AMDGPU Linux Driver Preparing To Enable DSC-Over-eDP For More Power-Savings

1 : Anonymous2021/11/12 09:02 ID: qs7a68
AMDGPU Linux Driver Preparing To Enable DSC-Over-eDP For More Power-Savings
2 : Anonymous2021/11/12 12:59 ID: hkbsoqw

Yay! More work being put into something almost nobody uses while the Windows drivers are still mostly broken!

ID: hkbsydg

Imagine thinking that almost nobody uses Linux

ID: hkbut0r


ID: hkduag8

Android + servers + embedded, outnumbers everything

ID: hkc62y3

Imagine thinking that ~2% is not equivalent to nobody

ID: hkbus8w

I think this is a problem only you are having.

ID: hkczqz9

Yup. I swapped from a GTX 970 to a 6700XT using DDU and I've had zero issues with the drivers.

ID: hkbw4zl

Linux has a huge user base and it's growing.

Android and ChromeOS are based on Linux and Linux dominates servers.

Desktop use is still rather low at 1~2% but it's growing.

ID: hkcrxom

This feature is only relevant for devices with integrated screens, so forget servers - that's a shitty argument that Lintards love for some reason.

Android doesn't seem too relevant either, there's no phone with AMD graphics that supports mainline kernel, you'll always get shitty blobs.

I'll give you Chromebooks, they are practically nonexistent here so I didn't realize they exist, but I still don't think that adds up to a number of users that warrants spending any money on support.

ID: hkbvgv7

They have different developer teams for this drivers. Can't blame the Linux devs on improving their parts, when the longer existing windows drivers don't perform to your expectations.

ID: hkbvd0h

What’s so broken aside from the OGL performance?


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