1700x to 3900x Upgrade

1 : Anonymous2021/11/28 22:56 ID: r4gs78
1700x to 3900x Upgrade
2 : Anonymous2021/11/29 00:19 ID: hmgvioy

No seatbelt for the newborn 3900x? That seems irresponsible!

3 : Anonymous2021/11/28 23:26 ID: hmgo2j5

Was there a reason you chose the 3900x?

ID: hmgq19a

I have Asus Prime x370. Otherwise I would choose 5900x.

ID: hmhb2z6

Oof that sucks. Lot of 300 series owners are pissed that they were mislead about future CPU support/AM4 longevity when AMD only gave them 2 years/2 generations of Zen

ID: hmj3m1l

Oh yea, the motherboard companies could release a bios update for 300 series motherboard but stupidity only release 5000 series support update for 400 series.

I have a Gigabyte ab350 Gaming Motherboard.

ID: hmiqtet

I'm on the same motherboard. Make sure you check the DOCP timings if you're using 3600mhz ram. My board defaulted to 3602 for some reason which cut the infinity fabric clock in half and tanked performance.

ID: hmj8sxh

Can't you flash it to a x470 bios?

ID: hmlgayc

You could Upgrade your motherboard to a Gigabyte b550 Aorus Elite

ID: hmiacgu


4 : Anonymous2021/11/29 03:19 ID: hmhjbfa

Noctua is life.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/28 23:47 ID: hmgqzxy

You didn’t buckle it in? That’s precious cargo!

6 : Anonymous2021/11/29 01:15 ID: hmh2wb5

Cool build! I love Noctua coolers!

What do you do with your PC?

Did you notice the speed increase already?

When I switched from low end 2000 series to mid end 3000 series I noticed that even browsing the net was faster!

ID: hmh70vu

I do lots of video edit, virtualization, streaming and gaming of course. Locked it for @3200 on memory. 4x8 gb. Significant increase everywhere!

7 : Anonymous2021/11/28 23:49 ID: hmgrdhj

I like the black and white cables you use

8 : Anonymous2021/11/29 03:35 ID: hmhlepq

3900x daily driver here, nice grab! Just out of our curiosity, what are you planning to do with all those cores?

ID: hmhtja2

I do lots of video edit, streaming, virtualization.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/29 07:36 ID: hmi9vs8

I’ve got a 1700 that’s been chugging along and I’ve been wondering if I should upgrade or not.

ID: hmim7hf

Was on a 1700 with a 1080ti, all stock. I didn't felt too much held back with the 1700 except game that were heavily cpu intensive as I'm driving a 3440x1440 monitor.

Switched to a 3900x (without changing the board), and oh boy did it felt good. I don't really reach higher max fps, but it's much more stable, and in some games the difference is really noticable. And i could still get more out of it by upgrading my ram from 2400mhz to 3200 or 3600mhz.

ID: hmifq4n

My 1700x is going well OC at 3.6ghz (from memory) Makes me wonder how amazing the new 7 and 9 series really are. I just cant justify updating my CPU if I can't get a GPU at the same time.

ID: hmift66

Yeah I was lucky to get a 3070 at the beginning of the year, that’s really the only reason I’m considering the upgrade. I’ve had no issues otherwise

ID: hmikdqf

I had a 1600@3.95, upgraded tot a 2700@4.05, not too much of an upgrade, only some more cores tbh. And last week i got a 5800x, and finally my 3060ti isnt bottlenecked anymore. Compared to my 1600 its double the (cinebench)performance with only 2 more cores. Love it

ID: hmitway

Probably not. I did but I'm not convinced i needed to. The heavy lifter for me has been the GPU.

ID: hml2h8x

Its worth it IMO. I went from a 1700x to a 3700x on a x370 platform. I absolutely see this rig now lasting me until 2024/25. Might do one more GPU upgrade along with way if it makes sense.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/29 03:45 ID: hmhmmhw

OH i bet that feels good!

11 : Anonymous2021/11/29 12:04 ID: hmitk4s

Noctua gang!

12 : Anonymous2021/11/29 13:00 ID: hmiynvw

Noctua gang checking in!

Updated from X370 to X570S last week thanks to a price I couldn’t resist. Still on the 3700X though but it’s still a solid one so no need to upgrade.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/29 15:56 ID: hmjjyq0

huge shame you couldnt get 5900x instead, 3900x is awesome upgrade from 1700x but 5900x would be insane, anyways enjoy your upgrade! 🙂

14 : Anonymous2021/11/29 17:27 ID: hmjx8ut

Nice. I hope you noticed not only the bump in FPS but also how smooth those FPS's are.

Thanks to the Game Cache.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/29 00:31 ID: hmgx4qn

I'll take that 1700x lol

16 : Anonymous2021/11/29 06:56 ID: hmi6pe0

1TB WD Black FALS! Sold bucket loads of these over a decade ago. Nice to see one still in use.

17 : Anonymous2021/11/29 09:18 ID: hmiheg5

Any plans for that extra 6-pin lying there? I thought it was a custom SATA cable for a sec lol

ID: hmjcf8z

I had 980 GTX before 3070 Master. That a 6pin there sits for nothing now.

18 : Anonymous2021/11/29 10:58 ID: hmioe1y

I really need to invest in one of those cablemod packs, makes literally every build I see look that little bit more clean, they look good but cable management just seems so much easier.

19 : Anonymous2021/11/29 11:13 ID: hmipggs

Awesome built. I just upgraded mine too, got a 5800x, not able to fit the another fan for that d15? Lol same happened to me can’t fit another fan so I just have one fan on d15 . Looks pretty btw 🙂

20 : Anonymous2021/11/29 11:35 ID: hmir7b4

Big upgrade. Looks cool. I remember upgrading to the 3900x from a 3770k. Blown away.

ID: hmk1ku2

I just upgraded from a 3770k build to a 5900x build a month ago lol

21 : Anonymous2021/11/29 12:52 ID: hmixwn9

I’m going from 1600 (non af) to the 5800x.

22 : Anonymous2021/11/29 13:23 ID: hmj12xl

Why is the noctua flipped and does the fan at least blow to the right direction?

23 : Anonymous2021/11/29 13:32 ID: hmj20ek

Can I have the spare?

24 : Anonymous2021/11/29 13:43 ID: hmj38jq

I'm planning on going from a 2700X to a 5800X, 5900X or Zen3D ryzen 7

25 : Anonymous2021/11/29 20:24 ID: hmknskf

I did the same jump and the uplift in performance was amazing. I stream to Twitch during the night and since i have an RX580 I went the route of CPU encoding to maximize game perfromance even with the 1700x. Now running the 3900x stock I really cant even see a difference in overall system performance where the 1700x was pushed to 4ghz all core to help with throughput. Id suggest checking the Ryzen dram clock tool to help tune the memory for best overall system performance.

26 : Anonymous2021/11/29 23:08 ID: hmlbvjb

I think it would be great upgrade depend on your budget dude... if you have more $ then you should go for 5900x... i have Ryzen 3 3200G but just upgrade the MoBo... a320 to B550.. haha... in future i would like to upgrade to affordable cpu for a better performance..

27 : Anonymous2021/11/29 06:17 ID: hmi3dfn

Rtx ewww

ID: hmib335


28 : Anonymous2021/11/29 11:30 ID: hmiqs8h

So slow and bottleneck in the system that HD.

ID: hmiwg19

You do know people still use a HDD for storing files and SSD for games and the OS right?

ID: hmj34cl

Wdym HDD still works fine for games.SSD only affects load times not performance

ID: hmjkrve

that is true, however there are couple of games like kingdom come deliverance and star citizen which actually gets better or at least more stable fps with ssd.

29 : Anonymous2021/11/29 12:45 ID: hmix9bl

Your choice is Wasting money 5000 series is amazing

ID: hmjv06q

Blame amd for that for intentionally blocking b350/x370 boards from getting zen3 access

31 : Anonymous2021/11/29 15:56 ID: hmjjykq

I managed to achieve 16-16-16-16 3200 mhz

32 : Anonymous2021/11/29 15:57 ID: hmjk7c5

Trust me sell them buy gskill 14/14/14/35 3600


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