Why I still prefer console gaming even with a gaming PC

1 : Anonymous2021/11/29 01:41 ID: r4k5vb

I've always had gaming PCs, and I've always had consoles, but I mostly gamed on PC. Things have changed a lot for me with PS5 though.

Just today I got filled with nostalgia and decided to replay Need For Speed The Run. It's no longer for sale. Thankfully I had it bought years before. Download it. Run it. The game won't work because before the main menu it is checking for servers (they have been offline for years). Thank god reddit exists because someone had the same problem recently and found the solution is to create a firewall for the game and block it. Great now it works. But I just realized my Dualshock4 controller isn't being detected by Windows. I last used it a few months ago for Forza and it worked fine. According to others with the same problem, the new Windows update ruined a few apps functionalities, including the one that supports PS4 controllers. My sunken cost fallacy kicks in. I already spent an hour just trying to get a game to work which I just wanted to relax to for a couple of races. So I tried playing keyboard and mouse. I'm actually an avid PC gamer, but Keyboard/Mouse for FPS and strategy games only. Racing games are insanely terrible KB/M. I got up to 5 races before I couldn't do it anymore. Took the ps3 out of storage and playing it now on that instead.

There are definitely advantages to PC. I need KB/M for games like Cities Skylines or Age of Empires. But for it seems now literally everything else I turn on my PS5 now.

Another example: I tried Battlefield 2042 on both (I have EAplay, no I didn't buy it twice), and it actually runs a lot better on ps5. Not only that, there is virtually no difference. The biggest factor for any Battlefield is the troop number, which both support 128 players. Back in the x360/ps3 era, Battlefield 3 for PC was 64 players when consoles were limited to 24, with smaller maps. Now THAT was a big difference. The BEST way to play Battlefield was on PC in 2011. But now 10 years later, I'd rather relax on the couch with a ps5.

2 : Anonymous2021/11/29 16:15 ID: hmjmo6c

For me it's the simplicity. I know I'll get a good uniform experience that was tailored for the hardware I use that is (the vast majority of the time) good enough.

I just don't care about cutting edge graphics since those cutting edge graphics will be "normal" graphics in a couple of years anyway. Convenience is much more important to me.

ID: hml0zom

Bingo about the simplicity.

I have both, and there really is something about just plugging in and playing. On PC, whenever I start a game, I go to the settings and try to tweak them to get the best resolution/performance. I often spend more time tweaking than I do playing lol.

I love both to be honest, but all in all, it's important to not get caught up in settings, and actually enjoy the game

ID: hmk44lx

before the PC would have much better graphics and FPS, But now every game gets at least 60 fps and close to 4k

ID: hmkb392

Now PC just have more FX, like more detailed grass, and ray tracing etc.

But you will need a high end PC for these, PS5 is good enough to be comparable to average PC already, that is good enough for me.

ID: hmkawos

And even PS5 is now 4k60FPS, grants not all the time, for example Kena you have to choose between constant 4k but 30 FPS, or 1800p-2160p (almost 4k) dynamic but 60 FPS. Running the game in 1800p+ and 60 FPS on a 65” TV is a nice enough experience that you probably won’t notice much further anyway.

Sure top end PC will also have all the ray tracing and such, but to run those you will need a pretty high end PC, not your average PC.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/29 19:28 ID: hmkfik1

Have a gaming PC, have a PS5. All is good in the world.

ID: hmkgszv

Honestly PC and PS4 was the best combo I've had. All the amazing playstation exclusives on my couch, and the few xbox games worth playing were on PC as well.

(And yes I have a switch too but I've really fallen out with Nintendo over the years. I struggle to enjoy their games)

ID: hml8qph

It still is man! PC and PS5 myself and it's amazing.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/29 16:15 ID: hmjmnmc

I wanted to get into PC gaming but the higher end GPU’s alone dwarf the price of a PS5. Thankfully I managed to snag one at launch or else I would have had a tough time building a rig for a good price to run these newer games on good settings.

ID: hmkdzvm

Honestly, the midrange GPUs are well over the price of a PS5.

It's like 700 euro for a 3060 (non-Ti) versus 600 for a full PS5 system. And I still have to upgrade my CPU, my RAM, motherboard, SSD... getting a decent midrange PC is almost three times the price of a PS5.

ID: hmjp6yo

Honestly, higher end GPUs for PC are a waste of money most of the time. The speed at which GPU cost drops over time is insane. I've always been a PC gamer, but I refuse to buy the "new hot GPU" because they're always found for 50% cheaper in year or two as all the elitists immediately switch vision towards the new fat and shiny card. And most of the time the graphical gains are minimal unless waiting 5+ years to upgrade - you're usually paying for a performance increase, and the cost-to-performance value after a certain point is horrible.

ID: hmjpsla

Any recs on what kinda card would be good for emulating older titles at 4K 60 and newer titles at 1080 60? I don’t think I need a op PC anymore now that I have a PS5 but I would still really like to get into the emulation scene.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/29 17:59 ID: hmk23hn

I kind of agree, I've been drifting toward console so much more even though I've been enjoying stuff like Halo and Forza on PC, but this kinda seems like the worst possible example you could give.

Yes, it's difficult to play some janky older titles like NFS: The Run on PC, but it's literally impossible on PS5. IMO full backwards compatibility with every single system ever made is PC's greatest strength, even if it sometimes takes some tinkering.

ID: hmkq5sy

This. I love having my entire PS1-3 library on one platform with nice 4K upscaling. Some games look better than their official remasters and being able to use any controller is a plus. I got tired of waiting on Sony or Nintendo to offer a nice BC solution.

ID: hmkss2g

Yeah the ability to play older titles at higher framerates and resolutions is a killer feature (which partially goes for the new Xbox systems too)- I can play Breath of the Wild at 60fps on my laptop!

I love my PS5 and there's good reasons I spend most of my gaming time on it, but complaining about difficult backwards compatibility while praising one of the least back-compat systems in recent memory is a weird flex.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/29 16:11 ID: hmjm3ik

I honestly only keep my PC for Escape From Tarkov, PS5 for everything else.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/29 16:25 ID: hmjo3hg

You are right about Strategy & FPS games; it’s way better when using KB/M. But other than that, i game on consoles all the time. The plug n’ play makes everything easier. The faster loading time and dualsense feature really make everything much better too. I can just sit back on my couch and relax for a few hours.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/29 20:05 ID: hmkkzkv

For me, it’s the current trend of small issues being a given with games launching on PC. Some are so prevalent (like hitching/stuttering) that people just seem to ignore it unless it’s entirely unplayable. Shit gives me a headache yet doesn’t seem to bother others. At least on console I don’t have that problem. What good is 165fps on my PC if it is jerky and not smooth?

This is why I’m thankful this gen is prioritizing 60fps on PS5/ Series X.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/29 16:14 ID: hmjmlmu

Consoles have their advantages. But I gotta say you picked a poor example. If you tried to play a game without company servers on console, sucks to be you. That's the end. PC can get around it just fine.

ID: hmjz36f

If you tried to play a game without company servers on console, sucks to be you. That's the end. PC can get around it just fine.

I was about to say this, this is a really poor example from OP. Being able to actually try and workaround company-sided issues is one of the advantages of a PC.

I get what he means by simplicity though, but the example was poor.

ID: hmk46jh

Another example is KOTOR. There is an entire steam guide to getting the game to play. I just bought it on switch instead.

ID: hmk6bwq

Also the controller issue is a simple google search. DS4Windows works and allows more customization than the PS5 controller remapping if you need it.

Op is right that pc and consoles have their advantages over the other but these reasons are just lazy.

ID: hmkqh0k

DS4Windows is exactly what I was using before the latest windows update make the application not function properly lol

10 : Anonymous2021/11/29 20:29 ID: hmkokpe

PC is too much troubleshooting..

11 : Anonymous2021/11/29 17:16 ID: hmjvmgy

on the battlefield 2042's performance. there is this ongoing narrative that the ps5 somehow plays as poorly as it does on the xbox, and I have no idea where this stems from other than the DF video, not being precise enough about the ps5's non issue with the game.

the game plays best on a pc running an rtx 3080ti with the latest intel cpu, but, the ps5 is truly a close 2nd.

ID: hmjx9wv

Yea seeing angryjoes or dunkeys videos makes it feel like I'm playing a completely different game.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/29 18:41 ID: hmk8den

your needs have evolved and now the PS5 suits them better, cool

though I would argue that your example is a really bad example

for instance the PS5 is not powerful enough for some games I play and isnt compatible with 99% of my peripherals

ID: hmka985

The PS5 is a huge upgrade from the last gen, it's pretty powerful, which games wouldn't it be able to run?

ID: hmkg0jk

ps3 games

13 : Anonymous2021/11/29 19:20 ID: hmkea8g

I just run a long-ass hdmi cable from my PC to my TV.

I can play both from the couch.

14 : Anonymous2021/11/29 20:07 ID: hmkl9px

I remember back in the early 2000s I was doing a fair amount of PC gaming. I was still too young to be making major purchases like a PC, but I worked with my dad to install a new graphics card on our new computer.

That lasted about a year, then the new games I wanted to buy wouldn't even run on the computer. I know its not quite like that anymore, though the last few years have seen some pretty crazy graphics cards updates and if you want most of the eye candy, you need a pretty new and expensive set up.

A few years later I started working more and buying my own stuff. Most of my favorite franchises ended up being PS2 games, and I stuck with that through PS3 and PS4, now with a PS5. In the meantime, I really became a Mac user for school and professional work, and haven't owned a windows PC in over a decade.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/29 20:49 ID: hmkrjra

Yeah same here. So many issues with controllers on PC, and screw sitting at a desk for 150 for a singleplayer game.

The only reason to play on PC is for esports games and I suck at those anyways so absolutely no reason not to play on a console.

16 : Anonymous2021/11/29 21:42 ID: hmkzkn2

i have a high end gaming PC that i almost never play. if i want to play a new AAA release, i don't want to pay full price and own it digitally. i'll buy a physical copy, play it and then sell it. i don't typically replay games, or at least not often, aside from a handful that i play continuously.

17 : Anonymous2021/11/29 16:45 ID: hmjr07t

I like playing on my 50 inch tv with home theater setup while sitting on sofa. These days U can probably replicate this setup with pc these days but this is easy and it works

ID: hmjyvn5

These days U can probably replicate this setup with pc these days but this is easy and it works

You could do that with a PC for a really long time, and it's as simple as connecting your HDMI cable to the TV from your PC, literally the same way you do with a console.

Whether you want to go wired or wireless with your MkB is up to and you have plenty of options from both categories.

ID: hmkahrv

Problem is most people don’t have their PC in their living room, it is probably in their bedroom or office room.

18 : Anonymous2021/11/29 16:25 ID: hmjo6s3

I only use my pc for card battler games and rogue likes, isometric RPGs really. Love that stuff. Monster train, noita, baldurs gate 3.

Anything else, console. Including first person shooters, it just feels right . I know I could be a bit more accurate on pc but I don't use any online competitive modes anyway so it's a non issue.

ID: hmk9yvn

The only thing I play on PC is the occasional LoL match, other than that I'd rather play on console, as you said, it just feels right, it's way more convenient not to have to mess with settings and to trouble shoot stuff, I just enjoy sitting on my couch and play a game.

19 : Anonymous2021/11/29 17:31 ID: hmjxvbf

Everyone's got their reason.

I spend a lot of time at a desk with a PC for work. I'd rather sit on a couch and just boot up my PS5 and get playing.

20 : Anonymous2021/11/29 20:09 ID: hmkljpi

The main reason is PC cheaters. In closed console ecosystem you don't have to play against people using wall-hacks or aim-bots.

ID: hmkotwd

Also why I always turn crossplay off. Playstation has more than enough people for multiplayer lobbies to always be full. Played Apex against PC players and I saw so much more obvious cheating.

21 : Anonymous2021/11/29 16:08 ID: hmjlonp

Welcome to the mindset of circa 200 million other people that own consoles, I guess.

22 : Anonymous2021/11/29 17:46 ID: hmk012b

For me, being able to lay on the couch and start a game with a couple presses of buttons is more than enough to prefer playing on a console.
Also when I used to game on the PC I had massive investments on hardware and sometimes I was more worried about running the game with ultragraphics smoothly. And last year I was thinking about buying a new gaming chair for about 300 so I realized this is crazy.

23 : Anonymous2021/11/29 18:01 ID: hmk2b4p

I switched to console a few years ago because I got tired of the constant hassle of compatibility issues with older games. It was booting up fine last week, why not now? Or a game wouldn't run and I'd search for a patch and it wouldn't work, then I'd spend 30 minutes trying to go into the code and it STILL wouldn't work.

But now just boot up the PlayStation and everything runs great with nary a problem. I bought a low-end gaming PC a couple months back so I can still play PC exclusive games, but I never do. :^)

24 : Anonymous2021/11/29 18:38 ID: hmk7zci

Only time I play PC is for competitive games like Mobas, fps etc but for non compeitive titles (destiny for an fps example) Ill play on console its just more relaxing. I prefer isometric (diablo / poe) on pc as well.

I don't have a great pc at all and I do plan on building a new one soon but it's not going to be cutting edge at all just "enough" and I upgrade slowly if I want too but ps5 and switch honestly cover 99.99% of my gaming needs

25 : Anonymous2021/11/29 20:22 ID: hmkng1g

I have a decent PC, but I prefer my PS5 these days. Pretty much every game I've played in the past year runs 60fps/smooth. The Dualsense is amazing and adds to the immersion. It's easier to leave my PS5 connected to a 75" television at all times, kick back and game on the couch in the living room.

PC is nice for certain first person shooters/mouse and keyboard. My PC is dual purpose for doing work and sitting up on a monitor is not as comfortable. I also don't like to end up fiddling with settings and performance issues instead of gaming. PS5 just works.

For the price, PS5 is pretty damn damn powerful. A comparable PC would definitely cost you more.

26 : Anonymous2021/11/29 20:43 ID: hmkqnsq

Oh shut up.

27 : Anonymous2021/11/29 20:42 ID: hmkqizc

This is why i hate gaming on pc. It seems like a million things can go wrong with a game, even just a 30 year old game that got a recent remaster. I play 99 percent console, pc for what i CAN’T on console and that’s it

28 : Anonymous2021/11/29 18:46 ID: hmk94yd

The only reason I have a PS5 instead of a PC is because that's what was in stock when I wanted an upgrade

29 : Anonymous2021/11/29 18:49 ID: hmk9ntt

I prefer console over PC mostly (except for MMO and FPS).

PC for me are “lean forward” games, whereas console is lazy on the sofa games. Also I find console games is less of a hassle, machine seems to turn on faster, and you are already at the game, whereas PC games seems to have more hurdles.

While I have not really experienced much, but apparently sometimes PC would just have “hiccups” due to parts etc not working well together? Altho I have not really experiences it myself.

It is more a hassle to maintain a PC than a console for sure, which is another plus for me.

While you can connect a PC to the TV, my PC is not in the living room, meaning there are moving around and such if I am to connect my PC to the TV. Whereas my consoles are in the living room like a furniture anyway lol.

So while I do have a PC, I mainly use it for FPS, MMO, work and porn, while I play everything else on Switch or PS5.


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