PS Plus Details

1 : Anonymous2021/11/09 01:46 ID: qpsuu1
PS Plus Details
2 : Anonymous2021/11/09 07:05 ID: hjwrfa2

Thanks for reminding me about all the stuff on my backlog. Loads of really great games waiting for me.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/09 12:54 ID: hjxhtnl

How on earth does First Class Trouble have an 80 meta critic? It's barely functional

ID: hjyagya

it's horrible

4 : Anonymous2021/11/09 15:52 ID: hjy4mcu

Operation Tango was so good. Really underrated. I understand it's a co-op only game, but play it with a friend and gave a blast.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/09 10:26 ID: hjx5dzg

If you pay 30$ for PS+, I understand that you get your money's worth, but these numbers are way out of proportion.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/09 15:20 ID: hjxzxer

Unpopular Opinion, Control was one of the most boring games I've played and the gameplay died out after 3 hours.

ID: hjy2jb4

It's very true.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/09 14:17 ID: hjxrgfy

It's amazing how much people on a Playstation gaming subreddit seem to hate Playstation and hate gaming, based on these comments. Reddit truly is the place where people go to get out all the contrarian rage they can't express in their daily life.

Some seriously great stuff this year. Control, Maneater, Bugsnax, A Plague Tale, Concrete Genie, Hollow Knight, Tomb Raider, Remnant: From The Ashes, Hitman II, Star Wars Squadrons, not to mention all the PS+ collection stuff and the much more niche games, some of which were quite enjoyable for me. PS+ is a great service. I paid $40 for a year and Control, Remnant, and Squadrons were more than value for money already.

ID: hjy7zif

People being critical of a paid service doesn't mean they hate games or PlayStation. If someone feels the purchase wasn't worth it, they can say it and it doesn't mean they're gonna choke Sony out on the street.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/09 14:12 ID: hjxqv4j

My ps plus has become like a gamepass. There is awesme games that I haven’t played but I just don’t have the energy to play those games

9 : Anonymous2021/11/09 17:02 ID: hjyf18r

Hell Let Loose was the best PS Plus game of this year.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/09 19:23 ID: hjz0fqj

the pricing is ridiculous. for example you can get Control for free for if you are an Amazon Prime member

11 : Anonymous2021/11/09 11:04 ID: hjx81jv

Hell let loose makes up for all the rest. That game is fantastic!

ID: hjytnve

Agreed, I fell in love with this game. Looking forward to seeing some of their future updates

13 : Anonymous2021/11/09 11:33 ID: hjxaaqq

Of the PS5 specific line up shown here I only played Plague Tale and Overcooked.

I already owned the Overcooked games on PS4 but replayed them with my wife on PS5. But we could have really just played the PS4 versions, I didn't really notice anything new for the PS5 release.

I started off really liking Plague Tale but it dragged on a bit too long. And it became incredibly painful by the end because the game would make you repeat fairly long sections of game if you messed anything up, which it felt like you had to do to figure out what to do. There were also some really weird performance drops at the end during scripted segments which were very distracting. I definitely could have skipped this one.

But I didn't buy a year sub for the loot box games. I used it for the PS+ collection to play several games I had on my wish list but hadn't bought yet. For that reason alone the sub was worth the money. But now that I've finished those and they haven't provided an upgrade to the PS+ collection and they didn't add enough new games through the year I want to play to actually build a backlog, I let my subscription expire. Will rejoin if they drop an amazing month or enhance the + collection offering.

14 : Anonymous2021/11/09 15:23 ID: hjy0gcm

Overcooked has been my most played probably. My gf and I love it even though it admittedly gets heated sometimes lol

15 : Anonymous2021/11/09 16:04 ID: hjy6awq


16 : Anonymous2021/11/09 16:26 ID: hjy9o85

It's very stressful

17 : Anonymous2021/11/09 17:29 ID: hjyj40t

Considering I paid 30$ for my year sub on cd keys, its pretty much always value. With the discounts and free games you get, etc

18 : Anonymous2021/11/09 02:25 ID: hjvwexm


19 : Anonymous2021/11/09 04:26 ID: hjwc357

No one was paying retail for those games when they were added to PS Plus and a lot of these games people wouldn't have even considered buying.

20 : Anonymous2021/11/09 04:43 ID: hjwe3oq

Well most of the ps5 games were released directly onto ps+, so they would be paying retail (or like 10% discount), although many of the reviews for those lot aren't fantastic.

PS+ had half the games given away for free, and the same half being pretty damn cheap at retail (god of war for example).

Monthly lineup for ps4 games has a lot there that are outstanding games. Shadow of war, hollow knight, shadow of the tomb raider, ff7r, hitman 2, and I'd include koa while others would include squadrons. Just cause 4, greedfall, concrete genie, remnant, stranded deep all fall under your games that people wouldn't really pay retail or think about buying them at this stage though.

21 : Anonymous2021/11/09 04:38 ID: hjwdit2

ps+ plus

22 : Anonymous2021/11/09 15:38 ID: hjy2iz3

Don't sleep on PGA 2K21!!

23 : Anonymous2021/11/09 07:29 ID: hjwt6wg

Well, value is subjective. I personally have only played like one hour of Hitman 2 out of all the monthly games since subscribing to PS Plus this year.

I unfortunately seem to have missed the better deals from early this year. They really started slacking halfway through the year. So terrible value for me so far.

24 : Anonymous2021/11/09 12:11 ID: hjxdjr6

PSPlus has always been about the cost to play online like Xbox Live when it started. View the games as an added bonus and you won’t find yourself in disappointment. It’s nice Sony started the trend of the games which Xbox had to copy. If you don’t play a lick of online at all I’d cancel the service.

25 : Anonymous2021/11/09 17:19 ID: hjyhnpj

Sure but I play so little online that I need the "free" games to make it worthwhile.

If I could book online play on an hourly or daily basis I would do that but alas a yearly subscription is cheaper than subscribing and unsubscribing on several occasions throughout the year.

26 : Anonymous2021/11/09 13:05 ID: hjxizid


27 : Anonymous2021/11/09 17:13 ID: hjygs9n

True. My whole perception could change if the next 2 months are bangers.

28 : Anonymous2021/11/09 08:48 ID: hjwytyu

The graph at the end looks a little Sus to me

29 : Anonymous2021/11/09 16:48 ID: hjycwoz

Wreckfest was the only "OH MY GOODNESS" game for me.

30 : Anonymous2021/11/09 17:56 ID: hjyncyz

Old games for Ps5 you mean

31 : Anonymous2021/11/09 18:26 ID: hjyrsg6

Ps plus games are very rarely good , I did enjoy hitman and battlefield tho

32 : Anonymous2021/11/09 18:30 ID: hjyshke

I think PSNow is a better value on the PS5, I have both. Unless you need online play, Now is great.

33 : Anonymous2021/11/09 18:38 ID: hjytlu9

I love my ps5 … even more so since it was so hard to get

34 : Anonymous2021/11/09 18:42 ID: hjyu71z

Imo it doesn't feel worth it for the past few months, but I had stopped subscribing for Plus for a few years now, when I got my PS5 a year ago I got a 1 year sub for about $35 and the Collection made it worth it for me even though I had played at least half of the games there, there's a few I've still to play. So that alone makes it worth it for me, will renew to finish those games and be able to play BF2042.

35 : Anonymous2021/11/09 19:07 ID: hjyxyt8

The last few free monthly releases on PS+ have been absolutely shite as far as I am concerned.

36 : Anonymous2021/11/09 19:45 ID: hjz3qla

bugsnax and a plague tale have been my favourite out of these, and I'm looking forward to playing control

37 : Anonymous2021/11/09 20:12 ID: hjz7vgx

This is kind of ridiculous...It's a decent value depending what kind of games you like playing. Of all the games listed, some people may not be interested in half of those and will never play. The value for the person changes. There is also the fact that a lot of these older games can be bought cheaply and past few months have been mediocre at best.

38 : Anonymous2021/11/09 20:47 ID: hjzd29v

I thought the collection would have changed by now and rotated out

39 : Anonymous2021/11/09 21:08 ID: hjzgd11

Do you lose the games you got from ps+ after your subscription expires?

40 : Anonymous2021/11/09 21:33 ID: hjzk1pb

Pretty much. They don't disappear. But you can't play them without your subscription.

41 : Anonymous2021/11/09 22:18 ID: hjzqrnk

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the games, but if you don’t have access to them after your subscription ends then it’s just a long-term rental.

42 : Anonymous2021/11/09 21:15 ID: hjzhdsh

Plague Tale was absolutely fantastic.

Control was amazing too.

Maquette, Maneater, and Bugsnax were good fun as well.

43 : Anonymous2021/11/09 22:24 ID: hjzrnza

Come onnnnn. Bugsnax was a masterpiece. At least 99/100

44 : Anonymous2021/11/09 23:07 ID: hjzxs8w

THE system seller. Bunger, bunger, bunger

45 : Anonymous2021/11/09 22:29 ID: hjzse7c

I just wish it made more sense.

My wife renewed our subscription once two years ago, but she did it on her account and now my account has some games and hers has some, and I can't transfer my save data to my ps4 and shit.

Just let us link accounts or something

46 : Anonymous2021/11/09 10:25 ID: hjx59uk

Whole lotta trash on there tho lmao, but I’m still a chump that pays for it. Hope year 2 is better

47 : Anonymous2021/11/09 11:33 ID: hjxa9q0

You’re only on your first year. Noob. Let us know when you’ve wasted several hundred dollars for “free” games. /s

48 : Anonymous2021/11/09 19:18 ID: hjyzowl

You’re on your first year of the PS5 offerings too fam. Lmao

49 : Anonymous2021/11/09 13:33 ID: hjxm4l9

Look at all these crap games you would never have bought anyway and probably didn't even bother downloading for free - great value!

50 : Anonymous2021/11/09 21:46 ID: hjzlzzh

Games actually wanted: 10

51 : Anonymous2021/11/09 21:47 ID: hjzm7fp

Where multiplayer games that should have been free in the first place go to die.


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