1 : Anonymous2021/11/26 15:39 ID: r2q453

Background Story:

I am 13 and am using an Ideapad 3 (i5 10210

RAM). The screen quality is terrible and so is the resolution (1366x768). So I want to upgrade to HP Aero 13 that is on sale (R7 5800 RAM). I don't have a phone yet so my parents are making me choose between upgrading my PC or getting a phone(iPhone 13 pro). I will probably program and play games a little bit on my computer, along with school work.

Question: Should I upgrade my Ideapad 3 to an HP Aero 13, or should I get a new phone instead?

(I know this thread is not fully related to AMD but IDK where to ask this question) I also put the discussion flair because I have to put in a flair 🙁

2 : Anonymous2021/11/26 15:43 ID: hm5x8re

damn, when i was a kid i got to choose between new socks or new socks...

ID: hm6buhw

when i was 13... i started my own computer business that i operate still today which involved fixing, upgrading and building my own computer.

ID: hm6n0vt

Woah, that's pretty sick! Good for you 🙂

ID: hm5yb4s

Didn't get new socks for a year now, lmao

ID: hm5ykhw

time to bust out the old trusty thread and needle

3 : Anonymous2021/11/26 15:45 ID: hm5xfou

It’s your preference. Do you want a computer that has a better screen or a phone? Can you negotiate with your parents to not get a $999 phone so you can get both? I have the IPhone SE (2020 model) and it’s great for less than half the price.

ID: hm676h1

I also am getting a monitor so the screen won't be a problem 3/4 of the time. I am really just worried about the processing power of the computer.

ID: hm5y5ay

My parents are getting the phone because of black Friday, my dad is upgrading, and also my dad is trading in. And you get some sort of discount when you get 2 phones (everything for 700-800 USD). Otherwise, I could get my dad's old XR in July of next year (July is my birthday). I was wondering if this ideapad 3 will last me 4 years or so.

ID: hm74pfz

Depends entirely on what you are doing. If the screen is your only real issue, one consideration is any laptop can use an external display, so if they display is the main issue, and you are mostly caring about at home, then screen+keyboard+mouse to "dock" it (and potentially are a way towards required things if ever wanted to go for a desktop).

Personally these days I'd say the flagship phones are completely pointless wastes of money to me. I don't play games on them (PC gamer and when am travelling, ether laptop or nintendo switch) and the much cheaper phones have long been good enough for internet browsing, messenger, maps, watching videos, editing documents. Basically everything except a small number of mobile games.

But since PC games are so much more demanding, as is productivity work I do (programming, video editing/encoding, running virtual machines, etc. Things a phone just sucks at, even a latest iphone), I'd happily spend that $1000 a top phone costs on computers.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/26 15:57 ID: hm5z363

Get the phone. You’re almost at that age when you’re going into high school and the only way I communicated with my friends outside of school was my phone. Plus you’ll be 14 soon don’t be afraid to get a job and save your money

ID: hm6421u

I Second this.

ID: hm7npmc

Thanks 🙂

ID: hm64fng

Thanks for the advice 🙂


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