New Sony UI Patent Aims to Make Switching To Other Apps Faster, More Efficient

1 : Anonymous2021/11/23 10:39 ID: r0aibe
New Sony UI Patent Aims to Make Switching To Other Apps Faster, More Efficient
2 : Anonymous2021/11/23 10:41 ID: hlr5eg5

Sweet. I'm fine with what we have but any improvements are always welcome.

ID: hlsl1cz

Same, at first I wasn't sure about it but PS5 has me hook line and sinker, such a Gen.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/23 12:16 ID: hlrcql8

I wish they would add the feature that games don’t close when you accidentally open another game, like a prompt that says „do you want to close this game“

ID: hlrh4ka

They had that for PS4 and I don't understand why they removed it. I've accidentally started another game while browsing the menu a few times. It's not a big issue but it's one small quality of life detail I'm baffled it's still missing

ID: hls3z9h

They had that for PS4 and I don't understand why they removed it.

I mean they removed a lot of good PS4 features so why not that as well?

ID: hls7tf7

Actually this would be horrible for returnal if you didn’t suspense your game

ID: hlrssxi

I assume it was removed as they intend to have it not close in a forthcoming update.

ID: hls8jpj

I've had this absolutely FUCK me multiple times.

ID: hlrenid

Or a suspend mode like Xbox so you can switch between games without shutting down

ID: hlrxzsg

I love that about my series x, i can pause my game from the living room, shut it off, move the console to my bedroom and resume right where i left off with no interruption. Blew my tiny little mind the first time

ID: hls4qmi

For real, Quick Resume is sooo good.

ID: hlrhkw1

Ps4 also had this if you opened an app. At least if it wasn’t another game it was. Also suspending means cutting internet connection from that game so any online game would just only be left loaded in not ready to hop back in

ID: hlsalqk

This is the biggest thing I wish they'd add. Maybe picture in picture of both if I'm being greedy. I'd love to hop over and play Hades for a min or two between Warframe runs and know when to go back.

ID: hlrj725

I had a demo install and accidently opened it and lost a few good hours in a game. I was shocked there was no prompt as I'm almost certain there was one for the PS4. Even the Nintendo Switch prompts you.

It's standard practice to warn users they're about to do something that will lose data if they do not save.

ID: hlrt4ie

Yeah, confirmation of destructive action. Incredibly standard as far as good user experience goes and bizarre for them to remove it.

ID: hlrj9p3

I really miss that. Sometimes I’ll pause a game, go to the menu, and then put the system to sleep only to go back to the system and open a different game forgetting that I was in the middle of something.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/23 13:14 ID: hlriher

So I closed Demons Souls the other day, then saw the “card” in the menu telling me I could resume my activity in Upper Latria. I clicked out of curiosity, and I’ll be damned if it didn’t load me right into Upper Latria. I had quit out from the Nexus. The fact that the system can put you back into a different part of the game blows my mind. Small thing, but man how cool.

ID: hlryfaf

you can scum save that way... A boss slaughtered you? just close the app before you respawn and relaunch the game, you’ll load up right before you get to the fight and you get to keep your sweet health bar

ID: hlrzxn4

Oh wow. Well, I'm not that desperate to win. Then again, I am a bit disappointed at how few summons I've found. When I played this on the PS3 there were summon signs everywhere. Not so much now.

ID: hlsehcr

Oh wow. I never knew you could do that. Looks like I'm jumping back in for the long holiday weekend!

ID: hlsdegg

You should thank the devs who utilized the API properly.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/23 13:49 ID: hlrmcwi

I'd like to PiP with apps like You Tube. I like watching YouTube when I play games that aren't story heavy or perhaps are text based. I know there is a work around using the browser but it would be nice to have a properly built app to use.

ID: hlronvz

I think pip works if you open youtube through the browser

ID: hlrv391

It should be built in

ID: hlsvkg7

The browser? I thought there wasnt a browser?

ID: hls43yf

I use the browser method and I like it, but it's a little slow. I just think it would be better with something custom built instead of a slow work around. It would be quicker and easier to use.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/23 15:02 ID: hlrvrit

and please for the love of god condense the party system. I don't need 8 different pages to view the party or try and invite someone.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/23 14:23 ID: hlrqjp3

I miss the simple double home click to take me back to the active app from PS4. This is gone or I’m just unaware of the setting?

8 : Anonymous2021/11/23 11:55 ID: hlrax89

Would love a quick resume type feature on PS5.

ID: hlrqrfa

I suspect that a big reason why Sony hasn't done quick resume is how much SSD storage it eats up.

From what I understand with quick resume the entire games state is dumped into the storage which fills up several gigabyte per game. If they want to support quick resume for more than just 2 games they'll need to reserve 50 gigs or more.

With how little storage there already is I'm not sure if that's desirable.

I suspect that they are banking on the SSD speeds and further optimization to just make a cold boot and loading into a save file as fast as possible.

If they can do it in 10 seconds or less you don't really need quick resume anymore

ID: hls4jj8

Quick resume is still worth it, I’ve been using it a lot and I am spoiled by it.

ID: hls5qyg

It's coming. I'd be surprised if we don't get it before 2023.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/23 16:06 ID: hls4u1g

Hopefully this means a game suspend mode is coming soon.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/23 14:51 ID: hlru7jg

That's great but tbh the only issue about ps5 rn is really the 12 step party system. Nobody likes it. Although why pour in resources when discord is supposed to be coming early 2022

ID: hlsvmzv

Exactly old system was way better

11 : Anonymous2021/11/23 16:23 ID: hls7cxy

UI feels so closed, I loved ps4 way how it show what friends do or have done. Now that data is hidden.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/23 12:18 ID: hlrcwji

OK can I have my custom backgrounds back please?

Turned my homepage into a fucking advert for things.

PS4 home UI was much much better and less controlling than the crap we got for PS5.

ID: hlrpg5x

Now that they have adverts being crammed in our face by turning it on I can't imagine they will simply let us choose not to. Its the only thing I absolutely hate about ps5

13 : Anonymous2021/11/23 14:32 ID: hlrrlo1

And what ever happened to holding the ps button to do stuff like turning the system off?

ID: hlsl4vl

hold to home is way better because you won’t be accidentally popping out of games if your finger taps the button

14 : Anonymous2021/11/23 10:40 ID: hlr5bgi

Geez, it's not hard or slow to do now. How much faster could it be??

ID: hlr75ho

Imagine game state for all your games being saved to a snapshot file on disk. Then in the game changer ui you could "swipe" left or right to quickly restore state in a blink.

I'm not saying it's necessary but it would be an objective improvement, effectively allow resume from rest for multiple games.

ID: hlrazth

Imagine being able to set the touchpad that whenever you press the ps button that opens the quick menu screen you can swipe it left or right to the next game that would actually be a good use for that pad

ID: hlr7hh3

Ah like quick resume works on my SeriesX. That is a nice feature indeed.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/23 13:02 ID: hlrh69e

Would be nice, too many subsequent button presses to open a game that's currently already open

16 : Anonymous2021/11/23 14:37 ID: hlrsccn

Bring back themes

17 : Anonymous2021/11/23 14:40 ID: hlrsnph

How about my themes and folders?

18 : Anonymous2021/11/23 15:03 ID: hlrvvmr

I hope the Discord integration is done well and not abandoned like like OoVoo did on PS4.

19 : Anonymous2021/11/23 16:24 ID: hls7jaw

I just want to be able to double tap the ps button to go back to my game. Instead of going to the home button menu, to the switcher, to the game I was playing.

20 : Anonymous2021/11/23 20:07 ID: hlt5ytt

I just want an easier way to close the game I'm playing. It's buried inside menu after menu. It's either I have to go fishing for it, or I have to hold the PS button, then get to the home screen, then press the options button, then click Close Game. It's a pain in the ass.


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