Weekend Screenshot and Video Megathread

1 : Anonymous2021/12/04 06:00 ID: r8j14f

Catch a great shot with photo mode? Have a gameplay capture you're particularly proud of? Did you edit a really cool montage?

Share your in-game screenshot and video captures here.

Spoilers must be tagged.

2 : Anonymous2021/12/04 11:49 ID: hn6pdif

wow this thread is really booming

ID: hn7067z

I'd probably post some if there were an easier way of transferring screenshots to my phone

ID: hn71te0

Can’t you set up screenshots/vids so they sync with the ps app and you can access them from a device?

ID: hn78lzk

Photomode and all these share button features just arnt that popular.

Saying that im sure someone will come out the woodwork and say “SPEAK FOR YOURSELF!”

But the truth is a tiny tiny percentage of players give a toss about these features

ID: hn8bre2

Once they get that feature out of beta that will easily allow those who do care to share their stuff way more easily it will be more prevalent.

I miss the hell out of the activity feed.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/05 04:42 ID: hnacp7t

Has anyone else been compelled to purchase digital only games because of game share on PlayStation? I usually prefer to get games physically because older games are often cheaper when I buy physical, but game sharing has been unexpectedly game changing for me. I can buy a game and me and a friend can both play it at the same time, whereas with discs, only one person can play the game at a time.

This scares me because this will be my first console with a mainly digital collection. My Wii from 2009 can still play my disc games no problem. Will the ps5 be able to play all my digital games in 10 years? I’m also scared of the all digital future because getting older games for cheap won’t be as prevalent. I know there’s usually good sales on digital games, but I often see better deals on physical stuff.

Personally for me, physical games have only two advantages: you can get them used for better prices sometimes and owning a physical copy. The license advantage is one I’m not very informed on. A disc game and a digital game are both just licenses to play the game as far as I know, but having a physical copy of the license that isn’t tied to an account feels a lot more reassuring to me. Digital games have the massive advantage of being a much better way to share games.

What do you guys feel about these things? I know this isn’t really the topic of this thread, but I didn’t want to make a whole post about this.

ID: hnb5cvr

I don't know much about this option/feature actually.. So is it system-based or game-based? Meaning all games support this or only select? Is it only PS5 to PS5 share? Or can even be PS5-TO-PS4? It's too good to be true for the latter though but I just had to ask.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/04 15:26 ID: hn7bisg

Bring back Free Talk Friday

ID: hn7tfhv

Why’d they get rid of it?

ID: hnbupn4

People kept begging for other threads so we got this

ID: hnckexp

Mods are afraid people would use that thread to call them out on why they keep removing posts about a Sony Playstation lead exect being caught as a pedo


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