AMD needs to implement FSR on Radeon Software.

1 : Anonymous2021/11/18 20:56 ID: qwzelc

If you see the last video about DLSS 2.3, you see that Nvidia implement NIS on their Driver and in Geforce Experience. For your screen and all games If you have a GTX GPU, AMD need to implement It in Radeon Software

2 : Anonymous2021/11/19 01:52 ID: hl77r9k

Hopefully soon now that Nvidia is pushing NIS as a global solution that compares fairly closely to FSR for what I have seen. No idea why so many people on this sub are so adamant against this idea, I don't get what's wrong with giving the option to people who want to use it, and FSR at the end of the rendering pipeline isn't even as bad as people here make it seem, they act like a slightly blurrier hud makes the game literally unplayable.

And yes I know Magpie and Lossless Scaling are a thing, but they have some major downsides that make their real world usage somewhat limited outside of 2D games and videos, like how they cause stuttering when you're at 100% GPU usage, or how they introduce input lag, pretty much negating the main advantage FSR has which is to improve performance. They are far from an ideal solution.

ID: hlb7lut

No idea why so many people on this sub are so adamant against this idea

Really ? You dont know ? amd "fans" on this sub are a level of fanaticism and tribalism only surpased by playstation fans in the entire world.

ID: hl9oqmh

Another MAJOR downside is that freesync stops working... :/

ID: hl7tsx7

I'm against it because it makes FSR look worse to the layman, which reduces pressure on DLSS to get better. It also reduces pressure on game devs to implement it natively.

Long term it is much worse for us for it to be put in the driver, and the short term gain is tiny.

ID: hl8moag

Long term FSR 1.0 may not even be the best option to be implementing into a game, I'd argue even now if as a developer you're going to take the time to implement an upscaling technology, adding TAAU may be a better option because it does decently better at small resolutions where FSR falls short. All modern games use TAA anyways, so it's not like adding TAAU would take much more time than FSR.

In the other hand, there are many games that are very demanding, come with no decent upscaling technologies built-in, and will most likely never be implementing FSR or anything similar. A driver-side FSR would help a lot to make sub native resolution look a lot better in those games, specially when Nvidia users are already getting this with NIS and is only AMD users that are missing out.

Also, they could simply not call it FSR if they want to differentiate it from the version of it that is built into games for marketing purposes. RIS is just CAS built into the drivers, so FSR could be called something completely different in the drivers, like RES (Radeon Enhanced Scaling).

ID: hl9mexc

How does it make FSR look worse? People already did tests with the old implementation that’s been in their driver for years and were able to get almost identical results to FSR, they were even using CAS for the sharpening alongside their own filter which was essentially the same.

They’re basically extremely similar, the only difference being it affects the HUD as you say, which is a minimal impact anyway compared to not having it at all in many games.

If anything the hope is that FSR and marketing pushes by AMD don’t slow down the adoption of newer technology while they wait to update their hardware for ML (outside of the shader extensions for ML in RDNA2 which are rumoured to be used in the DLSS like scaling that’s coming)

ID: hl7ux5z

This is very true will discourage Devs to implement them in the game natively.

ID: hl8hrew

I wonder why driver level injection can't skip the HUD but ENB / SweetFX can just fine.

ID: hl8n2pj

It probably could if it were injection, but it wouldn't be because it would work differently, more similarly to how Integer Scaling does, or like how the regular scaler works. The way fullscreen GPU scaling works it wouldn't inject any shaders into the game, all it does is taking the already fully rendered frame and scaling it before feeding it into your monitor.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/19 10:52 ID: hl8o94m

They probably will, I know at first they said no but now with NVIDIA adding NIS they are more pressured to do so, also for people saying no why not? If you don't like it don't use it, it's better to have the option than to rely on 3rd party apps.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/19 09:27 ID: hl8i3aw

They are probably gonna answer to Nvidia and doing it soon or later

This brand competition is good for us (Nvidia wouldn't have done it without AMD pushing them)

Also Nvidia NIS was already in NVCP since 2018 (upscaling + sharpening), there isn't anything really new here, except the more convenient use (they changed a bit their algorithm, but nothing revolutionary) : I was always surprised by old GTX owners praising FSR as the messiah, whereas they had the same stuff in NVCP since years ...

5 : Anonymous2021/11/19 02:06 ID: hl79jnj

The upside is driver integration, the downside is it's not as intuitive, and it acts as a post-process filter, I.E. it upscales the HUD, which FSR doesn't do.

NIS is nice as a driver feature, sure, but only because FSR isn't that widespread yet, and I think ultimately the best situation for the future is for the render resolution option that a lot of modern games have, to be replaced with FSR. It doesn't even have to be branded as such, just replace the render scaling option with FSR's algorithm and we're golden.

AMD could also just update RIS to also work as a general purpose upscaler, which isn't as clean, but it would work just like NIS.

ID: hl9z3xc

FSR does upscale the HUD if it's implemented at a driver level all these solutions can skip specific upscaling on the whole screen if they're put in the right place. Having the option to care or not is pretty cool however

ID: hla00hs

I know, that's why I said they can maybe just update RIS as a general purpose upscaler at the driver level.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/18 21:56 ID: hl6bvta

You realize these driver injections are utter shit right? It messes up UI and post fx. It's a useless gimmick and I for one, prefer AMD's driver team focus their efforts elsewhere with higher returns. Such as FSR 2.0 with ML using DP4a acceleration.

ID: hl6j5rg

It's a useless gimmick and I for one, prefer AMD's driver team focus their efforts elsewhere with higher returns. Such as FSR 2.0

Yes, having an upscaler that works for all games, past and future, is a useless gimmick.

ID: hl6l0ey

There's already 3rd party software that'll do that on Windows and you can do it on Linux

ID: hl8sjvj

Yes, having an upscaler that works for all games, past and future, is a useless gimmick.

Yes, having a utterly useless feature that "works on", aka shits all over, all games is a gimmick.

It's no different than RIS or FXAA. Nearly all driver "image enhancement" features in the past decade are useless gimmicks BECAUSE DRIVERS DON'T KNOW HOW THE SOFTWARE RENDER.

ID: hl6l8px

Why the agression? Hes just asking for a little bit more options. Surely multibillion corporation like AMD could implement FSR as a in-driver feature in less than a day of work by couple of employees. It took developer of Lossless Scaling just over 36 hours to implement NVIDIA NIS into his programm, surely entity like AMD could done something on par with what enthusiasts do.

"Driver injections are utter shit" Thats your opinion, my dude. I respect it, but dont try to pass it as a fact and a reason against implementation of FSR as a in-driver feature. I have a feeling you didnt really saw any of the example of FSR ruining UI and post FX and you just repeat the same talking point like the rest of the sub whenever this topic arises.

Remember, unlike someone like you w/ RX6700XT, 80%+ of PC gamers still use sub rx580 performance tier GPUs, and implementation of FSR as a in-driver feature would be benificial for alot of people to help them stretch their GPUs in harsh times like right now.

ID: hl91lea

Welcome to AMD, one of the most defensive community there is. Will get you mauled if you even suggest competition has done something remotely good.

ID: hl7ol84

You are forgetting you are on AMD sub, this sub has been on downward spiral for sometime now, its become pathetic.

ID: hl8tuk4

I mean he’s not wrong, driver side scaling ruins UI, it’s garbage. The issue with that argument is that it applies to FSR as well - devs shouldn’t waste time on FSR when it looks like garbage compared to DLSS… but they won’t tell you that will they.

FSR might be worth having if you believe it’s better than TAAU. in driver NIS is worth having because it just works everywhere. DLSS is worth having because it’s actually good.

ID: hl8s5td

That's utter bullshit. FSR runs before HUD by design.

ID: hl7hwel

I have a feeling you didnt really saw any of the example of FSR ruining UI and post FX

No such thing, when FSR is implemented by gamedevs, they run it before the UI & Post FX.

When FSR is injected with 3rd party tools, that's when you run into these problems.

My point is that AMD's driver team has bigger things on their plate to worry about than copying 3rd party tool shader injects.

ID: hl72vzq

If it takes a few days to add the option, but then you've to spend months trying to support it (which will never work, as it's the wrong approach) then perhaps you shouldn't spend any time on it, no matter how much developer resources you have.

ID: hl6hq21

I aggree with you in parts, the focus needs to be in new features and capability, but If FSR is too easy to implement in games, It is easy to implement in Radeon Software, like It is easy in Magpie app and It is the real FSR feature, to every game, and Magpie is get improving right now!

ID: hl6xa7q

It's pretty good even with 3rd party implementation,

ID: hl8g25w

Only the Magpie solution is a crap solution, and not how FSR should be implemented or designed to be used for best results.

ID: hl6je4x

I bought lossless scaling for this. It's better than nothing.

ID: hl76188

You might as well just used gpu scaling with a custom resolution and ris. They is a performance penalty from using 3rd party apps

7 : Anonymous2021/11/19 12:14 ID: hl8vbr6

No, Let the game Dev's do it, it doesn't take long, and it will look way better.

Also, this its pretty much the first thing "open" NV have done, and its been forced by AMD.

ID: hl902k5

Devs aren't going back and adding this to the older games that really need it

ID: hl9a1l0

In it's current form FSR is best implemented by Devs. It looks best that way.

ID: hl9kqfg

While true, old games dont need FSR or TAAU or DLSS. Most can run on native or will run native with next-gen GPUs.

ID: hl9oogv

and still AMD could add an alternate method so that we can activate it in the drivers for the games which don't support it natively

I really don't understand why anyone would be against one more feature, it is not like it is going to be removed from the games themselves

8 : Anonymous2021/11/19 03:50 ID: hl7n3rx

AMD should add this. The fact that it requires third party programs in windows, and only works in windowed mode (to the best of my knowledge), is incredibly stupid. AMD could add this tomorrow and it wouldn't take much effort, and it would be a FANTASTIC selling point and a great feature for everyone. It could just be another scaling option in radeon settings.

I dualboot linux and FREQUENTLY run games with FSR via protonGE. It is very easy to do, and it looks really fucking good. It often looks far better then in game resolution sliders, and it looks a hell of a lot better then just running intensive games at lower resolutions.

For example, running deus ex mankind divided under proton is better then the native port, and I get around 60-70 average in the benchmark. If I run it with FSR and lower the resolution from 1440p to 2259x1270 (one of the resolutions FSR enables), then my FPS goes up to the 90's and it hardly looks any different. Text in menus looks great, the game itself looks great too.

Now don't get me wrong I still want built-in solutions too, but adding it after works really well in a lot of cases, especially games that might have a blurry taa or allow you to adjust sharpening.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/19 08:38 ID: hl8enpz

AMD wont ever make FSR on a driver level. Not only they would have nothing to "sell you" per game basis but they would also admit openly that they could have done it since DAY1. Bad press.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/19 01:56 ID: hl789cn

No. Bad idea.

FSR is a per-game solution that requires the game's internal scaling engine.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/19 18:16 ID: hla8c7q

Radeon Image Sharpening?

ID: hla8fi8

Nice name

12 : Anonymous2021/11/19 02:42 ID: hl7e9e4

lol nope.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/19 13:53 ID: hl9655l


14 : Anonymous2021/11/19 02:43 ID: hl7efso

Still better than Dlss.

ID: hl7knuk

Except when it's not, like all the time.

ID: hl7v5p5

It's better than DLSS in the medium (because of the shimmer) and myst (because of the smear).

It's better than DLSS if you own a 1660.

Yes DLSS is visually better in most games where it's implemented if you have a supported GPU, but that's pretty small set of circumstances, certainly not "like all the time."

Downvotes for that, what did I say that's wrong?

ID: hl80tid

The DLSS that absolutely destroys FSR? Hell, even NIS is infinitely better than FSR and it's only been a single day. AMDicks is finished.


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