TWELVE MINUTES coming to PS5 on December 7th.

1 : Anonymous2021/11/23 17:01 ID: r0hrgu
TWELVE MINUTES coming to PS5 on December 7th.
2 : Anonymous2021/11/23 17:08 ID: hlse7fa

Once it came out and people were loudly disappointed by it, I think they needed to find some other venues to make some profit. It was fun in the beginning but it really takes a turn for the bad near the end. Happy for PS players who are interested in this.

ID: hlskcjk

I read the spoilers for the plot, and yikes lol. Not sure what I expected but it wasn’t that

ID: hltbc06

I ordinarily never read the synopsis of games I haven't played, but the buzz I was hearing around this one made me look it up. Yikes is a huge understatement.

ID: hltbt9a

I played it and experienced the reveals first hand... I was like.. dude.

Gross. :/

ID: hlttmhk

It’s not just about spoilers though. It’s dreaded gameplay too. They really need to add some “skip already exhausted paths” option, otherwise you are repeating the same scenes for way too long. It gets boring. Plot could save boring gameplay but as you mention.. it’s starts ok but derails pretty fast. Shame but oh well.

ID: hlsf9qy

Yeah I was looking forward to this for seemingly years and years and it was a bummer.

ID: hlsnzx9

I didn't even get to the end and found this game to be absolutely abysmal. They spent all this money on big name actors only to have janky as hell animations and a terrible script that makes the otherwise good actors seem like bad ones.

Then there is the gameplay... Jesus Christ. Repeat the entire loop over and over and over. Memorize every little step needed to progress and if you get one wrong, prepare to start all over again from scratch and go through all of the same conversations again.

I loved the idea, but it feels like very little thought went into this game's existence as a game rather than a movie. There is way too much frustration and repetition packed into this experience which would be much better served as essentially a 1.5 hour walking sim with a few dialogue options.

Then again, after reading about the ending, I'm not even sure that would've helped this disaster much.

ID: hlsotax

I complete agree. At the very least, there should have been checkpoints. Combine the required distasteful actions and the very repetitive gameplay and I was done.

Deathloop did it much better. Skip to any portion of the day, and have a lot of separate goals and options for approaching them.

ID: hlsp58c

I realized how shit the game was when I was able to choose dialogue options about things that was never even discovered or mentioned by the characters yet. Hell even the voice acting was terrible.

ID: hlso9bv

Interesting concept, but there's a reason things like Groundhogs Day skip to scenes each new day.

The having to repeat literally everything nonstop, each loop, is absolutely grating.

ID: hltoj22

i mean you don't have to do literally all actions as you do get shortcuts but i agree you do repeat stuff so much to the point of tedium. in that sense i thought the story was the strongest part of the game.

ID: hlt484n

I would bet other platforms were always planned. MS doesn't seem to give a shit as long as it is coming to game pass at launch and maybe 3 months exclusivity, like stalker 2 will allegedly have.

ID: hlsye7s

Yup, was on my wantlist ever since first hearing about it but I'm glad it came to gamepass so I didn't waste any extra money on it.

Cool concept but the execution was severely lacking.

Then my personal GOTY contender The Forgotten City came along to Gamepass a few months later and completely overshadowed it while blowing me away in terms of a time looping adventure game done *right*.

ID: hlt2bzt

It was pretty good until the end, I thought. Just the shock twist ending felt more like it was intended to shock than to be a meaningful conclusion to the story. It probably would have come to PS regardless, since that always could have made them extra money.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/23 17:34 ID: hlsietk

This game is not as deep or engaging as it thinks it is. It was fine for free on Game Pass but I wouldn't pay $20 for it. The beginning of the game is WAY better than the nonsense at the end, IMO.

ID: hlthlyb

I finished the game and wouldn’t pay more than $0.99 on it

4 : Anonymous2021/11/23 17:39 ID: hlsj27k

Meh. Was excited for it until I played it.

ID: hlsjtwk


5 : Anonymous2021/11/23 19:12 ID: hlsxh2c

horrible story.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/23 17:09 ID: hlsehl1

Maybe a Ps Plus game?

ID: hlso3so

I hope not. This game was fucking horrible. Would rather sony not waste a PS+ slot on it.

ID: hlsw3k0

Agreed. It's a very bad point-and-click translation to console/controller. I installed it on Xbox with game pass, played about that, 12 minutes, and deleted it. Maybe that's the point of the title though!? :O

ID: hlsk0m0

That's what I am thinking. A super close announcement and releasing on a Tuesday.

Both Twelve Minutes and Heavenly Bodies are releasing on Dec. 07 and might be a PS+ game.

ID: hlskjc9

I would love both of them. I guess we’ll find out in 8 days… unless it leaks.

I love your name btw XD.

ID: hlsmjp4

Hope not. Would rather have a good game.

ID: hlt1fax

100%. I think it’s obvious

7 : Anonymous2021/11/23 17:09 ID: hlsecuj

Wasnt worth the playthrough on gamepass.

ID: hlsmy22

Agree, was kind of tedious and the story was not so good as to justify it.

ID: hlsjlm6

I disagree I enjoyed it

ID: hltw8tm

Same. Never played anything like it. Both in story and in gameplay.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/23 19:03 ID: hlsw87g

Most disappointing game of the year

ID: hlt22su


9 : Anonymous2021/11/23 20:22 ID: hlt86c6

I heard this one is terrible

10 : Anonymous2021/11/23 17:44 ID: hlsjz02

I fall in love with this game the first time I saw. I will enjoy it on my ps4 or switch

11 : Anonymous2021/11/23 20:23 ID: hlt8f0z

damn, all these negative comments about the game are a huge bummer. I remember when they launched the trailer at E3 I think? It was one of the few that actually stood out to me.

ID: hltxsv2

Judging by this thread I may be the only one who enjoyed it. I specifically avoided spoilers and so all the revelations were great as you figure them out and then confirm them. I really don’t know where the hate comes from, unless it’s discomfort with some dark subject matter.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/23 19:42 ID: hlt219w

I beat this a week ago. I should have done anything else with my time. Wasn't worth the download and here's why.

Cons: - story is shit, like a middle schooler thought of it at best. - controls are wonky, -top down view adds nothing to the gameplay, and no other view could make up for it either. - the game offers almost no hints or any clues as to what to do. - it had not one moment of wow I did it. Figuring out what to do was a chore and you're rewarded with a line of dialgue per loop, making you do 5-7 loops IF you don't make any mistakes.

Pros: - the voice actors -uninstalling it after, felt good

13 : Anonymous2021/11/23 19:06 ID: hlswllz

this game isn't worth your time, yet alone your money. do not play it i'm begging

14 : Anonymous2021/11/23 18:01 ID: hlsmkit

Think I’m in the minority who really enjoyed this game for what it was.

ID: hlty0nw

I posted above that I thought I was one of the only ones who enjoyed it, based on this thread. Cheers - glad to attach to this post.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/23 17:21 ID: hlsga54

Don't buy this.

16 : Anonymous2021/11/23 19:07 ID: hlswqhw

Incredibly disappointing game with annoying, frustrating mechanics. The story is one of the worst I've played in the past few years. Don't bother with this one. Not to mention, they hired three celebrities in an attempt to cover up issues with the game and all three are phoning it in hard (Daisy Ridley, James McAvoy, Willem Dafoe).

Not to mention, does anyone else find it strange both McAvoy and Ridley aren't American but were hired to do American accents or is it just me laughing at that weird tidbit?

17 : Anonymous2021/11/23 19:59 ID: hlt4olr

This was so bad! And for employing renowned actors, the voice acting really wasn't that great. Really felt like they phoned it in.

ID: hltmcho

You can say 3. Daisy Ridley is the main character of the last 3 star wars main films. That by definition equals renowned.

(But yes McAvoy and Dafoe are MUCH more renowned I would think)

18 : Anonymous2021/11/23 20:27 ID: hlt90cx

Hard pass on this one. Don't encourage this trash.

19 : Anonymous2021/11/23 20:25 ID: hlt8pzo

The game is kind of broken. I was stuck in a loop of dialogue options and certain things that was clearly supposed to happen wasn't happening.

20 : Anonymous2021/11/23 20:31 ID: hlt9knl


21 : Anonymous2021/11/23 17:02 ID: hlsdbuw

Wow I didn't expect this to come to playstation, especially so soon after release!

22 : Anonymous2021/11/23 19:42 ID: hlt24sr

Terrible story

23 : Anonymous2021/11/23 19:19 ID: hlsyl97

Already played this elsewhere.

One of the games I was most excited for in 2021.

It ended up being maybe the worst game I played all year, not just most disappointing.

Really poor, I'm a huge fan of both timeloop games and point-and-click games and it's like they set out to make the worst of both genres with one of the weirdest stories in a video game.


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