Which CPU is better for my current circumstances?

1 : Anonymous2021/11/19 16:49 ID: qxk91z

(paired with a 3080)

I have 2 options for the cpu:

I could get a 5600x for £250 and get a 1440p 180hz IPS monitor for £250 (total to same price as a 5900x) as an upgrade from 1080p 60hz TV

Or, I can get a 5900x for £450 and wait 3 months to upgrade my monitor

My use case is high frame rate 1440p gaming with a bit of 1440p video editing (mainly editing game clips, and making meme videos) and some 1440p Photoshop too.

Obviously I'd be great to have both the 5900x and a new monitor right away, but, the 5600x and the monitor I think will give me a better gaming experience, and means I won't have to wait a few months to start playing games).

Maybe get a 5600x and the monitor and upgrade to 5900x if I feel restrained later on? I know there's some games already pushing 6 cores though.

What should I do?

2 : Anonymous2021/11/19 18:16 ID: hla893s

5600x is fine, 6 cores being pushed is a bit of a misconception, 6 core CPUs go back a few generations now so people printing to years old 6 cores and inferring core usage from that isn't really a great idea, what matters is if games stress the specific cpu you're looking to buy

The 5600x is more than fine for today's games and into the future, it performs basically on par with the 5900x in gaming and that is extremely unlikely to change in the realistic lifetime of the chips, if there does come a time when the 5600x is maxed out compared to the 5900x, both CPUs will be old by that time and look slow in comparison to the current generation

People always delay a monitor purchase but I disagree with this logic, it's what presents the picture so it is as important as the pc running the game

The 5900x seems a waste for your use case (Photoshop and editing will run fine on a 5600x, just faster on the 5900x, but this sounds like a hobby to you rather than a job) like the 5900x will be quicker, but not worth the price increase for you, especially if it means not having a monitor

ID: hlbk8om

Bf2042 wants to have a word lol. I know it has a turd optimization, but it kills my 5600x

3 : Anonymous2021/11/19 18:39 ID: hlabyfy

Are you already on AM4 motherboard?

If you aren't 12600K is the best option at the moment, super strong showing in games and in productivity it's very close to the 5800X and sometimes even beats it.

ID: hlaiax0

I'm looking into the 12700k

ID: hlao9qu

Get a 12600kf and the monitor.

The 12600k performs better than the 5800x and is cheaper and pair it with DDR4.

The only reason to buy Zen 3 today is if you already on AM4, if not 12th gen has better gaming performance, better or similar productivity performance, Z690 has an upgrade path, and Z690 has more platform features than x570.

ID: hlbiszu

What is up with AMD's naming scheme?

4 : Anonymous2021/11/19 17:44 ID: hla3cfd

5600x is pretty damn potent for even minimal editing or adobe premier workloads, it's no slouch, obviously throwing twice as much horsepower at it though will speed things up with the 5900x, but unless you need to pound out video after video after video like it's hours of content, you really don't need it.

I've setup a number of users that are recording and uploading video content with a 5600x, and several of them initially wanted to go with a 5900x, but at the time it was hard to come by, and they winced at the price of the 5950x, thus they opted to hold tight with the 5600x. Everyone were quite happy with how the 5600x did the job enough to not warrant the upgrade.

Honestly though, you could jump on the 5600x, get your monitors, and in 3 months if you decide that it's just not pulling it's wait, the 5600x should be able to be resold for a relatively decent price, since demand for them is still rather high and in some places they too can be hard to come by.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/19 17:07 ID: hl9xp3m

5900X. Make the AM4 upgrade worthwhile and enjoy it for years to come. Monitor can come later 🙂

ID: hla57ec

I agree with this, plus OP mentioned video editing and if he wants to get into streaming and recording simultaneously it will have more than enough cores. Also with it looking like this will be the last gen of AM4 making your system as good as you reasonably can will allow longer use before feeling the need for a new build.

ID: hl9zz3l


ID: hlbkgvi

Don't forget, amd is releasing 3d cache cpu line up for am4, which u can upgrade from 5600x

ID: hlaqblo

I would second this - video exports on a 5900X will be a night and day difference faster.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/19 16:56 ID: hl9vy32

The 5600x should be enough for that usage

7 : Anonymous2021/11/19 18:31 ID: hlaao7q

Ryzen 7 is always the sweet spot ryzen 9 is overkill for gaming

8 : Anonymous2021/11/19 17:43 ID: hla3763

5600X and new monitor, which will be a substantial upgrade for you since higher resolution is game-changing for productivity apps like video editing too.

Then, 3 months later buy the replacement for the 5900X, the 5900X + 3D cache, and sell the 5600X to recoup some of the money.

This way, you'll get up and running with a significant upgrade immediately and end up paying around the same as your plan to do 5900X now then monitor 3 months later.

Also £250 for a 5600X and a further £250 for an 180 Hz 1440p monitor is very good pricing, and I wonder how long those deals will stick around.

ID: hlalcll

That's actually a very good idea, thanks I'll do that 100%, yeah I'm hoping black Friday will push the monitor down further

ID: hlbkm8u

The only real answer u need.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/19 17:09 ID: hl9xzq2

I would get a 5800x if you can get a good price on it. Playing newer games like battlefield 2042 will mostly likely limit (or even choke) a 5600x just like it did with my 3600. If you can snag that and that monitor upgrade then it will bring new life to your already existing setup.

ID: hlay64s

Went from a 3600x to 5800x. Love it!

ID: hlbd7hn

I went from a 3600 to a 5900x because I needed the extra cores for my power usage and other miscellaneous things. Thing is amazing.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/19 16:57 ID: hl9w6fx

I would get a 5800x if you're only going to game on it. If you're doing video rendering and it takes time , i'd consider going for a 5900x. Do take in account that the 5900x is only going to be used at full capacity when rendering , or when installing steam game (decompression). The only game that really takes advantage of the 12 cores that i know of is Mount and Blade Bannerlord in 500vs500 battles (The AI uses all the core they can get). For Photoshop it does not scale that much with cores , but it does scale with ram. Photoshops love every single gigs of ram you can throw at it.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/19 17:15 ID: hl9yye1

I would recommend a 5600X or 5800X solely for the purpose of gaming and light editing. 5900 is a bit overkill for the price, diminishing returns

12 : Anonymous2021/11/19 16:56 ID: hl9w1b1

Why on earth did you buy a 3080 to go with a 1080p 60hz monitor?. Upgrade that now the 5600x is great for gaming

13 : Anonymous2021/11/19 17:45 ID: hla3k5p

Is there any way you can wait a couple of months for the 3d cache CPUs to come out?

ID: hlaks9o

I can definitely wait, I do t even expect to get the pc by April. Heck, I'm not even buying a cou until probably Jan because I've got to get the other stuff. I'm in no massive rush If it means I get a better pc

14 : Anonymous2021/11/19 19:04 ID: hlag89b

Since you are playing on a 1440p monitor. It is better to get the 5600X since on 1440p, it is more GPU bound than CPU bound but if you plan on doing productivity tasks, go get the 5900x and wait for 3 months to get the monitor.

Edit: Or you can wait for the V-cache CPUs. It uses AM4 mobo.

ID: hlai1u3

I'm paranoid that new crypto mined with cpu will oos the CPUs tho

ID: hlai8kh

That is true. Get either the 5600X or 5900X before it is too late. Monitor can wait tbh.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/19 20:56 ID: hlay013

If you don't already have an AM4 motherboard, I suggest looking at Alder Lake CPUs.

16 : Anonymous2021/11/19 22:17 ID: hlba44l

If you want to play VR 6cores is not ideal. For gaming 12cores is overkill. For vr get some 8core(5800x)... if you dont plan to play vr you are ok with 5600x(or intel equivalent).

17 : Anonymous2021/11/19 23:24 ID: hlbjna7

nice monitor + "cheap" cpu. No brainer unless you earn money working with heavy loads at your pc.

18 : Anonymous2021/11/19 18:06 ID: hla6t64

I'd get a 5800x, then a monitor but sooner than the delay caused by a 5900x. You don't need that many cores.

19 : Anonymous2021/11/19 19:49 ID: hlank4l

5900x it will last you longer. You can. Get better monitors cheaper sooner than CPUs


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