PlayStation 5 Turns One Today

1 : Anonymous2021/11/12 10:03 ID: qs828y
PlayStation 5 Turns One Today
2 : Anonymous2021/11/12 10:23 ID: hkbfgnt

"Additionally, there are currently more than 25 games in development for PS5 at PlayStation Studios."

16 of them by Insomniac alone.

ID: hkc4n64

I understand they’re also manufacturing as many as 25 additional PlayStation 5s for the holiday season

ID: hkcir56

No way! How did the manage to accelerate production like that

ID: hkcn7t4

Haha laughing pretty hard at this. Still haven’t found one in store.

ID: hkbjvm2

Wat? Is there a list of all the games and respective studios

ID: hkbnktj

We don't know all of them/not all of them are announced. The ones we know are:

Insomniac: Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine

Santa Monica Studios: God of War Ragnarok

Guerrilla Games: Horizon Forbidden West

Naughty Dog: Factions 2 and the Uncharted 4/Lost Legacy Collection for PS5/PC

Polyphony Digital: Gran Turismo 7

Everything else is rumors and unconfirmed stuff. Sucker Punch is probably hard at work with a Ghost of Tsushima sequel, Naughty Dog and Bend Studio are probably working on new IP. Nixxes, Bluepoint and Housemarque are all working on... something?

ID: hkc5rl5


Bryan Intihar - Spider-Man 2 Brian Horton - Wolverine Marcus Smith - ? (Just did R&C: Rift Apart) New Multiplayer Team

Santa Monica:

Eric Williams - GoW: Ragnarok Cory Barlog - ?

Guerilla Games:

Mathijs - Horizon: FW Simone - ?

Naughty Dog

Factions 2 TLOU Remake (Rumoured by Jason.S)


game-changing original IP huge multiplayer shooter ambitious dark narrative blockbuster adventure (associate game director is former Naughty Dog designer Pete Ellis). VR Game (some of their listings: "adapted from one of the most original and successful multimillion-selling console IP titles in the last 10 years", slightly older one: "take a globally recognised multi-million selling action RPG and create a full form PlayStation VR game"

These are some of the big ones.

ID: hkbgqj0

It does feel like that sometimes lol

I hope they're handling their workload properly

ID: hkcj3xr

I’m currently playing SM:MM and just finished Rift Apart and I have zero qualms with Insomniac splitting themselves a bit thin because both of those games are worth the time and experience.

Mine you, MM is clearly a midquil and not a sequel but it’s still more of the great web slinging fun.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/12 10:05 ID: hkbe9ph

Some interesting data from the article:

PS5 gamers have collectively played more than 4.6 billion hours of gameplay on PS5 and broadcast more than 26 million hours of content. Here is a look at the top ten PS5 games played during PS5’s first year, based on gameplay hours:


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War


NBA 2K21

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Destiny 2

MLB The Show 21

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Demon’s Souls

NBA 2K22

ID: hkbeisj

I’m surprised Demon’s Souls is there. It’s not exactly a casual game.

ID: hkc4rx9

Can't speak for everyone, but I know a few people with PS5s who bought it because at launch it was the only "PS5" game. Plus it was a great way to show off the system's graphics potential.

ID: hkbrk65

Isn't the obvious answer that you can spend a lot of time playing Demon's Souls? More so than e.g. Ratchet and Clank which is a great game but not likely to be played for hundreds of hours.

ID: hkbxy0y

Not surprised to see Miles morales, Valhalla and NBA 2k22. It's crazy considering NBA 2k22 came out just weeks ago

ID: hkbekzz

NBA 2K22

the game has been out for like 2 months

what the fuck

that's outrageous

ID: hkbp7nk

And that's just 20 days after launch it made the list. if you look closely towards the bottom the cutoff date for these logged hours is September 30th.

ID: hkbro1a

How did Cold War beat Warzone

ID: hkbtztk

Warzone is a PS4 game.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/12 14:05 ID: hkc0b1y

And I still don’t have one…..

ID: hkc3dsq

Do they even exist? I have yet to see one in person...

ID: hkc5pnh

They do, it takes luck and persistence but you can get one if you really try. There are accounts on Twitter and Discord that share when stock becomes available at various retailers. Follow them and have everything ready to pay for it and you’ll get one.

ID: hkcjrsu

same here. i've seen plenty of people with one ONLINE but around me IRL no one has one...and plenty of us want one lol.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/12 11:47 ID: hkblueo

I'm dying for some PSVR2 news here

ID: hkc3u1q

Yeah what the heck are they taking about by saying "We revealed our next-generation VR system for PS5." That hasn't happened yet. They showed off the controllers but nothing else.

ID: hkbzcm7

Same, it really seems like the PS5 was built as a Vr machine, fixing alot of issues from the previous Gen and upgrading the 3d audio etc.. I really hope it takes off and that people stay away from Zucks Meta crap. VR has the potential to become so good but it also has the potential to be so harmful to society if it becomes just yet another means to use social media. Think about if your eye tracking data is being recorded by Facebook, that's some kind of hellhole dystopia right there!

6 : Anonymous2021/11/12 12:09 ID: hkbnrol

Time goes by so fast now it’s fucking scary, I literally remember telling myself when I got it (the day it came out) that before I know it a year will pass like nothing, and look at that, a year went by and yet it all feels like a month ago.

ID: hkc6z63

And every subsequent year it’ll get worse.

That’s why older people are always talking about time going by so fast. Your perception of time just keeps getting faster and faster and faster.

Next thing you know, you’re going to blink and you’ll be playing your PS8 and you’ll be saying “man just yesterday I was playing my PS5!”

ID: hkc8wxo

Dude, it is 2035, why are you still gaming on an antique like the PS5?

ID: hkccd35

There’s a theory that it’s because when you’re young one new year of your life is a large portion but less so when you’re older. Say at age 9, your tenth year will be one whole tenth of your life by the end of it but at age 49 your 50th year will only be 2% of your life.

ID: hkc8wlw

I don’t need this rn dawg

ID: hkcelmu

As I've gotten older the development times for games starts to feel grim. Most of Reddit was in grade school when Skyrim or GTAV came out. I was married with a child. 10+ years in between games and you just start running out of years left on Earth. I miss the days when I could play 3-4 games in a series on a console life span.

ID: hkcfwks

That’s why older people are always talking about time going by so fast. Your perception of time just keeps getting faster and faster and faster.

I know why - first hand experience, so consider it anecdotal as well.

As I got older I got more and more responsibilities. The younger days feel like yesterday because that is when I made memories - going places, doing things with like minded people ... etc. And due to some "stuff" all I have done for over the past decade is work, play games and take care of my fam. All good, but I didn't make any defining memories like I did in my 20s.

And now 40 is almost around the corner ....

7 : Anonymous2021/11/12 14:31 ID: hkc3qc1

I remember being like “I’ll wait til March or April when I can roll into a Target or Walmart and grab one” ha. maybe March or April 2023.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/12 14:51 ID: hkc6dm2

I never pre-ordered one because I was completely confident that by this time, you could walk in to most stores and grab one off the shelf... boy was I completely wrong.

Good luck to all out there giving the middle fingers to scalpers and trying to secure one still.

ID: hkcgetx

I've gotten 2 off the amazon treasure truck now.

ID: hkcp6ej

For me I thought I’d be fine without a ps5 for a year or two but the pandemic was too much to handle.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/12 14:08 ID: hkc0qcy

I'll celebrate by playing some astro's playroom.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/12 17:31 ID: hkctqel

I haven’t seen one.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/12 10:54 ID: hkbhokc

I was so blessed to get my pre order in man. It's honestly been an awesome year.

ID: hkc56u4

Facts. I used that sketchy backdoor amazon link on some funko pop twitter account and figured I'd been scammed or the order would be canceled but somehow I got one at my door on release day.

ID: hkbth35

Same... Didn't realize how truly lucky I was until a few weeks later.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/12 12:13 ID: hkbo4yv

So assuming 13.5 million units sold, the average PS5 user has played 4,600,000,000/13,500,000 = 341 hours this year (approximately). That’s a lot more than I thought.

ID: hkbr9r5

I played like 500-600 hours

13 : Anonymous2021/11/12 12:34 ID: hkbq4dl

The first console I ever bought on day one. Feels good, man!!

14 : Anonymous2021/11/12 12:32 ID: hkbpye5

Snap chat just showed me a memory of me picking it up at Best Buy at 6 am a year ago, how time flys.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/12 10:55 ID: hkbhrlb

Wait…y’all have PS5’s?!

ID: hkbjjha

Two actually, so I don’t have to carry one up and down the stairs.

ID: hkbpytr


16 : Anonymous2021/11/12 10:24 ID: hkbfj5i

there are currently more than 25 games in development for PS5 at PlayStation Studios.

17 : Anonymous2021/11/12 12:45 ID: hkbr5x8

Super happy with mine and some of the games has been amazing, like R&C and Returnal. I've yet to play Demon's souls and Spider-man Miles Morales, but hoping to pick up these this holiday to play over Christmas vacation. Next year is looking solid so far!


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