous2021/11/08 16:47 ID: hjtljeh

Nice! Does the 5600G also have cut down cache in comparison to the "full fledged" desktop parts too (like the mobile 5000s)?

ID: hjtm11g

It does. It definitely shows up in games where there can be a decent loss in performance ~10% it seems, from reviews I've seen. Though I don't see it in my testing of Assassins Creed Odyssey.

ID: hjtnpnq

Yeah but, the 5600X definitely can't do this. 😛

12 : Anonymous2021/11/08 23:30 ID: hjv94yo

Not what you were testing, but a better cooler would obviously be more beneficial to the 5600X than the G as far as peak scores. I'm surprised the cache makes such a minimal difference in Cinebench. Wild.

ID: hjvac3y

Cinebench hardly cares about ram speed too.

ID: hjvcpyw

Yeah I didn't push past 90w on the 5600X, so a larger air cooler would absolutely increase the score a bit. But also, is it really worth at the cost of such decreased efficiency?

ID: hjw4fcf

How are you pushing 90w on the 5600x and only getting 4.4Ghz?

I have my 5600x bone stock with better cooling (u12a) and it caps at 74w and will boost to 4.65Ghz on all 6 cores.

ID: hjw4krx

For me it is. My 5600X just broke 12,000 with ECC RAM at high timings. What's a couple of watts under load? I pay ~11 cents per kW⋅h. Wouldn't be worth it if I was mining on it or something but that's over 8% faster than your 5600X score at peak draw. That's like a borderline generational IPC improvement for an extra dime every 100 hours under load.

Compared to the 5600G, you have a case. Especially if I'm in the CPU market right now and could save a few bucks on the purchase on top of it. I hadn't realized that CPU could hit those numbers nor how much more efficient it was.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/09 00:36 ID: hjvhylg

so, wait, the 5600G is more powerful than 5600x

ID: hjvq87b

Not necessarily, but with the stock cooler, it has more headroom to overclock in this test, it also has half the L3 cache which can definitely impact games and other tasks.

14 : Anonymous2021/11/09 01:37 ID: hjvpxqw

Did you adjust the disable the PBO limits and and set negative curve optimizer settings for the 5600X? The defaults cause the 5600X to use way more power than necessary, as well as run hotter than it should causing early thermal throttling.

ID: hjvqezg

Well since this is all manually set clocks and voltages, PBO limits were irrelevant.

Manually setting voltage allowed higher sustained clocks, at lower power, compared to even PBO with -30 Curve Optimizer.

I also was limited by the stock cooler on the 5600X, so it certainly can score higher if pushed, but that was not what I was testing.

ID: hjy0cnl

But.. Have you tried it? Running Cinebench, my 5600X is sitting at 55W CPU power usage and can break 12K with a -25 power curve (and upgraded cooler).

15 : Anonymous2021/11/08 18:19 ID: hjtz8ix


Does anyone have a chart for the 5700U and 5900h?

16 : Anonymous2021/11/08 19:09 ID: hju6rvi

Cache is hungry!

ID: hju90rt

Mostly I/O die and having separate chiplets! Also I/O die is 12nm not 7nm like the chiplets.

5600g is monolithic, so it's one large 7nm hunk of silicon.

ID: hjx6rmo

Also I/O die is 12nm not 7nm like the chiplets.

The problem isn't 12nm, but the act of sending gigabytes of data over a PCB at quite high frequencies.

17 : Anonymous2021/11/08 21:17 ID: hjupvr3

Woah, that thing is sipping power!

18 : Anonymous2021/11/09 01:22 ID: hjvnygt

Watt the fuk

19 : Anonymous2021/11/09 01:25 ID: hjvoc4n

PCIe 4 this time?

20 : Anonymous2021/11/09 03:30 ID: hjw4xmi

Wait.The 5600g desktop cpu does better in cinebench at 50 watts over the 5600x at 90 watts??

ID: hjw5bu5

In my testing, yes 🙂

Now keep in mind I was using the stock cooler, so you likely can push the 5600x further with an aftermarket cooler, past 90w for better scores.

21 : Anonymous2021/11/09 19:24 ID: hjz0jr5

It can do 80% of the work of a 5600X, running full-bore, at 20 watts... That's ridiculous. No wonder the laptops are so efficient

23 : Anonymous2021/11/08 19:14 ID: hju7hur

how is this possible? I got 10k on my 3600. I thought the improvement was larger compared to 5600G/X. Also, the 5600G should perform worse (even tho it consumes less power) than the 5600X

24 : Anonymous2021/11/08 20:53 ID: hjume0i

Cinebench doesn't touch L3 as far as I'm aware, which is where 5600X got the biggest improvement.

25 : Anonymous2021/11/08 21:08 ID: hjuomit

oh, thank you

26 : Anonymous2021/11/08 19:26 ID: hju9c8q

From what it seems, the 5600x and 5600g have quite better single thread performance (which mostly effects gaming benchmarks), but it sacrificed a little multithread.

I had headroom to push the 5600g to 4.5Ghz, but only 4.4Ghz on 5600x.

Mostly my point in testing was for power efficiency.

27 : Anonymous2021/11/08 19:28 ID: hju9npk

Ok, thank you. I got my 3600 to 4.3GHz to get those 10k points


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