Battlefield 2042 aim assist does not work on consoles and controllers. Beware of this with crossplay on.

1 : Anonymous2021/11/12 12:48 ID: qsagqb

After the beta, DICE mentioned they'd improve aim assist for console players but it still seems to be off. There is no slowdown or rotation when aiming at an enemy, the aim assist is off or so low it's unoticeable.

Beware of this when playing with crossplay, you'll meet pc players and you'll have no aim assist on your controller.

The game as of now doesn't support keyboard and mouse for consoles either.

2 : Anonymous2021/11/12 13:41 ID: hkbxeuq

Console only crossplay would be great.

ID: hkc3pij

I think that should always be a thing.

ID: hkc9mzn

Wait, so you cannot set it to be vs console-players only?

ID: hkckcsc

That blows honestly.

ID: hkda91g

You can, not sure why people saying you can't.

ID: hkd56e4

You can, but it’ll be the system you’re on.

ID: hkcnkvz

Absolutely. PC and console crossplay never works as intended. PC pretty much always has a huge advantage over console players.

ID: hkcy4u5

I'm a pc player that only uses controller and in alot of Cross play games controllers on pc doesn't not have aim assist so I just get fucked lol

ID: hkc4eu1

How it should be. PC has better advantage with multiple ways, ranging from dropping settings for easier visibility and higher performance, to better accuracy with m&k.

ID: hkdbqo8

ranging from dropping settings for easier visibility

That was a huge problem for BF3(4?). Pc players would set their settings as low as they could and it would completely remove foliage from trees and grass on the ground. Anyone hiding there that would normally be very difficult to see with normal settings would then be made to stick out like sore thumb.

ID: hkcegbm

Yup and the hackers.

ID: hkchr7s

PC is hacker central, that’s the main issue.

ID: hkdqmjk

I would pay for this, seriously, all you get with a pc player is a cheater, in my experience anyway.

ID: hkcjxou

I am a big fan of input based cross play. All controllers regardless of the system you are using.

ID: hkcklpv

The only problem is it’s too easy to spoof controller input when using keyboard and mouse. And I’d rather just not worry about playing against or at all with how rampant hacking is.

ID: hkdz66b

I would be all for that, if that was the only issue. In shooters especially there are other PC advantages.

ID: hkdmbcl

I feel like controller only crossplay would be best. Apex did it well imo

3 : Anonymous2021/11/12 13:09 ID: hkbtr2t

Why would a console player want to play with mouse users anyway?

ID: hkbu1uu

I agree. Destiny 2 devs understand that, matchmaking is imput based.

But it's "crossplay" era. It's either all or nothing. It should be input based, controllers x controllers. Mouse x mouse.

ID: hkckd11

No it’s not. I use controller on pc in Destiny2 and it’s 100% platform based. What Bungie does do is have aim assist on controller for balance. Warzone has input based matchmaking. I would prefer input based in Destiny 2 but that is not the direction they went.

ID: hkc8xfz

It should be input based, controllers x controllers.

Nah, platform based - I am a console player for a reason. I don't need the other guys dropping their quality settings so my character model stands out more. Plus the cheating.

Playstation/Xbox crossplay is great, but there is no need for an open platform to be in the mix.

ID: hkc8ap2

The problem is there’s no cross gen even if you disable crossplay. So smaller regions like Oceania are basically forced to crossplay or play against bots.

ID: hkbw905

Crossplay is enabled by default. If you deactivate it, you can also start a single-player game instead, since you will then be playing against bots.

ID: hkcgq89

I have a PS5 and I can’t play only with my Series X fellows, it shouldn’t be like that, who would turn off cross play between consoles ?

ID: hkco6r6

The obvious reason would be the fact that you could play with friends in different platforms, but it should definitely be an option to avoid if you don't want.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/12 14:12 ID: hkc1a8d

I will blame that to me getting wrecked last night

ID: hkck8gn

I found it hard to kill someone with an entire clip but numerous times got killed by 3hits from a bot. Idk what that was about. I was shooting at this guy 3 while clips while he moved back and forth a couple feet (dumb bot). He then finally noticed me and turned and 3 shots had me down. Quit after that lol

ID: hkckjc2

Yea same - it also seems like recoil is crazy on automatic weapons. Some tinkering to do I think

5 : Anonymous2021/11/12 14:11 ID: hkc13wv

Jesus Christ! Who thought it was a good idea to crossplay console players with M/KB players who have a huge advantage?

ID: hkcnygq

It's that way in COD all the time but the aim assist is pretty high in that game.

ID: hkcri81

Yeah, but aim assist doesn't help with control of the camera speed, which mouse users have.

ID: hkcqgrv

Works fine in 3 CODs in row. Why? Because Activision can deliver aim assist day 1 while EA keeps fucking up every god damn time.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/12 17:31 ID: hkctop9

Is it me or is it really difficult to control the wingsuit with a controller?

7 : Anonymous2021/11/12 13:47 ID: hkby5om

I got to choose in the beginning crossplay off or on. Chose off and there have been plenty of people at least in EU.

ID: hkdexj8

Matches will fill with bots if human players aren't available, fyi.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/12 16:36 ID: hkcljij

Its beyond my comprehension why pc players are crossplayed against consoles.. wtf..

9 : Anonymous2021/11/12 22:09 ID: hkdx2m3

It’s very well known that without aim assist, just a light one, controllers just lack the precision required for FPS like battlefield where it’s long range and high recoil.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/12 15:08 ID: hkc8r37

Multiplayer gaming was perfectly fine before crossplay. It honestly wasn’t needed. If it is to be implemented at all it should be console only. No disrespect to PC but you have your own ecosystem with cheaters and MnK, there’s no need to ruin it for everyone else.

ID: hkcb1he

When people were asking for cross play they meant between consoles. Seems most devs ignored the fact that no one wants to be matched against PC players (and I am one).

ID: hkdcp4e

Totally agree. Literally no one asked for crossplay with PC. Those guys can keep their PC experience to themselves and play against other PC dudes. The sheer advantage of M/KB itself is too much, it’s not remotely fair to force that upon PS5 players who want to cross play with Xbox or vice versa.

ID: hkcawma

I am actually very happy that I can play games and chat with my friends on both consoles. Im with you though about PC. We definitely need an option for console only cross play.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/12 17:51 ID: hkcwsp1

The fact that they still continue to FORCE us to play with PC users is just ridiculous. Hell Let Loose is great because it was console only cross-play. They knew the disadvantages at play. PC Sweats are the sweatiest too. I get motion sick just watching streams they can move around so damn fast.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/12 13:07 ID: hkbtjnl

I tottally don't see a reason to lock you to controller nowadays, especially when most of multiplayer games have crossplay.

Isn't warzone matchmaking you with m+k only when plugged in?

ID: hkbu6gn

Don't know about warzone but regular call of duty multiplayer matches everyone together. Doesn't care about mk/controller. Crossplay on means everyone plays everyone.

ID: hkbv0sb

At least the COD gameplay negates a lot of the m/k advantage. Right now 2042 is full on "Fuck you, console players. Aim better if you want to live."

13 : Anonymous2021/11/12 16:55 ID: hkcoats

Maybe that explains this

14 : Anonymous2021/11/12 20:02 ID: hkdffxq

What I want to know is why my bullets seem to register later, if they even register at all, against PC players. I understand M&K can flip a 180 in an instant, but the amount of times across all console vs PC cross-play games that I've been shooting someone first or even shooting a person in the back while they're not moving only to end up dead is ridiculous. Happens on both Xbox Series X and PS5 against PC players. I strongly believe something is wrong with the cross-play netcode for both CoD and BF at least. Also, the only time I had lobby wide connection issues has been with PC players. CoD: BOCW for example would occasionally get those connection interrupted and other random freezes/jank, but almost always (like 99.9% of the time) with cross-play enabled and PC players in the lobby. Oh, and can someone tell me whether or not the same WarZone hacks work in regular MP? I always hear people complaining about WarZone hacking (I've never played it), but I'm absolutely positive I've encountered PC hackers in regular MP cross-play lobbies.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/12 20:30 ID: hkdjcn6

Am I the only one who turns off aim assist in literally every game that lets me?

16 : Anonymous2021/11/12 20:38 ID: hkdkiq7

Yeah it definitely feels like there isn't any but I'm still popping off

17 : Anonymous2021/11/12 21:00 ID: hkdnk6r

Ah yes, I knew that had to be the reason I suck.

I know it sounds like a bs excuse, and it is but I've been in some matches where it was obvious someone was using a mouse and having a big advantage in gun fights vs. most players I battled.


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