I have a aorus 3070ti master with a r5 3600 32 gb of ram on a aorus a520m elite motherboard. Was thinking of upgrading to r7 5800x. Is this a dumb idea should I wait or just get a r9?

1 : Anonymous2021/11/29 16:32 ID: r4zlxk

I do stream as well on this setup while I game bc I’m too poor to build a second pc right now being a single dad of two

2 : Anonymous2021/11/29 19:47 ID: hmkick3

You’ll probably need to upgrade that board if you’re planning a big cpu upgrade. Any problem with the 3600 streaming?

ID: hmkrvht

I was going to disagree with this sentiment, but then I watched a review where they slapped a ryzen 9 in an a520 and the VRM temperature hit 120 degrees Celsius. 248 Fahrenheit...


Not sure if a 5800x would be OK... I think I'd keep it to the 65 watt parts...

ID: hmkymfh

Well it’s worth a shot to try it says it can handle it haha and I have a aio so hopefully that will keep temps down

ID: hmklwc2

No honestly no issues, with the 3060 I had before I had issues with streamlabs discord and created dashboard on twitch open on my secondary monitor while streaming apex but now with a 3070ti I have no issues. And I know I can do the r7 5800x with a bios update I just don’t know if I can get the 9 but the person I bought the components from to build said the r9 would work fine even with my 850w psu

ID: hml68p0

Yea, you will be able to upgrade to any 5000 series but your motherboard only has a 5x3 vrm and like the guy above said someone with a 5900 got 120c on their vrm.

You would be better of upgrading to a 5600x which runs cooler. You could also add a vrm heatsink mod to your motherboard to reduce vrm temperature.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/29 20:13 ID: hmkm3n6

You'll most likely need a new Mainboard for a new CPU that strong

ID: hmkm8sl

Dang I’ve been steered wrong by the builder I bought the components from.

ID: hml9e2y

The motherboard will be compatible. It's the vrm (power supply section of motherboard) that will be the issue. The cheaper a520 boards are usually meant for lower powe

CPUs. You can put a 5800x or a 5900x etc in the board, but the vrms will likely get extremely hot and not be happy. This will cause issues with inadequate power delivery, extra wear on the vrm and possibly complete vrm failure after being in use for a while. If the vrm fails it could potentially kill your CPU and other components.

You could throw a 5600x in and not have any issues, as it's lower power draw.

ID: hmkmaag

I thought I’d just need a bios update?

ID: hmkmikq

And aorus cpu support says 2000-5000’s so that’s the only reason why I believed him. I know next years cpu I’ll need a new board

4 : Anonymous2021/11/29 19:51 ID: hmkixup

Don't think it's dumb, just make sure your cooling solution can randle the 5800x.

ID: hmkj0ms

I have the kraken x53 so nothing crazy but not the stock cooler

ID: hmkjcs7

I just stream and game and edit some videos so it’s not like I need the r9 5950 and 3090 type setup but I’d like something decent for the future. Idk I’m stuck and still kinda new with computers so I just don’t wanna spend too much on stuff i don’t really need. And I don’t want to bottle neck the gpu that much either.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/29 20:22 ID: hmknjsx

I would personally do it if I could afford it.

You'll have to get a new motherboard and CPU cooler so just know that when factoring the cost. Unless you already got a beefy CPU cooler

ID: hmknplb

I have a kraken x53 on my cpu now and I just read the cpu list for my board and it fits the 5000’s so I should be good

ID: hmknsoe

I hope aorus isn’t lying lmfao.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/29 21:18 ID: hmkvx19

The deed is done…..I have won…. Myself a 5800x bahaha

7 : Anonymous2021/11/29 20:58 ID: hmksujd

Why everyone is recommending a new mobo when he is clearly on a budget, SMH.The aorus a520m elite is more than capable of running 5800x stock, might even do PBO but i heard some A520 are limited to 130w.I would say this is a great time to get a 5800x and it should be more than plenty for streaming if you do NVENC encoding and dont run super CPU dependent games like BF 2042

ID: hmkt25g

I mostly play apex legends which isn’t that bad haha

8 : Anonymous2021/11/29 20:59 ID: hmkt1kg

I did this and its banging.

Bought a MSi 3070ti Gaming Trio X to replace my VII so I could sell in the secondhand market.

Also upgraded my 3600 to a 5800x(which I bought in Tustin MC for 300usd).

Still rocking 16gb (2x8gb) kit of ram but ordered a 32gb(2x16gb) thats on its way.

So far I've been loving it. Even at Ultrawide 3440x1440, it brought my 1% 0.1% lows way high. Before with the 3600 and VII the framerate would fluctuate alot. Once I installed the 3070ti, the framerate was slightly better but I felt the 3600 was holding me back and it was.

But the thing that worries me the most is the 8gb framebuffer on the 3070ti. Forza Horizon 5 already gave me a "Exceeded GPU memory" warning but some are saying its a memory leak...

I, personally, would recommend upgrading to the 5800x if you have the resources.

ID: hmktbv0

That’s the plan I was just making sure it wasn’t worth it to just get the r9 instead haha. And you hear they’re coming out with a 16gb 3070ti and 10gb 3080 in January?

9 : Anonymous2021/11/29 22:35 ID: hml79if

If you stream using NVENC, the 3600 should be ok unless you're aiming for 120fps+.

The 5800X will work ok on the A520, but you better enable Eco Mode and use Curve Optimizer to recover some frequency within the 88W limit.

ID: hml87ej

Thank you for that! That will help a lot!!


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