Minecraft Now 30% Faster With Open-Source AMD Radeon Driver On Linux

1 : Anonymous2021/11/26 13:13 ID: r2n72s
Minecraft Now 30% Faster With Open-Source AMD Radeon Driver On Linux
2 : Anonymous2021/11/26 13:23 ID: hm5hbqa

Im just curious, what will happen first, AMD will fix OpenGL on Windows or Minecraft will implement switchable graphics api

ID: hm5htdf

Both of them are looking really far cry. Minecraft recently just started to use ogl 3, and AMD don't seem to care

ID: hm6j88x

Not an insignificant factor why in went NVIDIA for this years upgrade.

Been playing lots of Minecraft and it’s just a drag on AMD graphics, especially with shaders and dense worlds.

ID: hm6we2r

Blaze4d is a mod that is working on implementing vulkan. Focal engine is a fork of optifine also aiming for it. But all in all, iris with sodium achieve great performance while keeping legacy support and ogl.

ID: hm5sdhb

W10 Minecraft doesn't

ID: hm5ypq1

The most realistic fix will be OpenGL emulators on top of Vulkan/D3D12.

ID: hm64frt

If Zink works on Windows then it might already be faster than AMDs proprietary driver...

ID: hm6273d

Probably neither will ever happen, but a while back Mojang made Minecraft's rendering API a lot more abstract, no longer calling direct OpenGL calls. Blaze4D is a very wip mod that re-implements their rendering API in vulkan and could be very useful for AMD users in the future.

ID: hm62u3g

checked Bleze4D, sounds cool but at least for now doesn't work with amd gpus

ID: hm5rykf

OSRS is also stuck with OpenGL for the good clients and radeon users are suffering a pretty terrible CPU driver performance deficit there compared to Nvidia.

ID: hm5umg5

Minecraft uses DirectX11 and 12 on Windows when bought from the Windows Store. It's just not as modable as the non Store variant, that is running on OpenGL.

ID: hm5vwno

Honestly, Java might be the place that most needs performance fixes. Performance there is crucial.

ID: hm5i7wt

30% is not impressive whaosever, if we consider the 200% performance boost on Minecraft under DirectX.

OpenGL always been a crap API, and the fact Minecraft also uses a poor language like Java, doesn't help either.

Which is why the C++ with DirectX version offers a 200% performance boost on both AMD and NVidia.

ID: hm5kriv

If the bedrock was any good… but the lack of modability and the paywalls for ressourcepacks just aren’t very appealing for most minecrafters I‘ve spoken to. Especially the one’s that have been playing since before bedrock was a thing. So I‘ll gladly take any bit of additional performance I can get without upgrading my gpu or switching to a feature-wise inferior version even if it’s superior under the hood

ID: hm5kgf3

Bedrock Edition on PC does perform leagues better than Java edition, but most people who play Minecraft on PC are playing Java edition for the simple fact that they view it as the superior version. There are player-made mod APIs for Java, vanilla content differences between the two versions generally end up in Java's favor as to how much content there is, and don't even get me started on redstone.

So any performance boost on the Java edition is a big deal when it's the version most enthusiasts are still playing.

ID: hm605h9

Minecraft's performance issues have very little to do with it's graphics API and almost entirely to do with its sheer complexity and patched-together nature of how it was built. If you don't believe me, just load a single player world and then compare it to multiplayer, the very act of offloading server-side things like mob AI to another computer nearly doubles performance.

ID: hm5lmqc

OpenGL always been a crap API

You have no idea what you're talking about.

You can get more than a 200% boost by installing one of a set of minecraft mods which replace the rendering engine with something written properly.

Yes java is slow, but the reason minecraft performance sucks on the java edition is because the code has never been written by anyone who knew what they were doing.

ID: hm5nds2

OpenGL always been a crap API, and the fact Minecraft also uses a poor language like Java, doesn't help either.

OpenGL existed before direct3D and was the defacto standard rendering API before Microsoft came along and wanted to push their proprietary shit. They campaigned hard against publishers using OpenGL and lied about the capabilities of Direct3D and it's upwards compatabiliy (9 to 10). OpenGL is at a worse place today than Direct3D because Microsoft used illegal anti competitive practices to push out a competitor with much less resources. They did this countless times with other software as well. They want to lock users in their system. They are doing the same shit to Minecraft with bedrock edition. Minecraft became as big as it is, because it was highly modable. Now look at how modable Bedrock Edition is. Microsoft doesn't care about what makes games great or attractive. They care only about money, and they will use any tools they can to get it.

Chris Hecker 1997:

John Carmack 1996:

ID: hm5vzur

OpenGL always been a crap API...poor language like Java

Showing your ignorance of both programming and Minecraft history. Impressive.

Well, I mean I'm more shocked you felt you had any knowledgeable standing to comment this.

You do you, sweet summer child.

Edit: poo to poor

ID: hm5n7nu

Performance is great on Nvidia cards, like 200+ fps easily even with mods and all sorts. Its not a hard game to run on todays hardware, but AMD's openGL driver has shocking performance in it, such that a low end card from Nvidia will destroy a top end one from AMD.

ID: hm6f4ey

why do people keep beating a dead horse thinking someone is going to revive it.

opengl is dead, it's dead end, it's useless, amd doesn't have the army of developers to start working on making it heavily optimized and multi threaded let alone unstable as hell compared to what nvidia did to it over 20 years, there's a reason several professionals still stick to amd's solutions due to their opengl driver "just working" vs some of the instabilities often associated to nvidia's performance boost but higher risk of failure.

At the moment vulkan wrappers or even dx12 wrapper for opengl have been the best option.

Short of that, there are several api mod options that make the question relatively irrelevant as well in regards to minecraft itself performance wise matching or exceeding depending on the mod choices, that of equivalent nvidia products.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/26 13:56 ID: hm5knn1

Marek noted that enabling Mesa's OpenGL threading functionality for Minecraft is good for a 30% bump to performance. Those not riding Mesa 22.0-devel Git can also set the mesa_glthread=true environment variable to force-enable OpenGL threading on existing Mesa releases without having to wait for the configuration update.

Ok, I know nothing about setting up OpenGL/3D in Linux, but would it be possible to tweak OpenGL/Mesa globally so every application that uses OpenGL/Mesa would benefit?

P.S. If so, could it also benefit Vulkan?

ID: hm5mfgw

The reason it's not is because this change breaks some games. That's why there's an allowlist and this article talks about two programs that were added to it: Minecraft launcher and Basemark.

Vulkan is really the right approach moving forward, so this is kind of the best they can do for older OpenGL programs.

ID: hm5l22y

You'd want to add that variable to all the environments in your system. Unfortunately, I can't think of an easy way to do that.

ID: hm5tlkd

You can probably put it in /etc/environment or /etc/profile. It'll get loaded on boot. Not a good idea to just indiscriminately enable opengl threading for every game though.

ID: hm5xltq

OpenGL threading is hit or miss, works for some games, for some games it makes no difference, and it makes some games not work properly, that's why it's hiding behind an environment variable. You can turn enable it yourself on a case-by-case basis if you so desire.

And no, this has nothing to do with Vulkan.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/26 17:37 ID: hm6ck4h

If you want to run minecraft opengl / Java edition much faster just install sodium (plus iris).

/comments/oiflp1" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.reddit.com//comments/oiflp1

You can run ray traced shaders at 32 chucks faster than regular rendering without sodium/ iris.

The default render engine is complete garbage and sucks for NV too at high chunk settings.

ID: hm6mwjv

I use normal sodium and can vouch for it, it goes from stuttery 250fps at 12 chunks on my 5600x to butter smooth 500fps at 16 chunks. Essential mod, especially for 1.18, at least with release candidate 1. I now get 160fps with severe stutters lmao.

ID: hm76x11

HOLY CRAP. I just installed this. In my storage room where I was getting 30 fps @ 3840 x 1600 because of all the item frames, now I get 90 - 100 FPS. Thank you.

ID: hm6piz2

I don't think Iris works with raytraced shaders, last time I tried SeusPTGI it didn't work

ID: hm6zse2

See the link, I used

which uses ray tracing and it works with Iris / Sodium.

These are all 32 chunks @ 3440x1440 with settings maxed out, vsync off and fps set to unlimited.

Linux - Regular: 46 fps

Linux - Iris (Sodium): 487 fps

Windows - Regular: 41 fps

Windows - Iris (Sodium): 315 fps

Windows - Iris (Sodium) - No Debug overlay: 593 fps

Windows - Iris (Sodium) + ComplementaryShaders (RT): 115 fps

5 : Anonymous2021/11/26 18:12 ID: hm6hdtk

Brfore it was 3x faster than windows. So now it's 4x times?

6 : Anonymous2021/11/26 14:41 ID: hm5plo5

Does this apply to the APU's as well?

ID: hm69rwi

Seems so, my laptop with a 4700U dual boots Windows 11 and Manjaro Linux, performance uplift seems to be around about that ballpark and it seems less prone to dropping too

7 : Anonymous2021/11/26 14:03 ID: hm5lf00

dang, my brain assumed after skimming the headline that it was "Minecraft RTX" getting the performance boost :/

ID: hm5o66f

I'm just holding out for the Redstone Linux native client

8 : Anonymous2021/11/26 17:07 ID: hm68imz

some reality check here... well... as if it is good thing.... it wasn't supposed to be that slow to begin with... took them long enough to "fix" it and only for like less than 2% of the users? fix windows ver as well than it is truly some good effort worth praising.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/26 20:30 ID: hm6z6f5

Faster than what?

10 : Anonymous2021/11/26 20:42 ID: hm70qlo

I mean how much FPS did it have before? From what the graphics look like it should run with about 400?

ID: hm7in9p

Your comment shows that you have no idea of Minecraft and also no idea how graphics work and also no idea how computer hardware works.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/26 23:02 ID: hm7ilns

cool, windows when


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